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to the right Computers and CD-ROMs can help Y software strengthen kids'
reading skills. ... Also terrific is Madeline: 1st & 2nd Grade Reading Deluxe (ages
6-9, Creative Wonders/The Learning We've selected software on the assumption
that there is no one "correct" way to team to read, and that children need to both
phonics and ... Madeline is the hostess of 16 engaging reading activities that
effectively promote sight word recognition, phonics skills and read ing

Wie Kleine Kinder Schlau Werden

Author: John Caldwell Holt
Publisher: Beltz
ISBN: 9783407228550
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Ausgehend von der Beobachtung des kindlichen Spielens erläutert der Autor, wie Kinder denken und lernen.

Sophiechen Und Der Riese

Author: Roald Dahl
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644567611
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Ganz im Gegenteil: Sie fressen sogar Menschen! Gemeinsam schmieden Sophiechen und der Riese einen Plan, wie sie den bösen Riesen ein für alle Mal das Handwerk legen können. Doch dafür brauchen sie die Hilfe der englischen Königin .

Enrichment Reading

Author: Vincent F. Douglas
Publisher: Amer Education Pub
ISBN: 9781561894321
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When your child completes Riddle Time (page 11), encourage him or her to
share the digraph riddles with the family. Also engage in some sharing after your
child completes Tongue Twisters (page 12). Vocabulary The Vocabulary unit
contains nine lessons designed to help children develop their vocabularies and
increase their general word knowledge. Children using Grade 2 need to increase
the number of words they can read at first sight. There are two lessons in this unit
to help ...


Author: John Reynolds Gardiner
ISBN: 9783866151208
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Der 10-jährige Willy - er bewirtschaftet zusammen mit seinem Grossvater eine kleine Kartoffelfarm in Wyoming - unternimmt mit seinem Hund Spürnase alles, um seinem kranken Grossvater den Lebensmut wiederzugeben.

Creative Ways In Teaching The Language Arts

Author: National Council of Teachers of English. Elementary Section Committee
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It is a comparatively easy matter to start this kind of reading with first grade
children since they have had no previous experience in a reading program.
Before children can read independently, they require a sight vocabulary of
approximately 100 words. The first part of the program, therefore, should be a
readiness period devoted to helping children develop that requirement.
Opportunities, such as the following, should be provided for children to use and
learn these words: Experience ...


Author: Roald Dahl
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644574510
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Matilda saß auf ihrem Platz in der zweiten Reihe und sagte kein Wort.

Kid Writing

Author: Eileen G. Feldgus
Publisher: Wright Group/ McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780322064355
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At the kindergarten level, we have found that it is most effective to underwrite the
entire sentence or sentences at the bottom of the page. In first grade, when
children write lengthier selections with greater accuracy, we suggest underwriting
only the words that are not spelled conventionally. Sometimes, at the first grade
level we give ... offer strong support for the text. It is important to put a lot of these
books in the hands of emergent readers to build confidence, fluency, and joy in

The English Quarterly

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"ideal" literacy practices-practices which serve larger pedagogical goals deemed
important by schools, and which are touted as having the extra benefit of building
strong families. Mothering as pedagogy As a parent, you are your child's first and
most important teacher. And you don't need to be the best reader to help her.
Your time and interest and the pleasure you share while reading together are
what counts. (United States Department of Education, 2000, p. 5) This excerpt is
from ...