Author: Jared M. Diamond
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Life At Drtom S Mostly Humorous Anecdotes By A Mostly Retired Cornell Professor

Author: Thomas A. Gavin
ISBN: 1456602101
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My first mistake was taking the "short-cut" from Ithaca to Ann Arbor, by crossing
the border into Canada and driving through Ontario, rather than the longer drive
to Ohio and then turning north by staying in the U.S. all the way. When we got to
the Canadian border, the border guard asked if there were ... I attended the
banquet and lived happily ever after, although I never became Supreme Ruler of
anything. But those $2 shoes never really fit. It was painful to wear them for more
than a ...

Horseless Carriage Gazette

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It was the largest assemblage ever for the Oklahoma/lndian Twin Territories. ...
We re-lived early Oklahoma history by driving our early automobiles some 30
miles from the old capital (Guthrie) to Oklahoma City. ... There was tasty food
waiting in an air-conditioned building abundant with early brass vehicles, a truly
horseless carriage atmosphere for diningl Gene Barnes welcomed everyone to
the finale held at the Sand Plum Restaurant in the Victor Building that features 93
"horseshoe ...

The Marshfield Story 1872 1997

Author: Jeff Kleiman
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Piecing Together Our Past Jeff Kleiman, Marshfield History Project (Marshfield,
Wis.) Henry Regele Henry Regele was born May 24, 1907, ... After her mother
died, she and her father, J. J. Regenfuss, lived with the Rudolph Kerske family.
Her employment consisted of ... After a brief discussion, the man threw down a
coffin, damaging only one corner and yelled to them they should get out of town
because the fire was going to burn down the town. Lucille said she wasn't sure if
the family ...

The Natural Farmer

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It opens with a somewhat surprising question: Why agriculture? If the length of
human history is represented as a yardstick, the period since agriculture began
would be less than an inch from the end. Over 90 percent of the humans who
have ever lived on this planet supported themselves by hunting and gathering.
What was responsible for the change? Some would assume that life was easier
under agriculture - less work and more food. Fowler and Mooney give this
argument short ...


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Did Neanderthals interbreed with the newcomers, contributing DNA to the gene
pool of today's humans? ... “I hadn't even finished my PhD!” Paabo says. Paabo
wrote back with a counteroffer: Could he work in Wilson's lab? Wdson, who died
of leukemia in 1991 at the age of 56, “was one of the best people I've ever seen
at generating ideas,” says Mark ... Stoneking helped \V1lson establish the
existence of “mitochondrial Eve”—a woman who lived in Africa about 200,000
years ago.

The American West

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More exciting than any cowboy movie ever made If you wanted to have a million
dollars' worth of gold shipped West... or deliver a battalion of soldiers for an
Indian war... or have your wife escorted to California ... or buy a bottle of eye
medicine... you knew you could depend on Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo was ... The
book presents ten accounts of extraordinary adventure, each preceded by a brief
introduction sketching major historical events and situations relevant to the story.
Among the ...

Book Of The Month Club News

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THE BLIND HEART, a new story by the author of The Hidden River, tells what
happens to the proprietor of a small restaurant-hotel in the South of France when
April Selection. A stirring new history of “those dire ... “The (Regular retail price
$6.95) inferno they created . . . is now re-created for us in fresh and living word
pictures by a scholar not afraid to seize upon the man behind the document and
hold him up to our gaze”—Clifton Fadiman. by Gene Smith....................... March

Pacific Oil World

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Men nodded in my direction and looked at each other with lifted eyebrows, a
gesture that asked as plainly as could be, "What is it?" Fellows of my own age
asked me questions in smooth Canadian diction just to hear me rumble my
Caledonian replies. And soon I was known to practically everyone on the train as
"Scotty" or "Shorty." Our itinerary called for a stop at Winnipeg to visit with Uncle
Bill who had come out from Glasgow some years before. He had lived for some
years in South ...