Aids Doctors

Author: Ronald Bayer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190288213
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Stosh Ostrow in Atlanta recalled with admiration the "brilliant death" of his friend
Stan who had recognized the need for leave-taking. I have seen people who
have hung on and hung on and hung on and have died miserable, horrible
deaths. And I have seen some brilliant deaths. My friend Stan had a brilliant
death. ... He was on disability; he became more and more debilitated. He came to
my Christmas party on a Saturday. Sunday he went in the hospital because he
was so short of ...

Landmark Yiddish Plays

Author: Joel Berkowitz
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 079148162X
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SECOND. You're stubborn, Excellency! DUKE. Stubborn, my dear sir, stubborn.
FIRST. You're a father, for God's sake. DUKE. There are higher duties. Hurry, my
dear sir, don't keep me in suspense. What did he say? FIRST. He said he had no
regrets. DUKE. That I know. What else? SECOND. He said he will remain aJew.
DUKE. I understand that. Go on, go on . . . FIRST. He can't live in chains, he said.
He'd prefer a brilliant death to a dismal life. DUKE. That's what he said? FIRST.

Der Literarische Raum

Author: Elisabeth Bronfen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110910829
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So wird innerhalb der allgemeinen semantischen Polarisierung zwischen
männlicher und weiblicher Welt eine Unterteilung des Weiblichen unternommen.
Deutlicher als bisher trennt sie jene Attribute, die sich auf die Gegenwart der Frau
in der männlichen Welt beziehen, von den als genuin weiblich verstandenen.
Der ersten Gruppe wird weiterhin eine negative Bewertung des auf die
Aufmerksamkeit des Mannes ausgerichteten weiblichen Charmes zugewiesen - “
a brilliant death”, ...

Contemporary Issues In The Sociology Of Death Dying And Disposal

Author: Peter C. Jupp
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349243035
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Deaths which are painless simply because they are sudden, can, in certain
circumstances, be categorised as good. Of course this does not include
unexpected deaths (for example, those caused by severe burns) that are patently
awful. It is of note that classifications of death as natural are, like medical good
deaths, profane. Death does not lead to rebirth. It was a good death for Ken. A
brilliant death for Ken. Because Ken Further confirmation of the close links
between medical and ...

I Am Death

Author: Chris Carter
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471132269
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Praise for Chris Carter 'This is a chilling, compulsive portrait of a psychopath, and proves that Carter is now in the Jeffrey Deaver class' Daily Mail 'Punchy and fast paced' Sunday Mirror 'There's a touch of the Patricia Cornwell about ...

The Old Forest Ranger

Author: Walter Campbell
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This is the powerful incentive which causes the keen excitement of hog-hunting,
while men are struggling, as if for life or death, to draw first blood. There must be
an antagonist to conquer as well as a boar to overcome, and a true sportsman
would scarcely value the fastest run, ending in a brilliant death, without an
opponent to ride against him for the spear of honour. The slightest touch that
stains his blade with one crimson drop is enough. He is said to have killed the
hog; and the ...

Modernism Feminism And The Culture Of Boredom

Author: Allison Pease
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107027578
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'Charming girls' were taught to behave effectively, and lived in a brilliant death,
dealing death all round them. Nothing could live in their presence . . . . They had
no souls. Yet, in social life, nothing seemed to possess any power but their
surface animation.I In 1919, a critic described the fourth installment of Dorothy
Richardson's thirteen-volume novel Pilgrimage as “the longest bore on earth?2 In
a five and a half page introduction to Caesar Blake's early study of Pilgrimage,
literary critic ...

A Brilliant Deceit And Other Essays

Author: Lloyd Barre
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059517518X
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From this perspective, Jesus provoked his own death and sealed his fate. His
actions were near suicidal. Here he appears to be something of an unrealistic
political idealist who decided that he would either become Israel's king or die
trying. Furthermore, it is probable that his actions in the temple alienated him from
the people. No other explanation can be found as to why the populace went from
singing his praises on Palm Sunday to viciously demanding his execution when
Pilate ...