The Publishers Circular

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[5215 BAPTIST CHILDREN'S MAGAZINE for 1854. Cloth ... (5218
BAUMGARTEN (M.)—The Apostolic History; being an Account of the
Development of the Early Church. .... MS. with the Text of Wetstein and with
certain MSS. in the University of Oxford. By the Rev. Orlando T. Dobbin. 1 vol. ...
Reprinted from “The Ecclesiastic. ... [5259 COWPER'S Complete Works. ... of their
Empire to the Present Time, chiefly founded on Van Hammer. By Professor E. A.
Creasy. In 2 vols. 8vo. Vol. 1, pp.

Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Daily Life in Bible Times Laval, M Lottin de. Voyage dans la Peninsule Arabique
au Sinai et 1'Egypt emoyenne (Paris: SEM le Ministre de I'lnstruction publique et
des Cultes, ... History of Baptists in the Trans-Mississippi States Lessing, Erich. ...
Letters of Spiritual Counsel (Theodore G Tappert, transl & ed) (Vol XVIII in Library
of Christian Classics Westminster Pr) (need several ... Early Christian Confession
Martin, Root. ... Indian Converts (any reprint of this 17th c work) Mayser, Edwin.

British Books

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1867 Wardlaw's Baptism Crawford's Presbyterianism Boole's Calculus of Finite
Differences Girl's Own Annual. ... nd.rew's Old Time Punishment Robertsmfs
Christianity and Mythology and Pagan Christs Longridge's Oxford Mission to ...
32mo. (Dove's English Classics) Jarvis 81 Foster, 1, York Place, Bangor, N. \
Vales _ Fardd's (Eben) Complete Works Owen's ... Vol. 1 Anson's Law and
History stitution. Vol. 1. 3rd edition Llbrnrlln, Public Library. Edmonton Photogram
. De Luxe Editions.

The Publishers Circular And Booksellers Record Of British And Foreign Literature

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Articles on Travel or Sport in Norway Beechey's Voy. to Pacific, 8vo. bds. Vol. 1.
1831 King, a. S., A Co., 65 Cornhill, E.C. ... Seveial Roberts' Early English
Bookselling James, T., A Co., 42 Bernard Street, Southampton Hayes'
Horsebreaking ... Poicelain Armitage's Baptist History King, A., A Son, Oundle
Bloxam's Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture ... Laurie, T., IS
Paternoster Row, E.C. Pringle's Live Stock of the Farm Educational Times. 1861
.... Complete Wild Beasts' Woys.

Forthcoming Books

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(American Historical Magazine). tucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri,
nearly one thousand in all: 120 wagons, and 5,000 cattle. ... than any that had
preceded it, three thousand persons are registered as arriving in the Columbia
Valley that year;” following practically the same route of travel (Bancroft's Oregon,