Streitentscheidung Und Normbildung Durch Den Zivilprozess

Author: Felix Maultzsch
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
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Das Writ-System Ihr prozessuales Pendant fand diese klassische Sichtweise des
common law in dem so genannten ... 522 Maitland, The Forms of Action at
Common Law, 1968, S. 10 ff.; Plucknett, A Concise History of the Common Law, 5

A Concise History Of The English Constitution

Author: Edward Howley
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The customs which become law by the force of judicial decisions, and not directly
by the enactment of parliament, form what is preeminently known as the common
law, containing, for instance, the rules that determine the inheritance of land.

A Concise History Of England

Author: John EDWARDS (Teacher.)
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The law regulating these various rights and pro~ hibiting these wrongs, may be
divided into the un- written, or common law, and the written, or statute law. The
former is of immemorial antiquity, and has gradually arisen from those
fundamental ...

English Common Law In The Age Of Mansfield

Author: James Oldham
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807864005
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But for present purposes, ''Slade's Case marked the final stage in the unification
of the law of parol contracts through the ... Simpson, Common Law of Contract,
297–98; Baker, English Legal History, 345; T. F. T. Plucknett, A Concise History of

Thinking Like A Lawyer

Author: Frederick Schauer
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674032705
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6 THE IDEA OF THE COMMON LAW 6.1 Some History and a Comparison A
popular conception imagines law as a ... Foundations of the Common Law (2d ed
., 1981); Theodore F. T. Plucknett, A Concise History of the Common Law (5th ed.
, ...