A Dual Inheritance

Author: Joanna Hershon
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. Think of Anne Tyler and Tom Wolfe, both.”—Victor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver “[An] engrossing saga.”—Vogue “Hershon artfully guides us through the lives of Ed and Hugh, college buddies who meet at Harvard in the ...


Author: Ajay Close
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A. Dual. Inheritance. Joanna Hershon Autumn 1962: Ed Cantowitz and Hugh
Shipley meet in their final year at Harvard. Ed is far removed from Hugh's
privileged upbringing as a Boston Brahmin, yet his drive and ambition outpace
Hugh's ambivalence about his own life. These two young men form an unlikely
friendship, bolstered by a fierce shared desire to transcend their circumstances.
But in just a few short years, not only do their paths diverge—one rising on Wall
Street, the other ...

Mixed Messages

Author: Robert A. Paul
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022624086X
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In this book anthropologist and psychoanalyst Robert Paul attempts to reconcile evolutionary and cultural approaches in anthropology through a comparative ethnographic exploration of how humans receive behavioral instructions from two ...

The Lagoon

Author: Armand Marie Leroi
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408836211
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370, footnote. See MORSINK (1982) ch. III for an analysis of A.'s argument
against pangenesis; HENRY (2006a) notes the plant example. LXXIII Dual-
inheritance theory. This term is a small novelty of mine; it emerges from a solution
to a problem in A.'s theory of inheritance. In A.'s standard theory of reproductive
hylomorphism males supply the form and females the matter, see HENRY (2006b
), but GA IV allows that maternal matter (the menses) can also encode hereditary


Author: William H. Durham
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804721561
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a. Dual. Inheritance. System. o. harles Darwin once wrote that his book, On the
Origin of Species, had two principal goals, "firstly, to shew that species had not
been separately created, and secondly, that natural selection had been the chief
agent of change." (198 1 [1871] i: 152). In the preceding chapters, I have
attempted to propose a theory of cultural evolution — that is, of descent with
modification in the shared conceptual systems we call "cultures" — that is parallel
in many ways to ...

Perspectives In Ethology

Author: Nicholas S. Thompson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780306464614
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Here, the consequences of niche construction are "transmitted" from one
generation to the next through the external environment, in the form of parentally
modified natural selection pressures for their offspring. This transmittal is
sufficient to establish a second inheritance system in evolution, an ecological
inheritance (Figure 2). Offspring now receive a dual inheritance from their parents
, their genotypes, and some parentally- modified sources of natural selection as a
consequence of ...

Genes Genesis And God

Author: Holmes Rolston
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521646741
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The real problem is that sociobiology reverts to a causal view of cultural success.
Persons succeed to some extent because of their minds, and yet, deeper down,
almost despite their minds, because their minds are not free for objective, rational
, critical evaluation but are prejudiced by their genes. (2) A Dual Inheritance
System Another account finds a "dual inheritance system" (Boyd and Rich- erson
1985; Richerson and Boyd 1989), whereby humans have some dispositions to
which ...


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Towards The Formation Of A Sustainable South Florida

Author: Arthur Oyola-Yemaiel
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581120998
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Although Burton originally saw what he refers to as basic human needs as
genetically based, in a response to Avruch and Black (Burton and Sandole 1987:
97), he modified his position somewhat by accepting the thesis of Boyd and
Richerson (1986) that humans have a “dual inheritance system,” one part cultural
and the other genetic. What is important “is that universal patterns of behavior
exist” (Burton and Sandole 1987:97). Burton still “does not answer the question of
where needs ...