A History Of Political Trials

Author: John Laughland
Publisher: Peter Lang
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"This is a formidable and well-documented counterblast to a developing modern orthodoxy, expressing a point of view that many readers will not even have suspected existed, let alone read.

Canada Since 1960 A People S History

Author: Cy Gonick
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
ISBN: 1459411137
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Must we maintain Canada together by means of blackmail, intimidation, war
measures act and political terrorism?” For that special issue, Al Finkel pulled
together interviews with Front de libération du Québéc (FLQ) lawyer Robert
Lemieux, labour leader Michel Chartrand, self-proclaimed Quebec revolutionary
Charles Gagnon and spokesman for the Committee for the release of political
prisoners during the trial of the FLQ Jacques Larue-Langlois. Charles Taylor sent
us his take on ...

Travel And Dislocation In Contemporary American Fiction

Author: Aliki Varvogli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136627030
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These overlapping inquiries into history, politics and identity allow Banks to
question the grand narratives of history and the assumed superiority of the West.
The intermingling of real and fictional characters is of course neither new nor
unique to Banks, but what makes his contribution stand out is the fact that he
deals with unfolding events rather than older historical ones. When the book was
published, Charles Taylor's trial had not yet begun, and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
had not yet ...

Faith On Trial

Author: David E. Guinn
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739117644
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While this theory was suggested by a concept first set forth by Charles Taylor and
will be heavily grounded on his work, it is in fact proposed as a new theory that
will address the demands of the politics of difference. ... Charles. Taylor. and. the.
Concept. of. Deep. Diversity. Background. Charles Taylor developed the concept
of deep diversity in response to the cultural and political struggles between the
province of Quebec and the rest of Canada (Taylor 1993.) (Unless otherwise ...

Equity Community

Author: F. Leslie Seidle
Publisher: IRPP
ISBN: 9780886451523
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Constitutionalism, Citizenship and Society in Canada}; Charles Taylor, The
Malaise of Modernity (Toronto: Anansi, 1991). 10. McNaught argues that
Canadian courts sided with established authority in responding to events such as
the second Riel rebellion, the Winnipeg General Strike and the October Crisis,
and that executives and legislatures were generally more willing to respond to
underlying grievances. See Kenneth McNaught, "Political Trials and the
Canadian Political ...

Charles Taylor And Liberia

Author: Colin M. Waugh
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1848138504
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candidacy of Charles Ghankay Taylor for president. As informed as any, ...
Charles Taylor was an ambitious and intelligent Liberian from a modest
background who succeeded in gaining an overseas education and used it to
enter politics. He started well, and had a ... He was a patriot who in the end
became an international pariah, when he was singled out by a selective
application of international justice to stand trial for his role in wartime Sierra
Leone. The Taylor story puzzled me as ...


Author: Corey Robin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195348101
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The History of a Political Idea Corey Robin. TMo. TM¡. TMTM. TM£. TM¢. TM∞.
TM§. TM¶. TM•. TMa. £o. £¡. Fitzpatrick, p. 25. Also see Rosenberg, The Haunted
Land, pp. xi–xiii; Todorov, pp. 18–19, 33. Crito 45d, in The Trial and Death of
Socrates, trans. G. M. A. Grube ... More recently, Charles Taylor contrasts
despotism, in which obedience is “externally imposed by fear,” with the “patriotic
identification” of free citizens, which is “self-imposed” and “inwardly generated.”
Jean-Jacques ...

Dark Thoughts

Author: Charles Lemert
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135336962
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Elshtain, Democracy on Trial, p. 58. . Golfman, Stigma. . Charles Taylor, Sources
ofthe Self(Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1989); also Taylor, “The
Politics ofReco nition,” in Multiculturalism. . For a summary, see: Michae Waller,
On ... In the same vein, the most important history of black women in America
takes its title from one of Cooper's most famous lines: Paula Giddings, When and
Where I Enter: The Impact ofBlaclz Women on Race and Sex in America (New
York: ...

Global Justice

Author: Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275992972
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The Politics of War Crimes Trials Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu. history," one in
which the Westphalian system of sovereign states has submitted itself to a
universal international jurisdiction for war crimes, and that international war
crimes justice is in existence for its own sake, is informed mainly by a liberal
commitment to legalism, or is otherwise devoid ... This is discussed in Chapter 5,
mainly in the context of its indictment and the eventual trial of former Liberian
President Charles Taylor.

Narratives Of Justice In And Out Of The Courtroom

Author: Dubravka Zarkov
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 331904057X
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Lately, a more emotive term, with a politically chequered history, has been added
to this vocabulary. ... This chapter will zoom in on two high-profile trials, that of
Radovan Karadzic before the ICTY and that of Charles Taylor before the SCSL,
to demonstrate how the prosecution uses and the defence contests, how the
judges grapple with, and how waraffected elite ... Department of Politics,
University of Amsterdam, O.Z. Achterburgwal 237, 1012 DL Amsterdam, The
Netherlands e-mail: ...