Scripture And Scholarship In Early Modern England

Author: Nicholas Keene
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... humanist, and martyr (Lexington, 2002); George Huntston Williams, Radical
Reformation, (Kirksville, Missouri, 1992, 3rd edn), 52–8 and passim; Jerome
Friedmann, Michael Servetus: a case study in total heresy (Geneva, 1978);
Roland H. Bainton, Hunted Heretic: the life and death of Michael Servetus, 1511–
53 (Boston, 1953); Earl Morse Wilbur, A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and
its antecedents (Boston, 1945), 49–75, 113–85. 9 On the Polish Brethren, see
Lech Szczucki, ...

English Philosophy In The Age Of Locke

Author: Michael Alexander Stewart
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13 McLachlan, Sociniamsn, chs xv-xvi; E. M. Wilbur, A history of Unitarianism, i
vote (Cambridge, Mass. 1945-51), vol. i, Socinianism and its antecedents:, Reedy
, Bible, 119-10; [Stephen Nye), A brief history of the Unitarians (London 1687); [id
.], The agreement of the Unitarians with the catholick Church (1 697); the fifth tract
in the Third collection of Unitarian tracts, ciied in H. McLachlan, The religious
opinions of Milton, Locke and Newton (Manchester 1941), 79! Locke, A
paraphrase ...

Paradise Postponed

Author: Howard Hotson
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... Socinian errors, as Comenius' opponent Maresius was shortly to do, Alsted
sought to use the substantial area of agreement between these two branches of
the Reformed tradition as a means of winning the Socinians back into the
orthodox fold. From the epitaph on the verso of the title page onwards, in fact,
Alsted pursued a remarkably conciliatory strategy. The epigraph presents 'a
picture of true ” Earl Morse Wilbur, A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and its
Antecedents ...

Reason And Religion In The English Revolution

Author: Sarah Mortimer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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In the decades before the Second World War, American Unitarians sought to
recover their heritage and much of the pioneering work was done by Earl Morse
Wilbur at the Pacific Unitarian School. After discovering that little was known of
the early days of the Unitarian movement, he spent the early 1930s in European
archives researching his religious forefathers. The result was the two-volume
History of Unitarianism: the first part, Socinianism and its Antecedents, appeared
in 1945, ...

Encyclopedia Of Protestantism

Author: Hans J. Hillerbrand
Publisher: Routledge
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Socinianism and its Role in the Culture of Sixteenth to Seventeenth Centuries.
Warsaw: PWN Polish Scientific Publisher, 1983. Tazbir, Janusz. Polish Brothers
on Exile. Studies on Arian's Emigration Times. Warsaw: PWN Polish Scientific
Publisher, 1977. Wilbur, Earl Morse. A History of Unitarianism. Socinianism and
its Antecedents. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1946. ——. A History
of Unitarianism. In Transylvania, England, America. Cambridge, MA: Harvard
University ...

Newman And The Word

Author: Terrence Merrigan
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When the only national religious census in English history was taken in March
1851, there were 229 Unitarian chapels and England and Wales, with about forty
thousand morning and evening worshippers.2 Their claim, however, was to a
learned tradition. The term 'Unitarian', in Jonathan Clark's words, "was brought
into general use from the late 1760s as a euphemism, applied by Arians and
Socinians to themselves, and denoting their identity as a group."3 Arianism, the
denial of the ...

Critical Bibliography Of Religion In America Volume Iv Parts 1 And 2

Author: Nelson Rollin Burr
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400877091
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formers named Sozzini, hence Unitarianism's name “Socinianism.” They found
refuge from persecution in Poland, which became a seedplot of anti-Trinitarian
belief. The complicated history, full of intense drama and human interest, has
been definitively related by Earl Morse Wilbur in A History of Unitarianism:
Socinianism and its Antecedents (Cambridge, Mass., 1945, with bibliographical
footnotes, being Vol. 1 of A History of Unitarianism). Based upon a lifetime of
exhaustive ...

Millenarianism And Messianism In Early Modern European Culture Volume Iv

Author: John Christian Laursen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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NOTES Wilbur, A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and its Antecedents (
Cambridge, Mass., 1946), 5, 263, 586–7, and idem, A History of Unitarianism in
Transylvania, England, and America (ibid., 1952), 486–7. Hereafter, Wilbur,
History of Unitarianism, vols. i and ii, resp. McLachlan, Socinianism in
Seventeenth-Century England (Oxford, 1951), 336–7. Stanislas Kot, Socinianism
in Poland: The Social and Political Ideas of the Polish Antitrinitarians in the
Sixteenth and Seventeenth ...