A Train Of Powder

Author: Rebecca West
Publisher: Ivan R Dee
ISBN: 9781566633192
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Written between 1946 and 1954, these accounts of four controversial trials explore the nature of crime and punishment, innocence and guilt, retribution and forgiveness. "Astonishing." Francine Prose."

Elements Of Chemistry

Author: Benjamin Silliman
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The inflammation of this powder does not kindle grains of gunpowder, mixed with
it. It is so rapid that it has not time to fire the powder; it throws it aside and the
grains are found coated with mercury. Lay a train of gunpowder, of several feet in
length, and a parallel one of fulminating mercury, (which is easily done by jarring
it from a bent card and shaping the train by the feather of a quill;) connect them by
a cross train of gunpowder and fire the latter; the mercurial powder will flash
vividly, ...

Boys Life

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Tim, how many kegs of powder have we left?" "All of a dozen, Patrick." "Good. It's
enough. As soon as darkness comes, we'll open the kegs and lay a train of
powder around the camp. We'll spiral it out as far as the powder will go. And we'll
have our campfire tonight, so that the Indians may see us unworried and think to
rush us the easy way. They'll come in with their war whoops, and we'll light the
powder. Faith, there'll be a fiery snake that will make them think the heavens are
hurling ...

The Chemistry Of Powder And Explosives

Author: Dr. Tenney L. Davis
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 178625896X
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“A sample of commercial black powder of moderately fine granulation, say FFF,
may be poured out in a narrow train, 6 inches or a foot long, on a sheet of
asbestos paper or a wooden board. When one end of the train is ignited, the
whole of it appears to burn at one time, for the flame travels along it faster than
the eye can follow. Commercial black powder is an extremely intimate mixture;
the rate of its burning is evidence of the effect of intimacy of contact upon the rate
of a chemical ...

Gunpowder Explosives And The State

Author: Brenda J. Buchanan
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754652595
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The quickness of the burn can be checked by burning a trail of powder. In the
early nineteenth century E.I. du Pont devised a test which was described in the
Journal of the Franklin Institute.11 A board was made, about twelve feet long with
graduations every inch. On each side there was a groove or slot into which trains
of powder were to be laid. The two grooves were connected at both ends, so that
not only would ignition be at the same instant, but the faster burning train could
burn ...

Construction Into The Powder River Basin Powder River Basin Expansion Project

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Minnesota September, 2000 'Further complicating the analysis is that not only are
emergency events random, but so are train passings. Freight train schedules are
dependent on shippers needs for transportation. Therefore they may not occur on
regular schedules; at consistent times of the day, week, or month. For this project,
coal trains would be subject to availability at the mine for loading, time for crew
changes, fueling, inspections, and access to a particular stretch of rail line.

The Novels Of Daniel Defoe

Author: Daniel Defoe
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... train reached about two yards; after this, he goes in a third time, and fetches out
a pair of tongs red-hot, and which he had prepared, I suppose, on purpose; and
first setting fire to the train of powder, that singed the purse, and also smoaked
the air sufficiently. But he was not content with that, but he then takes up the
purse with the tongs, holding it so long till the tongs burnt through the purse, and
then he shook the money out into the pail of water, so he carried it 7 136 THE

A Train To Timbuktu

Author: Said Alsalah
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 145002940X
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FRANCOISE. Two masked men disembarked fromthe helicopter and
rushedshooting white powder smoke from fire extinguishers at every one, except
the deputy minister and his wife. The white powder extinguished thewoodofthe
fire. Darkness prevailed, except from faint light of oil lanterns hanging on some of
the walls here and there. Oneof thetwomen shouted tothe deputy ministerand his
wife,“Come aboard the helicopter without delay. We were hiredtofly younowtothe

The North American Review

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“An old vessel, but one which will sail well, is selected; every thing valuable is
taken out of her; her inside is daubed with a composition of pitch and sulphur,
and filled with furze, or light combustibles; several new hatches are cut along the
deck on each side, under each of which is placed a small cask of powder; the
rigging is well daubed with tar, and the ends of the yards armed with hooks, that
they may catch and entangle in the enemy's rigging. . When everything is ready,
a train of ...


Author: Kristin Bluemel
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748688560
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Lassner is referring only to the restaged Train of Powder versions and thus the '
moment' to which she refers is a proleptic one, retrospectively rendered. The '
Greenhouse with Cyclamens' pieces in A Train of Powder chronicle West's own (
and thus 'our') irresistible urge to foreclose process, to relax into the easy 'us' and
'them' that totalising metaphor and the comforting order of genre allow. Indeed,
the 'Greenhouse with Cyclamens' image is employed precisely to detail the
process by ...