America Bizarro

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Then a second anvil is placed on top of the first. Once the fuse is ignited, the
shooter has to haul asstomakeitout of the 300foot danger zone. “The first time I
shot, itwentabout two feet high,” Mulloy admits. While anvils shot the traditional
way now reach heights up to one hundredfeet, for some that just wasn't high
enough— hence the humble beginnings of the supermodified category. Not only
can shooters in this class smith their own specialty anvils, but they are shot from
heavy ...

Southwestern Colonial Ironwork

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In the first half of the colonial period, all anvils were brought to America from
Spain. These included the heavy two-horned shop anvils of the kind used by
medieval armorers and general smiths and the smaller stakes or bickerns that
served light metal workers. (Fig. 1) Records of the Ofiate expedition indicate that
anvils of various sizes, perhaps numbering a dozen or more, reached New
Mexico with the first colonists in 1598. Others were introduced into the remaining
provinces by ...

People And Plants In Ancient Western North America

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The use of the term "anvil" in the literature is particularly problematic, because it
is often not defined. Ames et al. define anvils as "large flat stones that lack the
evidence of pounding but are in contexts that suggest their use" (1998:109). This
definition contrasts with that of Connolly et al., who describe boulder anvils as
large cobbles and boulders that "exhibit non-localized percussion damage
across the surface" (1994: 101). Anvils have roughly the same geographical
distribution as ...

The Code Of Federal Regulations Of The United States Of America

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The positive z-axis is downward. The x-y-z axes are mutually perpendicular and
have positive or negative designations as shown in Figure 10 of this part. Figure
10 shows an overhead view of the x-y boundary of the drop assembly center of
gravity. (4) Drop assembly. The combined mass of the drop assembly, which
consists of instrumented test headform and support assembly (excluding the test
helmet), shall be 5.010.1 kg (11.00±0.22 lb). (5) Impact anvils. Impact tests shall
be ...

Indians Of North America

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Paddles and anvils were lacking among the Pueblos and Athapaskans, who
joined their coils by kneading and rubbing. Paddles and anvils seem also to have
been widely used in the Prairies and East, although much of the evidence is
indirect. Potter's wheel.—The true potter's wheel, rotated on a pivot, was
unknown in the New World in pre-Columbian times, but was adopted from the
Spanish by a few Latin American Indians. It was most enthusiastically received by
those peoples ...

History Of Metals In Colonial America

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Once it reached the proper temperature, determined by the color of the metal and
long experience, the iron was seized with tongs and taken to the anvil where it
was beaten using hammers of various weights and shapes. Different portions of
the anvil were used to create a wide variety of forms. The heating and hammering
would be repeated many times until the desired configuration was achieved. A
final step might be to “draw” the iron or temper it to give it toughness by plunging
it ...

The Generation That Saved America

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I remember there were two or three anvils mounted on twenty-four-inch oak
blocks, and the two vices were mounted on stands made from twelve-inch oak
planks and braced at the bottom. Gus made the stands so the anvils and vices
were about waist high to him, for he was shorter than a lot of men. He had all the
tools needed for all kinds of repairs organized in the shop, and it was understood
that no one bothered them. Gus usually used the two-pound steel hammer on the
big anvil ...

Archaeology Of Prehistoric Native America

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See also Avonlea; Besant Phase; PeliCan Lake Anvil An anvil is both a tool and
a technique. As a tool, the term refers to a large stone that is usually placed
horizontally on the ground and is used as a support for percussion blows to
another object resting on it. Since the stone must withstand considerable shock, it
should be non- brittle and tough. Igneous and metamorphic rocks and hard
sandstone effectively served this purpose in prehistory. As a technique, anvil
refers to a way of ...

Chronic Kidney Disease An Issue Of Veterinary Clinics Of North America Small Animal Practice

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... measurement of the stiffness of a material (ie, the resistance to bending
deformation), and energy to fracture, which represents the bone's toughness. Fig.
2. Mechanical testing (three-point bending test). A bone specimen is held
between two anvils. A moving anvil (with one prong) is attached to a motor that
advances the anvil toward the stationary anvil (with two prongs) resulting in
deformation of the tested specimen. The load required to advance the anvil is
measured by a load cell.