Soil Analysis

Author: Kenneth Ian Peverill
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Interactions of enzymes with soil mineral and organic colloids. In 'Interactions of
Soil Minerals with Natural Organics and Microbes'. (Eds P.M. Huang and M.
Schnitzer.) pp. 429-451. SSSA Special Publication No. 17. (Soil Science Society
of America: Madison, Wisconsin.) Chart res, C.J. (1993). Sodic soils: an
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1993). Influence of ...

New Zealand Journal Of Crop And Horticultural Science Experimental Agriculture

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ACKNOWLEDGMENT This research was conducted while F. J. Cook was on
study leave from DSIR, Division of Land and SoilSciences, Lower Hutt, New
Zealand. REFERENCES Collis-George, N. 1977: Infiltration equations for simple
soil systems. Water resources research 13: 395–403. Collis-George, N. 1980:
Apragmatic method to determine theparameters thatcharacteriseponded
infiltration. Australian journal of soil research 18: 111–117. Jayawardane, N. S.;
Blackwell, J. 1985: ...

New Trends In Soil Micromorphology

Author: Selim Kapur
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Canadian Geo- technical Journal, 19: 117–123. Lachenbruch AH (1961) Depth
and spacing of tension cracks. Journal of Geophysical Research, 66: 4273–4292.
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D (1965) The graphical representation of planar pore patterns in soils. Australian
Journal Soil Research, 3: 143–164. Mardia KVM (1972) Statistics of Directional ...

Issues In Agriculture And The Environment 2011 Edition

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Woodland soils had larger quantities of carbon (T/ha corrected for equivalent
mass) than any other land-use type, and in order to maintain the largest quantity
of carbon in this landscape, retaining trees and woodland is the most effective
option,” wrote B.R. Wilson and colleagues. The researchers concluded: “From
this work are being used to inform further development the NSW Statewide Soil
Monitoring Program.” Wilson and colleagues published their study in Australian
Journal of ...

Landscape Assessment

Author: United States. Forest Service
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Assessment of erosion rates from microphyte dominated calcareous soils under
rain-impacted flow. Australian Journal Soil Research 35: 475-489. Eldridge, D.J.,
and R.S.B. Greene. 1994. Microbiotic soil crusts: a review of their roles in soil and
ecological processes in the rangelands of Australia. Australian Journal of Soil
Research 32:389- 415. Eldridge, D.J., M.E. Tozer and T.B. Koen. 1995.
Bryophytes in arid soil crusts: what do they tell us about rangeland condition, p.

Landscape Assessment Landscape Assessment

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Cryptogam cover and soil surface condition: effects on hydrology on semiarid
woodland soil. Arid Soil Research and Rehabilitation. 7:203-217. Eldridge, D.J.
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microphyte dominated calcareous soils under rain-impacted flow. Australian
Journal Soil Research ...

Understanding Vineyard Soils

Author: Robert E. White
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190266538
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Structural decline in soils, assessment and prevention. Australian Journal of Soil
Research 29, 905–921. Fertilizer Federation Industry of Australia. (ed.). 2006.
Australian soil fertility manual. 3rd ed. Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing. Field, D.J.,
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Gladstones, J. 2011. Wine, terroir and climate change. Kent Town: Wakefield

Soils For Fine Wines

Author: Robert E. White
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198032342
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The Australian Grapegrower and Winemaker, June: 13–17. Caudwell, A., J.
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Valley. Oakland, Calif.: Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University
of California.

Encyclopedia Of Agriculture And Food Systems

Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080931391
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phosphatic fertiliser on pasture soils in southern Victoria. Australian Journal of
Soil Research 39, 759–771. Burkitt, L.L., Small, D.R., McDonald, J.W., Wales,
W.J., Jenkin, M.L., 2007. Comparing irrigated, biodynamic and conventionally
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–372. Chalk, P.M. ...