The Journal Of The Indian Archipelago And Eastern Asia

Author: James Richardson Logan
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A.] B. a wal masc. a-waUs' fern "first", Arabic. [liar Persian.] This a-chaic unit is
preserved in A'rican languages as a cardinal term. In Semitic it occurs as such in
the contracted lorm ar in 4. It is a N and E. Asian and Druviro-Australian definitive
and unit. In- (he Scmiiico-Liiiyan formation the labial was an important archaic
definitive. It is largely preserved as a postfix and prefix. Aa a 3 I pronoun and
demonstrative, the sibilant, dental or guttural definitive appear- to have early
gained ...

A Catalogue Of A Large Collection Of Books On Sale By T Payne

Author: Thomas Payne
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(b. max. t/tg. camp. {'1' now. 313s Lam).1735 566 Marnnii Lexmon Philolog. eura
Grievii, 2 tom. ramp. in met/lb. 181 ' - ' Tull/7.1697 367 Hofi'manni Lexicon Univerf
. 4 tom. edit. opt. txtmp. pair/1. 41 ' ' L. Bat. 1698 368 Du Frel'ne Glofl'arium ad ...
R1111 Arab. 5s Han. 161 3§6 Budzei Comment. Ling. Graec. edit. opt. amp. pale/
2. Eff nit. 11 ( apud R. Sttpb. 151 3'8; Phodi Bibliotheca, Gr. & Lat. Notis Hoefchelii
8c Schoni, txm ' If pu/tb. 150 -— Ratbamflfi 388.Ferrarii Ongines Ling. Ital.

The Navy List

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Ь H»-] nul, ahull be vlluwed to wmime the rank of lf*-fiml Commander on • 'nun:-
15 year«' «TitorHy, Injt wit hont any inervase of Lilf-r>«y or Widow1* Perntnn,
beyond that ¡nri.,.i j.. .1 by the >rtlen In Council under which they vete respectively
.... be imid fur the Hpurclu-nkiuD of dcnerter» ; that nfter «in and viiihin t»i-lre
muntlm If. only »ludí be paid ; und that after tue1 1 1- munthM not any reward iball
b* puid, UDÍCM »puciallr ouli rttt by their By command uf U To all Commnndcnfin-

The Gentleman S Magazine

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Hut, in 1 5,94,. the pulpit-cross ha- f.rtlen to decay, was renewed, when the
preacher, who b fore fronted the West, now faced to the South ; and a new house
was erected East of the pulpit for the use of the governors and children of Christ's
hospit.l, at the expence of William Elkins, alderman, then lately deceased. Within
the first year, however, the house decayed; and the city, at a great expence.
repaired it. Trie pulpit-cross stood at the North-east corner of Spital-square,
nearly ...

Allgemeine Handlungs Zeitung

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Jndigo Guat. U-Car in vl, Indigo Flor. 20-24S ohr14-16 - Q Ortes IO3 I2, –
2o-26 – vol. u. blau. I 9a 24 – gef, u. v. 15a17 gef, 13 14 – Bourb. 11-12 Bra. 5 II –
EMI vl. - Man. Io-15 Ingber br. 15 w. B. 22 – Jain. – Olli D. I2. Macio 1 d-22. u. –ßvl
. ... Oehl, Hanf - 40 Mk. – Lein 50 Rapo Salpeter oftin. 141s2 Rth. 14) Die Tonne
in Cour. Heering, Norweg. 36 Rtblr. - Hamb. 24, Matics neue verh. 16, zvoll. verh.
23, Iblen verh. 1. 2s; Mk. onig a336" fd.Brutto;4 Rtl. # En: b so. - Berg 25. Hamb.

Energy And Water Development Appropriations For 1987 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development
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I loop: (I) oritur} pump, (2) butttrflj TMh«, (3) heat eicbanrer b;-pii»lni , (5)
pfwworiter, (6) votomc control □rtlen, (7) c 4 (It) component cooUnf lyitem. Fig. 7
Thermal barrier conftf uration for pump type* *3D. water supplied to the bench
was limited to 10 m'/h. TEST CONDITIONS The most important tests concerning
station blackout situations were identified as (I) a test on simultaneous loss of
seal injection and cooling of the thermal barrier of the primary pumps (this test
was deliberately ...

Namen Und Sach Verzeichniss Zu Carl Ritter S Erdkunde Von Asien

Author: Julius Ludwig Ideler
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IX, 916. b?4. — s. Aderbidjan , Per- nenien. !ni2o.u»rt». X, 713.793. !ni»«eoun<lll,
X, 790. nien.Etpmol. IX, 721.X, — Weltstellung. X, 115.— ?land. 285ff. —
geograph. llen u. Hülfsmittel. 365 ff. kränze des türl.u.ruff. 386. ^Heilung in ein
östl. persisches oeftl. byzantinisches (38? n. ,).X,559. — Elnwanderun» 584 ff.—
Areal, Vollszahl. 753. — zum Theil von Kur» bewohnt. XI. 145. nier (Erminicr,
arab. und ,), nichteinheim. Benennung. 77. — in Kabul. VII. 242. rtlen in Kholand.
779. - mien in ...

History Of Delaware General History

Author: John Thomas Scharf
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U.V. r |ч1-и\ Vt, run m-íri ii«t*-nl I» |a'*r», k-tttllag Ih» twHIli» nv я |«v*. lu Lt»b-aa) I
1.4-ih f. i'wr nainlr) i», ti m l. .... men nf elevtttetl |mtrioti>in jtinl Rreul nl-llitit-, who,
while freely uiliiiluiit"; the iiutiee of nil the tin i ни ittlviiiieeil by the Uniletl Htittw, 1И
foiuiilei! mi the ииннпиЫг luwn of генном ninl righl, were yet ilenintii«. to waive
their ri»;itl exiteiiotiM at that time, Mleviug that at it general iteaee the /•ror/íerof
iiiipre-wnient, with the princijiftM of the t>rtlen« In C'ouiieil, wotihl he itlmiuloiu«!

A New Concordance To The Holy Scriptures In A Single Alphabet

Author: John Butterworth
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Crudt-n, of which they ally the advice of every judicious permit whom the Editor
has consulted on the point, these tables have been unit mi, as b ing very
exceptionahle in e most every point of new, and having scarcely one excellence,
by which they can be recoiiiiiicniled In many cases, the .... u'hngIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIoIoIIIl52
orll'lllnl th'a'ninaIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIo-lsa Anririit Roman Bn-ml Loaves. . . . . . . . .. l53
lmcinit; drawn by Lahore, iii Sinai....l53 Iliutloo Lodge in iii-rid] \rtlen.... . .. . . .l54
Anc. F. .