Rush Updated Edition

Author: Martin Popoff
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and snare work), until a captivating TV presentation of The T.A.M.I. Show film in
1964 lit the way (highlights: James Brown and the Rolling Stones), followed by
immersion into the wonderful drum tornado that was Keith Moon and the more
skillful and creative possibilities presented by John Bonham. All the while, Neil
had chalked up more serious credits than Alex or Geddy, writing and recording
with a number of bands, including the Majority and J. R. Flood. Neil had been
working ...


Author: Martin Popoff
Publisher: Voyageur Press
ISBN: 161058726X
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Back home, demoralized and working in the parts department at Dalziel, he
received a visit from Vic Wilson (and Johnny Trojan, the buddy who had
recommended Neil) in a white Corvette. Neil was noncommittal about the
invitation to audition for Rush, but once he did, the connection was obvious. Once
part ofthe fold and rehearsing like mad, the band had ten days to prepare for their
first US. tour (their first tour of any sort, really) supporting the higheflying Uriah
Heep. Geddy and Alex ...

Rush Rock Music And The Middle Class

Author: Christopher J. McDonald
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253004047
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ship for these magazines form, ideally, a cognoscenti with esoteric knowledge
about music (though perhaps these magazines are more accurately regarded as
a means for transmitting and acquiring this knowledge). In many ways, the elite
musicianship of bands like Rush do not simply confer prestige on the performers,
but flatters the tastes of fans who learn to ap- preciate it and furthermore to talk
about that appreciation using the jargon of music theory and musicians' shop talk.

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

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Critical reviews A Rush of Blood to the Head has received acclaim from
numerous critics. Many felt it was better than Coldplay's previous album,
Parachutes. Alexis Petridis of the newspaper The Guardian wrote that the band's
”new assurance is everywhere ... the timidity of Parachutes is nowhere to be
found”. He concludes, ”It sounds like an album ready to take on the world, and
win.”21 Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times praised the album, commenting
that it is ”one of the year's ...

The Rush

Author: Rachel Higginson
Publisher: Reckless Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1500553735
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“Okay, let me do a better job then. Exie, Sloane, this is my beautiful girlfriend
Kenna. This giant over here is Phoenix, this is Hayden, Hudson and Cole. We're
all in the band together.” “Sugar Skulls,” Phoenix piped up giving Exie an extra-
long look. “Where's Chase?” Sloane asked, clearly dismissing all the boys in front
of her. The hard-to-get-vibe was her signature and so ingrained in every one of
her actions I wasn't entirely sure she knew she was doing it anymore. “He couldn'
t come ...

Rush And Philosophy

Author: Jim Berti
Publisher: Open Court
ISBN: 0812697294
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Take actor Jack Black, interviewed in Beyond the Lighted Stage, who clearly
believes that his love of Rush is grounded on something more than just his
opinion. With that half-crazed I-am-so-sure-of-this look in his eye, he claims there
are objective, scientific measures, that prove how great Rush is. If you analyzed a
spectral diagram of Neil Peart's ... like he's working out a calculus formula. This is
geek heaven for the band's ardent followers; for the rest of us, it's very much a
mixed bag.

Precious Metal

Author: Albert Mudrian
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0786749628
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We were the only band that signed to a major label and played odeons and
things like that. How old were ... We decided that if we wanted to have a song
that's nine minutes long like “Sucking My Love,” then nobody's going to say—we
didn't have a manager at that point —“You can't do that” or “You can't put that on
a ... We didn't have the musicianship or skills of a Rush or Led Zeppelin, so we
sort of did it in our own crude way and, I suppose, came up with something that
was original.

10 Truths Of Songwriting

Author: Chris M. Will
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491775327
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I love the complex musicianship of bands like Rush, Yes, and Steely Dan, who
are all amazing performers and musicians. But where would the world be without
simple songs like John Lennon's “Imagine” or “One” by U2? Throughout this book
I say that a good song is a good song, no matter who wrote it, what genre it is in,
or who performed it. I even like tunes from Huey Lewis and the News and Cyndi
Lauper, who are talented songwriters and musicians even though they may not
be ...


Author: Robert Freedman
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 1628940840
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John Reuland of Princeton University has taken a close look at the community of
musicians for whom these YouTube videos are serious business and says the
attraction of Rush's songs, like “YYZ,” is their intricately composed complexity.
Because the band's pieces are so precisely structured, it's possible for musicians
to aspire to replicate them note for note, despite their complexity. The songs thus
take on a kind of mathematical challenge: they're complex, yet because they're so

Experiencing Rush

Author: Durrell Bowman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442231319
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(Tolleson 1988) By “busy” and “obtrusive,” Lee refers to playing notes and
passages that do more than merely reinforce the bass notes of a chord
progression. Cream-influenced—and post-Cream—rock music resonated for tens
of millions of rock fans and millions of aspiring rock musicians in the 1970s,
1980s, and beyond. In discussing Rush's stylistic origins, Lee explains: “I guess
in the beginning, we were just a straightforward rock band. We grew out of things
like Led Zeppelin, Jeff ...