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The book comprises a number of general essays, exploring and challenging common perceptions about such species, and a series of case studies of specific species in specific contexts.

Integration Of Information For Environmental Security

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These introduced species, or bioinvaders, are also referred to as exotic species,
alien species and no indigenous species. Typically, very few organisms are able
to survive in new surroundings because temperature, food, and salinity are less
than optimal; however, the few that do survive and establish a population have
the potential to cause ecological and economic harm. Populations of bioinvaders
may grow very quickly in the absence of natural predators. In turn bioinvaders
may ...

Animal Behavior Desk Reference

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bioinvasion n. The entry of one, or more, species from distant ecosystems into a
focal ecosystem (Turning Point Project 1999, A14). cf. Kingdom Plantae: invasive
plant (Appendix 1), 2species: invasive species Comments: Bioinvaders alter
vegetation, compete with native species, prey upon native species, and
sometimes bring in new diseases that affect native organisms, as well as
Humans (Turning Point Project 1999, A14). About 50,000 bioinvaders have
entered U.S. ecosystems.

Living In The Environment Principles Connections And Solutions

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These bioinvaders can displace or cause the extinction of native species and
disrupt ecosystem services. For example, since the late 1980s, Lake Victoria (
Core Case Study) has been invaded by the wa- ter hyacinth (Figure 11-4). This
rapidly grow- ing plant has carpeted large areas of the lake, blocked sunlight,
deprived fish and plankton of oxygen, and re- duced aquatic plant diversity.
THINKING ABOUT The Nile Perch and Lake Victoria Would most of the now
extinct cichlid fish ...

Marine Ecology In A Changing World

Author: Andrés Hugo Arias
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is greater than the number of species which managed to survive transport and
establish a population, then a bioinvasion occurs. Therefore, marine biological
invasions are increasingly altering coastal biota, generating changes in the
chemical and/or physical properties of an ecosystem, ecosystem functioning and
ultimately result in adverse effects on economy and human health (Convention
on Biological Diversity 2004, Lodge et al. 2006, European Commission 2008,
Nunes and ...

The Futurist

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World Trends ft Forecasts Exotic plant and animal species are invading virtually
every ecosystem on earth, warns Chris Bright in Life Out of Bounds: Bioinvasion
in a Borderless World, his new book about these bioinvaders. "The ability of pests
, weeds, and dangerous pathogens to move around the world today is truly
staggering," Bright contends. Brown tree snakes hitchhike from Guam to Hawaii
by hiding in the wheel wells of jets. The Asian tiger mosquito, a carrier of dengue
fever ...

Golden Gate University Law Review

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One of the areas most impacted by what is termed, alien,48 exotic species,4'' bio-
invaders, or nuisance species is the Great Lakes ecosystem. "At least 25 non-
native species of fish have entered the Great Lakes since the 1800s, significantly
impacting the food chain."TM In addition to these fish species, over 140 exotic
aquatic organisms of all types that have become established in the Great Lakes
since the 1800s." One of the more recent fish bio-invaders into the Great Lakes
basin ...

Issues In Science And Technology

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... resources more systematically. And pooling mutually unfamiliar practices and
approaches may create opportunities to develop S&T in challenging directions.
At the same time, this cooperation gives Japan the stimulus to excel among
scientific communities around the world. MASAMITANAKA Secretary General
Japan Industrial Standards Committee. Bio-invaders. Don C. Schmitz and Daniel
Simberloff have done a fine job of summarizing the problems caused by
biological ...

Fish Invasions Of The Mediterranean Sea

Author: Daniel Golani
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Our goal here is to review and compare genetic studies of Lessepsian migrants
in order to determine if this unique bioinvasion follows some general patterns.
We also want to assess if Lessepsian invasions can be used to test specific
theoretical predictions. Specifically, we want to determine if (1) invasions were
accompanied by botdenecks, (2) success could be associated with genetic
diversity, and if (3) botdenecked populations displayed rapid population
expansions. METHODS ...