C4 Plant Biology

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This work synthesizes the latest developments in C4 biochemistry, physiology, systematics, and ecology.

Issues In Life Sciences Botany And Plant Biology Research 2012 Edition

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(2011 MAR 15) Rutgers State University, New Brunswick: Differential metabolic
responses of perennial grass Cynodon transvaalensis x Cynodon dactylon (C4)
and Poa Pratensis (C-3) to heat stress “Differential metabolic responses to heat
stress may be associated with variations in heat tolerance between cool-season (
C-3) and warm-season (C-4) perennial grass species. The main objective of this
study was to identify metabolites associated with differential heat tolerance
between ...

C4 Photosynthesis And Related Co2 Concentrating Mechanisms

Author: Agepati S. Raghavendra
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The book is an advanced level textbook for postgraduate students and a reference book for researchers in the areas of plant biology, cell biology, biotechnology, agronomy, horticulture, ecology and evolution.

Redesigning Rice Photosynthesis To Increase Yield

Author: J. E. Sheehy
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
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Plant organelles. Carnbridge (UK): Cambridge University Press. p 21-47.
Henderson S, Hattersley P, von Caemmerer S, Osmond CB. 1995. Are C4
pathway plants threatened by global climate change? In: Schulze E-D, Caldwell
MM, editors. ... Modeling C4 photosynthesis. In: Sage RF, Monson RK. editors.
C4 plant biology. San Diego. Calif. (USA): Academic Press. p 173-211. Walker
RP, Acheson RM, Técsi LI, Leegood RC. 1997. Phosphoenolpyruvate
carboxykinase in C4 plants: ...

Introductory Plant Biology

Author: Kingsley Rowland Stern
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Figure 10.8 A portion of a cross section of a leaf of corn (Zea mays), a C4 plant.
Compare this with leaves of typical C3 plants, as illustrated in figures 7.4 and 7.
BA. phloem chloroplasts air space guard cell xylem C4 plants have several
characteristic features. (1) Unlike C3 plants, which have one form of chloroplast
and can run only the Calvin cycle, C4 plants possess two forms of chloroplasts
and have an alternate pathway for carbon dioxide utilization. There are large
chloroplasts, ...

Plant Biology

Author: Linda E. Graham
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Because the present-day atmosphere contains 21% O2 and only 0.037% C02,
photorespiration occurs in C3 plants because carbon dioxide may be available in
only trace amounts. The recent trend of increasing levels of atmospheric carbon
dioxide has actually increased the efficiency of C3 plants grown as crops. But
other plants have evolved mechanisms to overcome photorespiration. C4 plants
and CAM plants have mechanisms to reduce photorespiration C3 plants rely on
the ...

Journal Of Plant Biology

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nearly 8000 plants are recorded to possess C4 pathway, distributed among 18
families of monocots and dicots (Sage et al., 1999). Several C3-C4 intermediates
have been identified, and are good experimental systems to study the evolution
of C4 photosynthesis and the mechanism of reduced photorespiration (
Rawsthorne and Bauwe, 1998; Monson and Raws- thorne, 2000). So far, 30 C3-
C4 intermediate species are reported from seven families (Table 1). Flaveria is
one of the most ...

Annual Report Of The Director Of The Department Of Plant Biology

Author: Carnegie Institution of Washington. Dept. of Plant Biology
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Dept. of Plant Biology. 50 100 150 200 0 50 100 ISO Light intensity, nano
einstein cm 2 sec ' Fig. 86. Effect of heat treatment on the photosynthetic light-
response curves for Atriplex sabulosa and Tidestromia oblongifolia. Inhibition of
photosynthesis ... Valley), in comparison with temperate- environment species
such as Atriplex sabulosa (a C4 plant native to cool oceanic environments) must
be primarily a result of an intrinsically greater thermal stability of these chloroplast

Annual Report Of The Director Department Of Plant Biology

Author: Carnegie Institution of Washington. Dept. of Plant Biology
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With strong evidence for a significant increase in carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere as a consequence of the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation, it is
essential to determine the long- term effects of the higher carbon dioxide partial
pressures on photosynthesis. BjOrkman, Downton, and Pike* have investigated
the effect of CO2 enrichment lasting weeks or months on several C3 and C4
plants. Not surprisingly there was very little effect on the C4 plants, since a
distinctive feature of C4 ...

Annual Review Of Plant Biology

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increase from between 1.7' and 3.9 C during this century (66). These changes in
atmospheric composition and temperature will directly influence the balance
between Cj carbon fixation and photorespiration. Because C4 plants already
have a metabolic C02 -enrichment mechanism, the effects of enhanced
atmospheric CO7 abundance are predicted to be much less pronounced than in
Q plants (82). It is often suggested that this increase in C02 will alter the
geographic distribution of ...