C4 Plant Biology

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This work synthesizes the latest developments in C4 biochemistry, physiology, systematics, and ecology.

Terrestrial Photosynthesis In A Changing Environment

Author: Jaume Flexas
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107377676
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biology. of. C4. photosynthesis. Terrestrial Photosynthesis in a Changing
Environment: A Molecular, Physiological and ... only 8,000 of the esti— mated
250,000 higher plant species, deserves a significant role in the discussion of
plant biology.

Redesigning Rice Photosynthesis To Increase Yield

Author: J. E. Sheehy
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
ISBN: 9712201465
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Mechanism of C4 photosynthesis: a model describing the inorganic carbon pool
in bundle sheath cells. Plant Physiol. ... C4 photosynthetic modifications in the
evolutionary transition from land to water in aquatic grasses. ... C4 plant biology.

Plant Biology

Author: Linda E. Graham
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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C4 pathway and the Calvin cycle, as do C4 plants, but CAM plants separate the
two pathways in time rather than in space ... when the stomata are open, C02
enters the plant and, through a series of steps, is converted to the 4-carbon
malate, ...

Annual Report Of The Director Of The Department Of Plant Biology

Author: Carnegie Institution of Washington. Dept. of Plant Biology
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It follows that the greater heat tolerance of high-temperature- adapted species
such as Tidestromia oblongifolia (a C4 plant ... and Bjorkman, this Year Book),
indicate that high-temperature inhibition of DEPARTMENT OF PLANT BIOLOGY

Introduction To Nuclear Techniques In Agronomy And Plant Biology

Author: Peter B. Vose
Publisher: Pergamon
ISBN: 9780080249247
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There are grounds for thinking that the C, carbon fixation process is more
primitive than the C4 process and that C4 plants tend to predominate under arid
conditions. Reference 68 provides a good review of various aspects of C, and C4
plant ...

Annual Report Of The Director Department Of Plant Biology

Author: Carnegie Institution of Washington. Dept. of Plant Biology
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Dept. of Plant Biology ... Results and D1scussion The Km(C02) of RuP2
carboxylase from the C4 species was about double that of the C3 species (Table
... In addition, we observed that the kcat of the C4 species was also significantly

Stern S Introductory Plant Biology

Author: James Bidlack
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
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bundle sheath stoma epidermal xylem Figure 1 0.1 1 A portion of a cross section
of a leaf of corn (Zca mays), a C4 plant with Kranz anatomy leaves. Compare this
with leaves of typical C3 plants, as illustrated in Figures 7.6 and 7.1 1 A. Figure ...