California Employment Law

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There are so many traps for the unwary. Unfortunately, this perspective is mostly true. California Employment Law: An Employer's Guide is written for those who must contend with employment law in California as part of their work.

California Employer S Guide

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The Employer's Guide is for companies doing business in one state or for those looking for a focused discussion of a particular state's regulations.

California Employer S Guide

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Common Law”? Common law, as we know it, has evolved slowly over the years
based upon decisions rendered by the courts on individual cases. The common
law rules of employment, as they exist today, are the total of all court decisions
related to the question of what constitutes an employment relationship. When
Does an Employer-Employee Relationship Exist? An employer-employee
relationship exists ...

Every Employee S Guide To The Law

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Laws Against Defamation: Defamation laws prohibit libel and slander: giving
negative, false information about someone. (Written defamation is libel, oral
defamation is slander.) In Holton v. Lockheed Corp, a California jury awarded a
fired employee almost $1 million because his former employer provided
defamatory job references to prospective employers, which caused the former
employee emotional distress, said the jury.* Civil Rights Laws: An employer
cannot give out ...

Employers Guide To Family Friendly Flexibility

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Her maternity leave ended on 6th September 1996, at which point she took
parental leave until the 12th July, as permitted by German law. She did not
receive a Christmas bonus because she was not in active employment on 1st
December 1996. She claimed that this contravened EU law. The ECJ said it was
up to the national court to determine whether the bonus was to be regarded as
retroactive pay for work performed during the year, or as a way of encouraging
employees to work ...

Employer S Guide To Military Leave Compliance

Author: Dean L. Silverberg
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The term “for cause” (as defined in previous veterans' statutes) means whether it
was reasonable for the employer to discharge the employee for the conduct and
whether the employee had fair notice (express or implied) that this conduct could
result in discharge. The cause standard under USERRA also would be satisfied if
an employee's position is eliminated because of other legitimate,
nondiscriminatory reasons, or if the employee is on layoff status. For example,
recognizing that ...