Christian Holiness And Human Sexuality

Author: Gary R. Hall
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Marilyn McCord Adams, Wil Gafney, A. Katherine Grieb, Louis Weil, Ellen K. Wondra, Rowan Smith, and Sylvia Sweeney, CONTRIBUTORS Christian Holiness & Human Sexuality is a study guide for Episcopalians who want to understand how all ...

Unity Of The Church And Human Sexuality

Author: General Board The United Methodist Church
Publisher: BookBaby
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Unity of the Church of God, The Body of Christ”; Sarah Heaner Lancaster's “
Ecumenical Insights for Unity”; Kevin D. Newburg's “The Split That Didn't Happen
”; Jørgen Thaarup's “The Unity of the Church in Relation to Christian Teaching
and Human Sexuality”; Kevin M. Watson's “'Holiness of Heart and Life': Unity,
Holiness, and the Mission of Methodism”; and Sondra Wheeler's “Remarks for
Colloquy on Church Unity.” Other participants included Jeffrey Conklin-Miller,
Lallene J. Rector, ...

The Trinitarian Foundation Of Human Sexuality As Revealed By Christ According To Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Author: Pesarchick Robert A.
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This, according to von Balthasar, is an analogously <<masculine principle» or an
objective spirit or holiness». Thus, it presupposes a corresponding analogously <
<feminine principle» or <<subjective spirit of holiness, to receive it and actively
bring forth fruit32. In the Person of Christ, who is both God and man, and the
Church's Head and Bridegroom, there is a unity of the objective and subjective
holiness: <<Yet, and just because of this, this identity must be reproduced in the
Church; ...

The Westminster Dictionary Of Christian Spirituality

Author: Gordon S. Wakefield
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
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See also Calvinist Spirituality. JAMES A. WHYTE Scupoli, Lorenzo see War, Holy
Self -Control see Fruit of the Spirit Seuse, Heinrich see Suso, Heinrich Sexuality
Historically, human sexuality always assumes a meaning in a particular cultural
and religious context. Hence the role sexuality plays in Christian spirituality
originates in distinctive cultural and theological perspectives. 1. Although both
the Hebrew and the Christian scriptures present human sexuality in a positive
light as a ...

God Desire And A Theology Of Human Sexuality

Author: David H. Jensen
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
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Sex must be so mind-blowing and awesome that it cannot be everyday, reflecting
the ebb and flow of desire over time.The same practices that are bed-shaking
and orgasmic in marriage are flatout hurtful prior to marriage. Such
understandings of sex and marriage verge on the magical, transforming pain into
pleasure. Our abstinence friend renders sex within marriage uniquely holy while
considering it blasphemous anywhere else. Just as earlier generations of
Christians may have ...

Some Issues In Human Sexuality

Author: A Working Party of the House of Bishops
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On these grounds, he extends the notion of the Christian or holy household
beyond Christian marriage and monastic life, to any household in which that care
is found, in which love of God and love of neighbour are hallmarks, including
those of same-sex couples. 5.5.19 Breidenthal concludes: Householding is a way
of sanctification. It can heal us of our inattention to one another, and teach us how
to enjoy our nearness to one another in Christ. If this twofold purpose is served, it
hardly ...

Sex And The Bible

Author: Wylark Day
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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being represented by the Love and Faith of the Spirit of Christ; and Evil being
represented by the belief that anti-sex Asceticism equals Holiness, which is the
Spirit of Antichrist. As we have seen, God created Humanism to try and deliver
Christianity from this Spirit of Antichrist; by decreasing the belief of Christians that
antisex Asceticism is necessary for Holiness, thanks to the influence of
Humanism's positive view of human sexuality. Now, the success of the Sexual
Revolution has ...

Holy Trinity Holy People

Author: T. A. Noble
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
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misogyny and a strongly negative attitude to human sexuality. He saw the Bible
as a regula, a rule for life, and therefore the answer to the problem of decaying
morality. But Christians were to practice an even more rigorous ethic. The
discipline of the Old Testament had been incomplete, even allowing polygamy.
The coming of Christ brought an end to this period of indulgentia, but even then
the apostles had been lenient in enforcing the new standard. But now, through
the Montanist ...

The Christian Meaning Of Human Sexuality

Author: Paul Quay, S.J ., Ph.D
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681497492
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The Father, through the Son, gives the totality of the nature that they possess in
common to the Holy Spirit, who receives actively their gift so as to be one being
with them, except for that which constitutes them Father or Son. It is this life of
total gift and of total response that is the ultimate thing symbolized by the act of
sexual intercourse. This is its tremendous sacredness, its tremendous intrinsic
holiness. With this background, we can now understand the basic principle of
Christian ...