Author: Megan O'Brien
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Sarah has a choice to make between letting the stubborn, occasionally maddening, always endearing man into her heart, or fighting to keep him out.When Sarah's past comes roaring into the present with violent results, Theo and the Talon team ...

Atomic Accidents

Author: James Mahaffey
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480447749
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The latest seal has the Eagle of State looking to his right, at the olive branch of
peace, but in his left talon he holds an ... years of dogged use of the Freedom of
Information Act. His collected papers are now housed in the National Security
Archive at ... 192 A Broken Arrow is an accident involving a nuclear weapon,
warhead, or components that does not cause World War III. ... 193 On the
morning of December 6, 1917, two ships collided in the Narrows of the Halifax,
Nova Scotia harbor.

Encyclopedia Of Television Film Directors

Author: Jerry Roberts
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810863782
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Navy commander during the Vietnam War, and his son, Elmo III, a lieutenant
commanding swift boat forces in the Mekong Delta. ... the weary yet patriotic
investigating agent, Nick Mancuso, a character that he carried over into a short-
lived NBC series. ... Jerome Kass adapted Rollin's book about this very tough
choice to assist in a loved one's end, including trips into the ... a lesbian in an
interview for an upgraded security clearance, and the service begins
proceedings to discharge her.

Canadian Books In Print

Author: Marian Butler
ISBN: 9780802049995
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Orca, 1997 $18.95 paper [1-55143-070-3] CIP - Where terranes collide: the
autobiography of the western Cordillera Orca, 1990 $29.95 ... [0-02-953873-4];
Book 2 $25 39 [0-02-953879-3]; Teacher's ed $59 89 [0-02-953878-5]: Book 3
$28.08 [0-02-953884-X]; Teacher's ed. ... Talon, 1993 $39.95 [0-88922-331-9]
CIP York, Geoffrey; The Dispossessed. ... Peace through security: a total defence

Jane S Defence Upgrades

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Talon. for. USAF. JSUPT. news. -. Lockheed Martin withdrew from the for the L-39
, the 1997 package (or bidding, citing rigid ... The US Air Force (USAF) is to
upgrade the Launch Command I Centers (LCCs) of its LGM-30G Minuteman III
intercontinental ballistic ... gyro-inertial navigation system, a radar altimeter, a
collision-avoidance system and an instrument-flight-certified heads-up display. ...
It also corrects security I alarm management systems and : launch-readiness

Multicultural Review

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This well-narrated novel of initiation is emotionally engaging and replete with
literary symbolism. The house represents identity and protection. ... Jayne R.
Boisvert Russell Sage College 17-3-0289 Younes, Iman Humaydan. ...
Vancouver, B.C.: Talon- books, 2007. ... what Morrisseau's work means to us as a
country [Canada], a nation still surviving the collision of first contact over five
hundred years ago.

The Bookseller

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M8.414 III. £16.50 Halsted P. : Wiley (5.79) Psy 470 26586 8 No One Writes to the
Colonel (Marqucz) Tr fr. Spanish J.S Bernstein C8.I70. ... Toddlers Book of F4 10
Col ill 2AB. sd. ... Collision Phenomena and Computational Methods:
International Symposium Proceedings Otoaa, Fella J. (Ed ). Heroic Epic and
Saga: Introduction to the World's Great Folk Epics. ... William H A talon Joseph D
Paul, Charlotte.