Colorful Creations Butterfly Mandalas

Author: Jess Volinski
Publisher: Design Originals
ISBN: 9781497202610
Size: 62.57 MB
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This gorgeous coloring book for adults offers dozens of ready-to-color art activities that combine the beauty of butterflies with the symmetry and calming properties of mandalas.

Saturday Review

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... applicable sales tax. A few cents extra for C.O.D. •111. FROGS Stylized
mandala: dayglo colors. 29" sq. Only I.M P11J UNCLE TOM. Green, brown,
yellow. 22" x 33". Only I.M P1I9. SYNCOPATED RHYTHM. In dayglo colors. 29" x
23". Only I.M P147. H09 LION'S HEAD. Litbo on canvas. 22" x 28". Only 3.M PI 48
. Hua TIOER. On Canvas— Full color. 28" x 22". Only S.M PIM. HAVE YOU HAD
YOUR PILL. Black & white. 23"x29". Only I.M P219. CREATION OF


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P1I2. FROGS. Stylized mandala; dayglo colors. 29" sq. Only 1.98 P113. UNCLE
IOM. Green, brown, yellow. 22" x 3J". Only I.N P129. SYNCOPATED RHYTHM. In
dayglo colors. 29" x 23". Only I.N P147. Hut): LION'S HEAD. Litho on canvas. ...
CREATION OF BUTTERFLIES. Dayglo. 23" x 25". •nil: I 98 P240. US I. Dayglo
colors on matte black. 23" x 29". Only 1.98 P244. BUTTERFLY. Dayglo colors on
black. 29" x 23". Only I.N P276 WAR IS OOOD BUSINESS-INVEST YOUR SON.

Psychology Today

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Stylized mandala; dayglo colors. 29" . Only 1.98 PI 13. UNCLE TOM. Green,
krown. yellow. 22" x 33". Only 1.98 PI29. SYNCOPATED RHYTHM. In ilayglo
colors. 2V" x 23". Only 1.90 PI47. Hug: LION'S HEAD. I.itho i>n ninrni. 22" x 28". O
.ilv 9.95 PUB. Ho., TIOER. r;n Cmrai- Full color. .'8" x .'2". Only 3.93 PI90 HAVE
YOU HAD YOUR Pill. Black & white. 23"x29". Only 1.98 P219. CREATION OF
BUTTERFLIES. Uayglo. 2.1" x 25". Only 1.98 PI40. U&l Dayglo colors on matte
black. 23" x 2V.

Science Myth And The Fictional Creation Of Alien Worlds

Author: Albert Wendland
Size: 62.81 MB
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Visualizing the concept is both tantalizing and difficult: our minds can create
thickly frosted vegetation but the color and lighting effects suggested, "the
intricate patterns that revolved and expanded over his head like jeweled
mandalas" (chap. 6), the replication of the objects and their colors, all make for a
concept beyond easy visualization. And the inability of the words to concretize
the scene is repeatedly suggested: the forest melts into imprecision, a "blurred
kaleidoscope," an ...

Creating Mandalas

Author: Susanne F. Fincher
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780877736462
Size: 56.18 MB
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Aesculapius, 133 albedo, 44 alchemy, 36-37, 44, 47, 51, 85, 98, 104, 117, IJ5,
140 color symbolism in, 84-88, 125, 131 animals, 112-115 Annunciation, 54
Aphrodite, 103 Apollo, 54 Arachne, 142 Arianrhod, 8 Aries, 48 Ark of the
Covenant, 141 ... Barbara, 46 Brunhilde, 47 Bruno, Giordano, 15-16 Buddha, 59,
125 Buddhism, no shrines, n Tibetan, 16-18 bull, 113 butterfly, 117-118
calanat1n, 44, 85, 86 caves, sacred, 37 Celts, legends, 8, 41, 116 chakras, 79-82,
141, 168, 179 colors of, ...

Annual Report

Author: Cincinnati Art Museum
Size: 73.81 MB
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Munakata Shiko, (1903-1975), Woman with Umbrella, 1955; Coiffure for Fall;
Nude in Mexico, 1959; Sunflowers in St. Louis, 1965; Herons; Mandala,
woodcuts; Do You See, hand colored woodcut; Village in the Mountain; El
Greco's House, ... 1941), Storyville V, 1972; Storyville X, 1974, color screen prints
, 1985 .414-415; Onchi Koshiro, (1891-1953), Poem #8-7, Butterfly, 1948, color
woodcut; Poem #22, Leaf and Clouds, 1953, color collograph, 1984.282-283;
Ono Tadashige, (b.

Easter Notebook

Author: Journal Ink Press
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530322725
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Great for an Easter basket! 100 blank, lined pages in a handy 5x8 size that will slip easily into purse or pocket.

Net Mom S Internet Kids Family Yellow Pages

Author: Jean Armour Polly
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
ISBN: 9780072192476
Size: 66.39 MB
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... and more. Healing the Earth: A Sacred Art by the
Tibetan Lamas of Drepung Loseling Monastery This site follows the creation of a
Tibetan sacred sand painting from the beginning to its end. Considered a healing
ceremony, the area for the sand painting is claimed and blessed. Local spirits are
asked for permission before construction begins. The monks draw an intricate
geometric mandala on the floor. Colored grains of sand are painstakingly placed
with ...

The New Republic

Author: Herbert David Croly
Size: 63.16 MB
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Only 1.00 P214. Peter Max; MAN ON THE MOON: Apollo 1 1 commemorative
poster tn beautiful pastels on a space- black backcround 36" x 24". Only 1.98
hues of yellow, orange, cen^e, blue and green on matte black. 23 V x 25V. Only
1.98 P121 MANDALA OF THE MAGNIFICENT. with blue, purple & gold. ,14"
square. ' >n/j 2 98 P118. DRAGON Vivid dayglo colors on matte black. 21" x 29".
Only 1.91 P20B ...