Concerning This House

Author: Janine Folks
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 148368413X
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This second volume, Concerning This House, contains select powerful messages. These writings fulfill Janine’s mandate to ‘Go Girl’: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

A Report Concerning The House Of Correction At Southwell In The County Of Nottingham

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516 11 9 Amount of clear profit, . ———£. 604 Balance, in favor of the House of
Correction, at Southwell, without being subject to deductions of any kind, . . s. 117
PRESTON House of CORRECTION, LANCASHIRE." Total amount of the
prisoners' earnings, from Easter Sessions, 1802, to Easter Sessions, 1803, . . . . . .
s. 1471 Average number of prisoners for the year, 166. HOUSE OF
CORRECTION, AT SOUTHWELL, słczzzzzzz 166, Would earn yearly, For the
County's share, .

Determinations Of The Honourable House Of Commons Concerning Elections And All Their Incidents The Third Edition Continued Down To The End Of 1747

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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(See Title Inverness) it was ' Ordered, That Alexander-Garden osArdoth, , Esq; be
at liberty to - petition this House, touching the Election for the Dis strict of Burghs
of bitterness, Nairn, Forrer, - and Fortrost,, within fourteen Days next, if _ ' he
thinks fit. ' - 1 5. The like Order: were made anThursday. the 2 5th of thesame sl/
Ionth concerning an imdue Returnsor the Di/trict of Burgh: as Inverbervy,
Aberdeen, Montrose, Brichen, and Aberbrothick z the Borough of Inverberv6y
being the ...

Determinations Of The Honourable House Of Commons Concerning Elections

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o g january 1735, for restraining Counsel from offering Evidence touching the
Legality of Votes contrary to the last Determination of the House of Commons,
was read. And 7. The last Determination of the House concerning the Right of
elečting Burgesses. to serve in Parliament for the said Borough, made the 4th
Day of November 1680, which was then resolved to be in those Inhabitants only
who pay Scot and Lot, was also read. olittlessc.g. See Evi DEN ce. o 1. Mercurii,
12 die Martis, ...

The Case Stated Concerning The Judicature Of The House Of Peers In The Point Of Appeals

Author: Baron Denzil Holles Holles
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All this tends to shew, that not one- ly the Right of Appeales is in the House of
Lords, but that neither can it be better any where else : Yet there is still one Point
behind, not yet treated of, which must be cleared before I make an end 5 and that
is , Whether the Lords may proceed upon an Ap- peale, if a Member of the House
.os Commons be concerned: And the same question then may be moved
concerning Writs of Error, for if the Pri- viledge of that House extends to the one, it
must ...

Papers Presented To The House Of Commons Concerning The Late Nabob Of The Carnatic

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LIST of Gardens within the Fort of Trichinopoly. Singar Garden and House - - - - -
- - - Hussein Baugh and Hussein Baugh, adjoining to the palace - A smaligarden
on the edge of the ditch near the Mosque of Shums-paran Sahib, made by
Najeeb Ally Khan - - - - - - Garden of the Sepulchre of Syed Ally Khan - - - - - D"
adjoining to his house - - - - - - 'Garden and Bungalo made by Etabar Khan, on
the edge of the ditch near the Char Durwazar - - - - - - - - Garden near the
Goorwee Goontah ...

His Majesties Message To The House Of Commons Concerning An Order Made By Them For The Borrowing Of One Hundered Thousand Pounds Of The Adventurers Money For Ireland

Author: England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)
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RIs Majestie taking notice zz * of an Order lately mad ośby the House of
ComSomons, wherby that house o hathundulyassumedtothemselves Authority to
order, direct, and dispose of One hundred thousand pounds, part of those
Moneys which the Adventurers for the redressing of the Rebells of Ireland have
paid to that endonely to that purpose, Toother uses and intents, contrary to the go
words of ty 2, the . . o the Aét of Parliament concerning the some;. * . . . ." - * * time
, *. His MAJ ...

The Proceedings Of The House Of Lords Concerning The Scottish Conspiracy And The Papers Laid Before That House By Her Majesties Command Relating Thereunto

Author: England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords
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There are among these Papers some Letters in Gibberish;which want Explaining;
but as Her Majesty is now pleased to Communicate te the House, a Particular,
which she thought proper to Reserve for some time, lest it might prevent farther
Discoveries; , so Her Majesty thinks it for the Publick Service, not to take any
farther notice of these Letters. - - - * . . . . .” - . . * Then the Earl of Nottingham
acquainting the House, That he had very lately received a Letter by the Discovery
of Mr. Keith, ...

Brief Remarks On The Proceedings In The House Of Commons Concerning Lord Melville On The 8th Of April 1805

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... upon such an occasion, I trust that within these walls it never will be denied to
be among the rights and privileges of Englishmen to review the conduct of their
representatives, either individually or collectively, provided it be done in
temperate language, and with the deference which is' due from every subject of
these realms to a branch of the legislature. In what'I' shall offer on the subject of
the resolution passed by' the House of Commons, concerning Lord Melville, on
the 8th of April, ...