Concerning This House

Author: Janine Folks
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That was the motto for the inquirer gossip tabloid. i don't care about celebrity
gossip, but i do want to know what god is doing and what he would have me to
do. so i inquire, very often. David wrote Psalm 27, in verse 4 he said that the one
thing he desired of the lord, that he sought, is to dwell in the house of the lord all
the days of his life, to behold the beauty of the lord and to inquire in his temple.
inquire in his temple. Perhaps David had some questions. i suspect that he knew
that in ...

A Report Concerning The House Of Correction At Southwell In The County Of Nottingham

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516 11 9 Amount of clear profit, . ———£. 604 Balance, in favor of the House of
Correction, at Southwell, without being subject to deductions of any kind, . . s. 117
PRESTON House of CORRECTION, LANCASHIRE." Total amount of the
prisoners' earnings, from Easter Sessions, 1802, to Easter Sessions, 1803, . . . . . .
s. 1471 Average number of prisoners for the year, 166. HOUSE OF
CORRECTION, AT SOUTHWELL, słczzzzzzz 166, Would earn yearly, For the
County's share, .

Windows On The House Of Islam

Author: John Renard
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Concerning this hastening to and fro between Safa and Marwa, all the 'ulama'
whose authority we accept agree that it is one of the rituals of the pilgrimage.
They only differ concerning the way it is defined according to the norms of fiqh [
religious law]. Malik, Shafi'i, and Ibn Hanbal are of the view that it is a component
[rukn] of the Hajj. Abu Hanifa is of the view that its performance is obligatory for
the Hajj. DEVOTION BEYOND DUTY In addition to the required observances
suggested by ...

Brief Remarks On The Proceedings In The House Of Commons Concerning Lord Melville On The 8th Of April 1805

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Conderningthe line adopted in the House or Commons, I have expressed myself
with freedom; but, if I have conformed to my own intention, without disrespect.- It
has ever been admitted, that the House of Commons, is less calculated for'
criminal proceedings than'the other House of Parliament, which possesses, upon
such occasions, the advantage of having ' in it more members endued with the
experience' and the caution of age, more of the sages of the law, independent of
the ...

Determinations Of The Honourable House Of Commons Concerning Elections And All Their Incidents The Third Edition Continued Down To The End Of 1747

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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House of Commons. 30 Addmda. Room of Andrew Stone, Esq; who, since his
Election for the said Port, hath accepted the Office of Secretary of the Island of
Barbadoes. ss Lame, 12 die Aprilis, 1742. A Petition of H/iZIiam Myddleton, Esq;
late high Sheriff of the Shire of Denbigb, was presented to the House, and read;
setting sorth, that the Pe'titioner was, on the zgd Day os February, ordered, by this
House, to the Custody of the Keeper of his Majesty's Goal- of Newgate, and did,
the ...

His Majesties Message To The House Of Commons Concerning An Order Made By Them For The Borrowing Of One Hundered Thousand Pounds Of The Adventurers Money For Ireland

Author: England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)
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Butle the House of Commons might seem to excuse the making of this Order by a
way of Recrimination, They, for satisfaction to the world, do protest before
Almighty God (the searcher of all hearts). That they have as great compassion
and sorrow for the present sufferings of their distressed brethren in Ire. land, as if
themselves were in their case (into which they are confident those horrid Traytors
, those Monsters of men about His Majesty do labour to bring this Kingdom) That
they have ...

Acts Of Common Council Concerning The Tackle House And Ticket Porters And Publick Beams Enacted 26 March 1607 And 16 Oct 1646 B L

Author: City of London (England). Court of Common Council
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19tch, Star, égap-asleg, ClapboatUg, &Iainscot, sit-poieg, Øasig, 3Deaig, Øatg,
QCútstg, Cableg, flat allu İpemp coming from Danske on Melvyn, 0.1 out of any
part of the oast Countrieg : and all mannet of 3 ton, 130peg, Cables, all kind of
Çantage, and 57ten [Igau, and tot to utai tufts, sucígbing of CIIqab, eitber at
landing, 07 ftom attpipgust, 19satz dy (ssateljotise of any English 99ertijant, up of
any otbct 19etson on 19ersong English 30yn, stee on 110t ítez, ndy in attp suise
to ...

Papers Presented To The House Of Commons Concerning The Late Nabob Of The Carnatic

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O R D E R S of the IHonourable House of Commons, 16th December 1802. =- o
Proceedings of the Government of Fort St. George, relating to the Nabob and the
Affairs of the Carnatic, from Cétober 1802; including those recently received; and
the Orders from England, approving and confirming the Treaty concluded with his
Highness on the 16th September 1801. No 9–To the Right honourable the
Governor in Council, Fort St. George. WE shall postpone our decifion on the late
very ...

A Letter To A Lady Concerning The New Play House

Author: Jeremy Collier
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... but I'm fure your Dif- courfe gave me Ground' enough to believe, that you intend
now it is finifh'd, to partake of the Benefit of it, and to fee Plays more frequently
than you could conveniently do, efpecially in the Winter feafon, while the
Playhoufes were at a greater diftance. I beg leave therefore, Madam, with all
fubmiflion, to lay before your Ladifhip my Thoughts concerning this matter ;
begging Pardon for my Boldrrefs in offering to give my Advice unask'd,and a
favourable Interpretation ...

The Case Stated Concerning The Judicature Of The House Of Peers In The Point Of Appeals

Author: Baron Denzil Holles Holles
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But the House of Commons never, pretended either to Discharge any body out of
Prison, or to Commit any body to Prison, or impose a Fine in any Case
whatsoever, till that 34/^ of H. 8. when it was in one particular Case permitted,
and referred to them by the; House of Peers: Nor indeed can it stand with Reason
and the Rules of Justice, they should have such a Jurisdi^ ction , in regard they
cannot give an Oath. And is it rational or any wayes just , that any Man should
either- be" ...