Corporate Romanticism

Author: Daniel M. Stout
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Liberalism, Justice, and the Novel Daniel M. Stout, Daniel Stout. pressurized
question about the ... 6 But more than this—more, that is, than how it is that we
feel, think, or believe together—agglomeration also changed the shape of action
itself.7 So while we often see the industrial landscape as a monument to ruthless
self-interest, industrialization also—and conversely—lit up action's stubborn
refusal to fit the forms of first-person accountability. It may be that all action can be
said to ...

The Literature Of German Romanticism

Author: Dennis F. Mahoney
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Romanticism throughout Europe. ... The young Goethe in his essay “Von
deutscher Baukunst” (Of German Architecture, 1773) anticipates the liberal
aesthetic doctrines that Wackenroder and the Schlegels were to proclaim: he
idealizes the Strasbourg cathedral and its Gothic architecture as a paradigm of
the work of art ... It seemed to embody the natural justice, the egalitarian
principles, and the hostility to privilege that were implicit in the rationalism with
which they had grown up.

21st Century Homestead Sustainable Agriculture I

Author: Marlon Henkel
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To obtain land for farmers the Liberal government from 1891 to 1911 purchased
3,100,000 acres (1,300,000 ha) of Maori land. ... The policy built up support for
the Liberal party in rural North Island electorates. ... [43] 2.1.5 See also • Agrarian
Justice • Agrarian socialism • Agrarian society • Agrarian system • Physiocrats,
18th-century French thinkers • International Agrarian Bureau • Nordic agrarian
parties • Yeoman, English farmers • Permaculture 2.1.6 References [1] Thompson
, Paul.

Reenchanted Science

Author: Anne Harrington
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23 The "racializing" of German holism and its partial absorption into the politics
and mythology of National Socialism is an important part of the larger story of
German holism, and is recounted in chapter 6 of this book. ... Such claims and
temptations are familiar in the older secondary literature on modern Germany,24
but one can argue they do not do justice either to the historical contradictions of
modernity in general or to the role of anti- mechanistic, pastoral, and alternative
scientific ...

The Longman Anthology Of British Literature The Romantics And Their Contemporaries

Author: David Damrosch
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Up to the present time, at any rate, we must acquiesce in Fleury's sentence on
such recastings of the Gospel-story: Quiconque s'imagine la pouvoir mieux ecrire
, ne I'entend pas.6 M. Renan had himself passed by anticipation a like sentence
on his own work, when he said: "If a new presentation of the character of Jesus
were offered to me, I would not have it; its very clearness would be, in my opinion,
the best proof of its insufficiency." His friends may with perfect justice rejoin that at
the ...


Author: Lawrence Boudon
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[JMH] 1975 Manigat, Leslie Fran?ois. La reVolu- tion de 1843: essai d'analyse
his- torique d'une conjoncture de crise. Nouv. ed. Port-au-Prince: Centre
Humanisme democra- tique en action, 1997. 48 p.: bibl. (Les cahiers du
CHUDAC; v. 1, no. 5-6) Examines liberal revolution that ended long presidency
of Boyer; drew together the middle class and masses; and revealed strength of
black rural leadership (the "revolution des Piquets"). Brilliant interpretation of
Haiti's political history and ...

Whitaker S Cumulative Book List

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42/ Arco Art Victorian Prelude (Oulnlan) D8.301. n.l. 60/ F.Cass Lit Victorian
Romantics, The (Welby) suR8.x,161. 21nl. n.e. 60/ F.Cass Lit Victorian Social
Theory, A Study In: "Evolution and Society" (Burrow) lC8.xvlii,296. 45/ Camb. U.P.
See VICTORIAN Society Annual Report, 1965-66. D8 48. 111. sd 2/6 Victorian
Soc. ,12 Magnolia Wharf, Strand- on-the-Creen,W.4 (5.66) Arc Victorian Temper,
The (Buckler) D8.vlll.282. 8111. n.e. 42/ F.Cass Lit Victorian Working Women (
Neff) D8.288.

Cosmopolitanism In The Fictive Imagination Of W E B Du Bois

Author: Samuel O. Doku
Publisher: Lexington Books
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6 Zora's proclamation that black folks got the spirit is an allusion to Africology and
delineates the intent of Du Bois in the novel in combining Africana spirituality with
Hellenism, Hebraism, and German romanticism. ... of African American life
through his “Talented Tenth” concept, in which he advocated the training of
exceptional black men who would help “pull up” their less endowed black
subjects from the dark crucibles of illiteracy to the brightly lit alleys of education
and progress.

Book Review Digest

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Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957 Foshay, T. Wyndham Lewis and the avant-garde
Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–1806) Juvenile literature Clark, W. Off the map
Lexington School for the Deaf (New York, N.Y.) Cohen, L. H. Train go sorry ... S.
Libel and slander See also Blasphemy Liberal nationalism, Tamir, Y. Liberalism
Appleby, J. O. Liberalism and republicanism in the historical imagination Beiser,
F. C. Enlightenment, revolution, and romanticism Benhabib, S. Situating the self ...