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If you asked her parents, teachers and psychiatrists, they would all say that Francis Kelly is a deeply troubled young woman.

Causes And Consequences Of Word Structure

Author: Jennifer Hay
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</def> Dislocate <def>To displace; to put out of its proper place. Especially, of a
bone: To remove from its normal connections with a neighboring bone; to put out
of joint; to move from its socket; to disjoint; <as>as, to <ex>dislocate</ex> your ...

The Left Periphery

Author: Anne Sturgeon
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In some cases, German left dislocation, for instance, there is evidence from case
matching that a tight syntactic connection exists between the clause-internal gap
and the left dislocate, but in others, such as English, there is no such evidence.

Life S Little Emergencies

Author: Rod Brouhard
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If you dislocate a shoulder, a finger, a toe, or an elbow and want to go to the ER
by car, only go if someone else can drive you. If you dislocate a knee (not the
kneecap, see following) or a hip, call 911. One thing to note: it's a much bigger
deal ...

2013 Poet S Market

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DISLOCATE University of Minnesota English Department, the Edelstein-Keller
Endowment, and Adam Lerner of the Lerner Publishing Group., Dept. ofEnglish,
University ofMinnesota, 1 Lind Hall, 207 Church St. SE, Minneapolis MN 55455.

Koasati Dictionary

Author: Geoffrey D. Kimball
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
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... grits, and beans n onayakci. dishcloth n pala:na sta:sihka. dishtowcl n pala:na
spaska. dishwasher n pala:ni:ta:sihka, pala:na i:ta:sihka. dishevel to be
disheveled (of hair) v wohoksin. dislike to dislike someone v aki:lon. dislocate to
dislocate ...

Ocular Pathology E Book

Author: Myron Yanoff
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The implant may subluxate downward (sunset syndrome, B), upward (sunrise
syndrome, C), out of the eye, as has the superior loop here (D), or it may
dislocate, as here, into the vitreous (E, first postoperative day—no implant visible,
F, implant ...