Wisdom Of Our Fathers

Author: Joe Kita
Publisher: Joseph Kita
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Timeless Life Lessons on Health, Wealth, God, Golf, Fear, Fishing, Sex, Serenity,
Laughter, and Hope Joe Kita. like until the publisher ... There was a man he
wouldn't do business with, and I asked him why. He said, 'Well, I just ...
DAPTABILITY “Career. When you're 6 years old, you want tobeafireman. Bythe
time you're 16, you've switched to being a U.S. Marine.When you're23,it's a
teacher's job you want. When you're 30, you wish you had become a preacher.
When you're50, you ...

Popular Mechanics

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JIU JITSU TRICKS if COMMANDO FiGHTi/VG* Learn American Jiu Jitsu. Fear no
man, club, knife or gun. A complete course By the World's MOST FAMOUS JIU
JITSU INSTRUCTOR author and publisher of 4 copyrighted books on his
scientific method of do or die, hand-to-hand fighting. He is official police instructor
, having personally taught many in the U. S. Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard
, Coast Guard, R.O.T.C., Customs, Immigration Border Patrol, peace officers and
civilians ...

From Baghdad To America

Author: Jay Kopelman
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1626366489
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Life Lessons from a Dog Named Lava Jay Kopelman ... Taking care of him was
something we could do above and beyond protecting our country and one
another, risking death—or worse, death without purpose—in the process. ... It's
the best way I know to keep the demons at a distance. That and exercise. Dogs
like routine. So do Marines. Marines easily adapt to and become part of a routine.
In recruit training and officer candidate school, we are indoctrinated into a daily
routine that ...


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Marine and Navy fliers were performing feats of aerial valor that would rank with
the greatest deeds of R.A.F. pilots in the Battle of Britain. But still the Jap ships
slipped into the roadstead at night, to shell the airfield and shore positions. Still
their transports lay off the northern tip of ... Solomons are all in Japanese hands.
The central southern island of Guadalcanal, and the waters around it, are no
man's land in which are pitted the sea, air and land forces of the U. S. and its
Pacific enemy.

Popular Mechanics

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My first jobs were small, done in spare time. I now employ 8 men. In 1937 I did
over $10,000 worth of business. The course has paid for itself many times over."
Alert men want to get ahead. Ask us for "Success thru Landscape Training" — a
free booklet that may open a new business for YOU. Course has been taken by
thousands, lessons are simple. Investigate this opportunity! American Landscape
School, 6054 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa VOICE 1OO% Improvement
Guaranteed ...


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4 4 A U.S. Marine In Vietnam this far-off land, In the midst of fighting there walks a
man. He wears a uniform of faded green, He's proud of his heritage, this U.S.
Marine. He doesn't ask much, this fighting man, And does his job as best he can.
From dawn to dusk under blazing sun, He's fought in such places as 881. From
Saigon to Chu Lai, And on up to Phu Bai, In mountains and plains, Through heat
and rains, His jobs are many and often varied; Maybe he's single or happily

The Leatherneck

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By this time good whiskey is a thing you dream about. ... You can't work on a
regular job. Oh, you might pick up a day here or there on the spot labor market,
but you shake and smell so bad that if you do get a job, you have to be half drunk
to produce anything. One day or a few hours is enough to buy another jug and ...
She flew halfway across the country, collected her pride-and-joy Marine Corps
hero out of a flophouse and put him in Fitzsimmons Army Hospital, more dead
than alive.

Rich Dad S Before You Quit Your Job

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
Publisher: Business Plus
ISBN: 0759514534
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The tenth book in the series provides firsthand accounts of the author's startup companies, what he learned from his successes and failures, and other topics a reader needs to know in order to start a company and quickly develop it.

Popular Science

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Yoga instructions! Charts! Diagrams! 125 illustrated lessons. Everything $1.00.
Oxford. A44 Bromfleld, Boston 8, Massachusetts. "KARATE" Jiu Jitsu fighting
secrets. Fear no man, knives, guns, clubs. Thirty- six knockout blows without fists.
Forty lessons ... NO Training — Defeat Anyone. $1.00. Combat, 201 Balsam St.,
Bluefield, W. Va. BARBELLS, Exercise Equipment Catalogue lOc. Reading
Barbell Co., Reading, Pa. PUSHED around? Don't take nonsense from bullies.
Surprise them.