Doctor Who Guide 2 3

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Doctor Who

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Doctor Who

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A History Alan Kistler. Who Annual 2006 that the Doctor's mission to alter Dalek
history represented the first attack in what led to the Last Great Time War.
Following this, the year ended with the return of the Cybermen, who hadn't
appeared on-screen since fighting the Second Doctor, nearly seven years earlier.
The twelfth year was a success in the ratings and the best was yet to come. the
ScrAtchmAN Before Tom Baker had been cast, the Doctor Who production team
had considered ...

Time Unincorporated 3 The Doctor Who Fanzine Archives Vol 3 Writings On The New Series

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... remarks that the “circle of timeisclosing” as she was there at the beginning on
Skaro. Truly the circle has closed. In that one moment, the Time War (Davies' own
masterstroke of mythology) and the classic 1974 episode Genesis of the Daleks
are mergedintoa momentof epicscale. Inplot terms, it wasa throwaway exchange,
but the added valueis phenomenal. Davies sees these moments as essential (in
The Doctor Who Annual 2006, Davies himself acknowledged that theorigins of
the ...

Adaptation In Contemporary Culture

Author: Rachel Carroll
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Doctor Who Magazine 384, 25 July 2007. Hickman, Clayton (ed.) (2005), 'Doctor
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1994), The Time ...

Doctor Who

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A must-have for all Doctor Who fans, this is a fantastically collectable present for Christmas 2011.


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Even Russell T Davies, producer of Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010, agrees and
states in the Doctor Who Annual 2006 that Romana was president during the
Time War, even though on television, in The End of Time, we saw Rassilon as
president. The comic strip, The Forgotten, does have the Tenth Doctor saying that
the Time War did not end well for Romana, so it could be that she was replaced
by Rassilon after a coup? Contention among the High Council during her reign is
not a ...

Love And Monsters

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First published in April 2006 to coincide with the transmission of Season Two,
Doctor Who Adventures – DWA – was initially fortnightly, but went weekly in 2008
. It was, for a while in 2008, reported to be the second best-selling comic in the
country. When its style and design became the basis for a revamped Doctor Who
Annual, that publication was similarly successful. Since 2006 saw no new Harry
Potter novel published, the 2007 annual (released August 2006) became the ...

Fantastic Transmedia

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CanonFodder: Halo. and. Horizontal. Remembering. Another example of a
professional writer involved in the 'primary' mode of narrative contributing to
licensed transmedial expansion of the storyworld, anticipating similar activities
such as the Doctor Who Annual 2006, which included a key contribution from
then showrunner Russell T Davies, and the ...