Linguistics Of The Tibeto Burman Area

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Sedang animal namen w: ;h non-final k One syllable names, initial k 11 1. ká fish '
'; also used with: pah ká type of snake k5téam i: , t; pt. o cr" - kléang kā fish-eatine;
:, . wh: 2. kau type of fish; also ased with: ket kau type of frost hléong Ka': type of
bot. 3. ket frog" 4. kei mountain goa . 7. keó type of bird b. koa turtle", also used
with: ket koa type of fro7. kón spider monkey; also used with: pek peng k^n tarant'
l a cf. kiki, kiki below. One syllable names, initial kl 8. klá tiger14; : 'so used with: ...

Bulletin Smithsonian Institution Bureau Of American Ethnology

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+leaah. From uppm, he eats; mutual inan. uppiueash, they eat together. See eat.
toothache, pummaumpiteum-k, 'which! U | up. ' upright, sampu'e. ... Chip. ornakiki,
a toad; omamakim', 'he has the smallpox', Bar. See frog. tobacco, wuttamduog,
R. W.; wutlmnmdsim, give me tobacco; u'uluimmugon, a pipe, ibid.; Peq.
wuttummunc, a pipe, Stiles; 'uwioohpommweonish, tobacco, C. tomakan, a pipe.
See pipe. kehiequascei, the great toe. together, moeu, moae, miyae, moe (mnyu'
e, C.), ...

Radio Times

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o di Radio4 Ra io3 al IO Your VHF and medium wavelengths: page 13 - Sunday
Radio Watch with Mother bour Mrs Kiki Frog. .... with HUGH scully Produced by
PAMELA Howe (from Bristol) (Last in the present series) + 4.30 The Living World
A magazine edition of this programme about wildlife and the countryside
Introduced by DEREk Jones Produced by Dilys BREEse (from Bristol) + (
Repeated: Wed, 9.5 am) t 5.0 In Touch A weekly magazine of special interest to
blind listeners Aids ...

Anthropological Linguistics

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Stops p, t, and k contrast as in: pfpu today, titi you two, and kiki bone , also pase
kinship term, tawe* legband, and kawb new. Fricatives f, s, h contrast as in: fitt
banana type , sipi bird type, and himu stomach ... The five vowels i, e, u, o, and a
may be contrastively nasalized, as in: nt myself and K\ eye , rake shell and £ke
tree type , u tree type and ti grease, ro direction and tb bird type, w£ frog and w£
bird type . Contrastive tone is best described at the word level^ (see 3). 1.2. The
stop p ...

A Grammar Of Saban

Author: Gabriel Antunes de Araujo
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240 kayl- kokwayliseymi kayl- AF kayla- conjunction, after, towalimi iluliAoy/
amuntelon 'I am going to eat, and after that sleep.' kaylia n. urine. ['kajrie]. kaymit
v. to mix. kaymitm 'Mix it up. ... n. corn flour. [ki'a:td|iur |. kiatasi n. straw (corn). [ki'a
:ta,sr]. kiatasu n. corn cob, corn bone. [ki'a:ta|SU-]. kiawa n. bacurau bird. [ki'awwa
]. Chordeiles Podaeer. kiayleli n. peccary [ki'aejra,li]. Tavassu taiacu. kieyl v. to
make stripes, apipa kieyiiali 'He is drawing stripes on his own hand.' kiki v. to
scratch; ...

New York

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K-Ci and JoJo 4/25 at 7:30. • Beacon Theatre, Broadway and 74th St. (212-307-
7171); $35- $50. OutKast 4/30 at 8. • Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 W. 34th St. (212
- 307-7171); $32.50. Phil Lesh and Friends 4/30 at 7:30. • Roseland Ballroom,
239 W. 52nd St. (212-307- 7171); sold out. Sweet Honey in the Rock 4/27 at 8: ...
4/25: "Eating Out" with Janeane Garofalo;Todd Barry; Louis C.K.; more. 4/27:
Grandaddy. ... Saturdays: "Hideaway" with Kiki and Unik. Sundays: "Club Badd"
with ...

Bowker S Directory Of Videocassettes For Children 1999

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
Publisher: Rr Bowker Llc
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Grades: k-2. G. Made- for- Video Movie. Spanish lessons. Agency for Instructional
Technology. Rental: $55.00; VHS, Incl. tchr's. guide (ISBN: 0-7842-0040-8):
$125.00. It's Magic. Personal Growth. 30 min. (The Puzzle Place Ser.). CC
Juvenile. Grades: ps-3. Kiki thinks that her magic trick has made everyone
disappear, but she learns that to be a really great magician requires a lot of
practice. Includes public performance & circulation rights. GPN. 200p caregiver
guide: $12.00; VHS.