Eccentricity Or A Check To Censoriousness

Author: James Kendall
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... No ; yet surely we may enlighten and admonish those whose errors and
delinquencies give trouble to their neighbours ! This we mean to do, and at once
inform the reader, that as we have been deemed eccentric, charged with
eccentricity as a fault, and as a reason why we should be kept down low in
station and finance ; and as censorious Pharisees have in a quiet way
persecuted us through a great part of our life, we mean to defend ourselves. We
intend to check censoriousness, ...

Science And Eccentricity

Author: Victoria Carroll
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317314476
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Keay, J., Eccentric Travellers (1982; London: John Murray, 2001). Kendall, J.,
Eccentricity; or a Check to Censoriousness; with Chapters on Other Subjects (
London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1859). [Kinsey, W.], 'Random Recollections of a
Visit to Walton Hall', Gentleman's Magazine, 29 (1848), pp. 33–9. Kirby, R. S.,
Kirby's Wonderful and Eccentric Museum; Or, Magazine of Remarkable
Characters. Including All the Curiosities of Nature and Art, from the Remotest
Period to the Present ...

The Question Of Gender

Author: Judith Butler
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253223245
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James Kendall, Eccentricity; or a Check to Censoriousness with Chapters on
Other Subjects (London: Simpkin, Marshall, 1859), 27. 36. For Bonheur's
relationship to the lesbian Parisian underworld, see Martha Vicinus, “Fin-de-
Siècle Theatrics: Male Impersonation and Lesbian Desire,” in Borderlines:
Genders and Identities in War and Peace, 1870–1930, ed. Billie Melman (New
York: Routledge, 1998), 172. 37. Ernest Lys, “Sarah Bernhardt dans Jeanne d'Arc
,” Gil Blas, December 6, ...

The English Catalogue Of Books

Author: Sampson Low
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Eccentricity : a Check to Censoriousness, 12mo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1859 Little
Monitor, 2nd edit., 18mo, Is dd Hamilton 1840 Rambles of an Evangelist, 12mo,
2s Hamilton 1853 (Jno.) Law of Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 2nd edit., 12mo, 10s
Spettigue 1849 On Ministerial Popularity, 18mo, Is Whittaker 1847 Kendrick (A.C.
) Life and Letters of Mrs. E. C. Judson, post 8vo, 3s dd Nchon 1861 • Principles of
Greek Grammar, 12mo, 6s New York 1851 (Jos.) Profiles of Warrington Worthies,

Four Sermons

Author: Jabez Chadwick
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The Saviour had much to do to regulate the eccentricities of his own family, to
check the intemperate sallies of their passions, and correct and restrain their
misplaced and misguided zeal. A vain and aspiring spirit often arose in their little
fraternity ; and a censorious and persecuting one sometimes broke out towards
others. In our preceding context we are told of a contest of pride and vanity, in
which, by various reasonings, they supported their respective pretensions to
preeminence in ...

Wild Stories

Author: Men's Journal Editors
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0307422704
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others organizational eccentricities in the manner of anthropologists. We tried to
take note of these things rather than exception to them. There were new
problems of censoriousness, as when one gazed with feigned objectivity at the
dirty clothes festooning a doorknob. This was fooling no one, and eventually we
gave it up. ... On the last run either of us would have before starting home, Laurie
and Delta were perfect, securing a healthy check. Laurie had been working hard
toward this ...

Utopia S Debris

Author: Gary Indiana
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0786727098
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In today's censorious climate, police work dominates the pages of the book
reviews: This writer has the wrong attitude and must be done away with.
Burroughs has always elicited a testy response from the cultural establishment.
While early support for ... It could be as simple as that, but what Burroughs's work
actually says is much more menacing to received ideas than his formal
eccentricity. Burroughs expanded the content of fiction, giving artistic form to
extremes of contemporary ...

The Lady S Weekly Miscellany

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... gentle and respectful demeanor of the lover. His rural host and hostess, with
whom he resided, were rather surprized at this alteration ... in his appearance,
but as their enquiries had been checked, they presumed not to ask any questions
. They knew nothing of his circumstances, and were seldom troubled with his
company, except when he was induced to make some idle experiment, or in his
moments of relaxation he annused them with his eccentricities. , Having loitered
about with ...