The Echo Effect They Will Come Back On You

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When a man speaks words against or in favor of another man whether he knows it or not he is speaking those very same words against or in favor of himself.

Oscillatory Neural Networks

Author: Margarita G. Kuzmina
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5 Parallel information processing and photon echo 5.1 Properties of the photon
echo effect The photon echo effect (or time domain four wave mixing effect) was
predicted in 1962 by Kopvillem and Nagibarov [6], and was experimentally
observed two years later by Kurnit, Abella, and Hartmann in a ruby crystal [7].
This is a nonlinear optical phenomenon, analogous to a spin echo effect, that
consists in the coherent response of optical inhomogeneously broadened
mediums (gases, ...

The Song Echo

Author: Henry Southwick Perkins
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There will be as many repetitions of the echo as there are reflecting surfaces —
the regularity and distinctness of the answering voiee being dependent upon the
distance, &c. Travelers give accounts of many places in this and other countries
where the echo effect is very interesting — almost unaccountable. We have in our
younger days been highly entertained by the answering voiee from some large
building, — from some streets of particular construction, having high solid walls
on ...

Foundations Of Macroeconomics

Author: Henry D. Jacoby
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This leaves very little of the "echo effect" mentioned earlier. The considerations
now put forward suggest, rather, that equipment installed during one surge of
investment demand will tend to be replaced whenever the next surge comes
along, rather than after some fixed and predictable time lag. 8. Changes in the
Price Level Decisions about replacement may be complicated by changes in the
general level of prices during the life of the equipment. An increase in the price of
capital ...

The Audio Expert

Author: Ethan Winer
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Everyone knows the “HELLO, Hello, hello” echo effect. In the early days ofaudio
recording, this was created using a tape recorder having separate heads for
recording and playback. A tape recorder with separate record and play heads
can play back while recording, and the playback is delayed slightly from the
original sound letting you mix the two together to get a single echo. The delay
time depends on thetape speed, as well as the distancebetween the record

Djing For Dummies

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Although some mixers offer sound effects such as sirens and horns, I don't really
mean this type of effect. Rather than having to use an external effects processor,
some mixers have built-in effects like flanger, echo, delay, transform, pitch, loop
and reverb assignable (able to add the effect) to each channel or the master
output. These effects are a great way of adding a new sound to the music or
during the transition between tunes. The most common effects you find on mixers
are as ...

After Effects Expressions

Author: Marcus Geduld
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Add Effect Stylize Glow. Set Glow Threshold to 40, Glow Radius to 24, Glow
Intensity to 5, Glow Colors to A & B Colors, and Color B to Yellow. 9. With the
layer selected, Choose Layer Precompose... from or press Shift Command C (PC:
Shift Control C). In the Precompose dialog, set the name to Wiggling Dot and
choose the option called “Move all attributes into the new com109 position.” Then
click the OK button. 11. Select the Wiggling Dot layer and apply EffectTime Echo.