The Nation

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The chapter on the ' Anti nity of Man ' shows a marveilons range, a mastery of t e
antiquarian, geological, astronomical. and physical branches of the subject, and
no English résumé so complete of the facts of the old and new Stone Ages and of
the ... 'South Sea Bubbles ' makes one long to visit Polyneeiu. ... The large
amount of history and geography, so deftly woven into the narrative as to
enhance rather than impair its interest, renders these hooks instructive as well as

The Nation

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Mr. Don C. Seitz has reprinted from the “Complete Collection of State Tryals" of
1719 the spirited and amusing “Tryal of William Penn & William Mead for
Causing a Tumult at the Sessions held at the Old Bailey in London the 1st, 3d,
4th, and ... graceless picaro, is followed through all the traceable turns of his
extraordinary career as bound-boy to the husband of Gassandra Southwick in
Massachusetts, untrustworthy real-estate trader in Long Island, sharper in
England, profit-hunter at ...

Commercial West

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A lifelong reader and book-lover who started building his own private book
collection as an undergraduate at Princeton in the early '20s, he was acquainted
with the nation's major bookstores, long had been a writer himself — and in
October 1963 fulfilled a lifetime desire by opening "The Book Case", Minneapolis'
newest ... "Whether it be in attendance at baseball games or the opera, reading
or listening to classical music, entertaining one or several of their eight
grandchildren, ...

Shaping Of Western Civilization

Author: Schaefer
Publisher: Harcourt College Pub
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being once more, after so long an interval, reduced beneath the sway of Rome by
victories granted by Heaven, and themselves bearing witness to our dominion.
All peoples too are ... Of private law then we may say that it is of threefold origin,
being collected from the precepts of nature, from those of the law of nations, or
from those of the civil law of Rome. The law of nature is that ... Reprinted by
permission of the publishers and The Loeb Classical Library from Pliny, Letters
Vol I, trans.

Take Time By The Forelock

Author: Anthony Fothergill
Publisher: History of Medicine
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The lectures there only commence on the 29th of October and the first week is
taken up with the history of the different branches of physic, which is, however
entertaining, if not essential. Whatever may be your future ... Klause Reprint
Limited. 1968, vol. 1. p. 73. George Cleghorn (1716-1789). MD (Edinburgh 1779)
. settled in Dublin in 1751, later became professor of anatomy in the university. 3
Idem. Obsenations on the epidemical diseases in Minorca. From the year 1744 to

Theorie Der Ethischen Gef Hle

Author: Adam Smith
Publisher: Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787319360
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Mit seinem philosophischen Hauptwerk, der "Theorie der ethischen Gefühle", legte Adam Smith den Grundstein für die Ausbildung einer Moralphilosophie, die sich ausdrücklich auf die Ideen der Sympathie und der Solidargemeinschaft beruft.

The Book Review Digest

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Stark Young + New Repub 75:235 Jl 12 '33 1500w Reviewed by David Garnett
New Statesman A. Nation 6:76 Jl 15 '33 ISOOw "An excellent Job of biography,
the merit of which consists in the clearness and thoroughness with which the
material is assembled and presented." H. I. Brock + N Y Times p5 Je 18 '33
1300w "This long book [is] by an admirer from Nashville. ... Part two is a brief
survey of the best books in each branch of literature, with a section devoted to
children's books.

Electronics World

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Mo., said they heard of the picnic and read the "Special" issue of "Ham-Gab" and
thought it was a lot of ballyhoo, but i after being sighted) now they think the
publicity committee fell clown on the job. . . . By being at the picnic. ... THE
slowness of television receiver sales in the New York area is causing the entire
nation to eye the new field quizzically. America's largest city ... The television
situation in New York is turning out to be a classic example of buck-passing. And,
when a buck is ...

American Sniper

Author: Scott McEwen
ISBN: 9783868835830
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The astonishing autobiography of SEAL Chief Chris Kyle, whose record 150 confirmed kills make him the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history.