Espresso Tales

Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748110704
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In Espresso Tales, Alexander McCall Smith returns home to Edinburgh and the glorious cast of his own tales of the city, the residents of 44 Scotland Street, with a new set of challenges for each one of them.

John Galt

Author: Regina Hewitt
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1611484340
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Espresso Tales (2005), the second in his 44 Scotland Street series about a small
circle of friends in Edinburgh, with a piece of light verse extolling the pleasures
and value of his fictional genre, a genre that I call tales of locale. According to
McCall Smith part of the pleasures of the genre are the local allusions, language,
and inside ...

44 Scotland Street The First Five Novels

Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Knopf Canada
ISBN: 0735273553
Size: 24.54 MB
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The first five novels chronicle the episodes that begin when 20-year-old Pat rents a room from handsome and cocky Bruce, and inherits some delightfully colourful neighbours: Domenica, an insightful and eccentric widow; Bertie, a 5-year-old ...

Bertie Plays The Blues

Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1405511230
Size: 74.28 MB
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... Street Espresso Tales Love Over Scotland The World According to Bertie The
Unbearable Lightness of Scones The Importance of Being Seven THE
CORDUROY MANSIONS SERIES Corduroy Mansions The Dog Who Came in
from the Cold A Conspiracy of Friends THE VON IGELFELD ENTERTAINMENTS
The 21⁄2 Pillars of Wisdom Unusual Uses for Olive Oil La's Orchestra Saves the
World COPYRIGHT Published by Hachette Digital ISBN: 9781405511230 All
characters and.

The World According To Bertie

Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748110739
Size: 25.72 MB
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1 Ladies' Detective Agency Tears of the Giraffe Morality for Beautiful Girls The
Kalahari Typing School for Men The Full Cupboard of Life In the Company of
Cheerful Ladies Blue Shoes and Happiness The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
The Sunday Philosophy Club Series The Sunday Philosophy Club Friends,
Lovers, Chocolate The Right Attitude to Rain The Careful Use of Compliments
The 44 Scotland Street Series 44 Scotland Street Espresso Tales Love Over
Scotland The World ...

Something About The Author

Author: Thomson Gale
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780787688035
Size: 24.74 MB
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12; July 1, 2005, review of Friends, Lovers, Chocolate, p. 712; July 15, 2005,
review of Akimbo and the Elephants, p. 797; May 15, 2006, review of Espresso
Tales: The Latest from 44 Scotland Street, p. 492. Library Journal, July, 1991,
Patricia Dooley, review of Children of Wax, p. 106. New Statesman, September 6,
2004, Ruaridh Nicoll, “Applied Ethics,” p. 52. New York Times Book Review,
January 27, 2002, Alida Becker, “Miss Marple of Botswana,” p. 12. Publishers
Weekly, July 22, ...

Scottish Studies Review

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Espresso Tales Polygon. ISBN 1 90459855 2 McCall Smith, Alexander, Rankin,
Ian, Welsh, Irvine. One City; with an introduction by J.K. Rowling; foreword by
Lesley Hinds. Edinburgh: Polygon. ISBN 1 90459874 9 McGrath, Tom. Electra.
Edinburgh: Capercaillie. ISBN 0 95496252 4 (pbk) McGrath, Tom. Laurel and
Hardy Edinburgh: Capercaillie. ISBN 0 95512460 3 (pbk) McIntosh, G. Stewart.
The Isles: and other poems and stories. Kinghorn: Macresearch. ISBN 1
87160978 X (pbk) ...

Talking Book Topics

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... Book 5 48 Melko, Paul 26 DB/RC 69913 The Walls of the Universe by James
Patterson - DB/RC 69235 - McCafferty, Megan 24 The Menopause Thyroid 9
Perfect Fifths DB/RC 69217 Solution: Overcome McCaffrey, Anne 19 Menopause
by Solving Your Maelstrom: The Twins Hidden Thyroid Problems of Petaybee,
Book 2 DB/RC 69561 DB/RC 68121 by Mary J. Shomon McCall Smith, Alexander
20 Mexican Whiteboy 19 Espresso Tales: 44 Scotland DB/RC 68126 Michaels,
Fern 38 ...


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... Portman's story of a wannabe rocker is just the thing for those snarky teens in
the backseat. FAMILY PICTURES THE BIRTHDAYS by Heidi Pitlor A debut novel
that offers sharp insights into simmering resentments and misunderstandings
among relatives. CLASS MOTHERS by Katherine Stewart Murder, desire and
really nice jewelry among fancy Manhattan preschool moms. A delectable
bombon of a book. ESPRESSO TALES by Alexander McCall Smith The likeable
Dunbartons of ...

Publishers Weekly

Author: R.R. Bowker company
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Fiction. Love over Scotland ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH. Anchor, $13.95
paper (372p) ISBN 978-0-30727598-1 *he irresistible third entry to the 44
Scotland Street series picks up with the residents of 44 Scotland Street where
Espresso Tales left off and is as addictive as any book McCall Smith has written.
Anthropologist Domenica has flown off to the Straits of Malacca to study
modernday pirates. Back in Edinburgh, Pat moves from 44 Scotland Street and
develops a crush on fellow ...