Harry Potter Power

Author: Julie-Anne Sykley
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It sat still and warm next to Harry's cheek. – Chamber of Secrets, p. 232 This bird
from Harry's world is Fawkes, a magical phoenix. Not only does a phoenix live
forever, it is a symbol that celebrates good action. In Harry's world, Fawkes is
always doing good, kind and helpful things. The mythical phoenix is a beautiful
creature, most famous for its powers of immortality. Every 500 years, this bird
resurrects itself by arising from a nest of fire. Besides eternal life, however, the
phoenix also ...

Ozan Beedle N Hik Yeleri

Author: J. K. Rowling
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Bundel met vijf vertaalde, oorspronkelijk in runetekens geschreven, sprookjes; voorzien van inleiding en illustraties.

Symphonic Suite From Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Author: John Williams
Publisher: Warner Bros Publications
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The arrangement begins with the familiar "Prologue: Book II." Next is the aggressive theme from "The Chamber of Secrets," followed by "Fawkes the Phoenix," and finally the theme used in both of the first two films, "Harry's Wondrous World.

Harry Potter

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Dobby was voiced by Toby Jones in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets and is confirmed to return for Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows, to do his final appearence.856 In the Comic Relief spoof, Harry Potter
and the Secret Chamberpot of Azerbaijan, he is played by Basil Brush.857,858
Fawkes Fawkes is Albus Dumbledore's pet phoenix. Phoenix tail feathers are
suitable for inclusion in some wands; Fawkes himself provides the feathers for
both ...