First Among Champions

Author: David Venables
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The grand prix history of Alfa Romeo, from the building of the Darracq cars in Italy which led to the founding of Alfa in 1910, through the golden years of Vittorio Jano designs including the 158, to the withdrawal of racing after Juan ...

Performance At The Limit

Author: Mark Jenkins
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521844000
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At the Austrian Grand Prix of 2002 Ferrari were accused of unsporting behaviour
when their second driver, Rubens ... After all, this success had been a long time
coming, their 1999 Constructors' Championship title had been their first for
sixteen ... with the works Alfa Romeo Grand Prix team created Scuderia Ferrari (
SF) based in Modena, between Parma and Bologna ... Following the Second
World War Alfa Romeo split with SF and Enzo Ferrari went on to build his first car
at his new ...

Grand Prix Ferrari

Author: Anthony Pritchard
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
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Ferrari fielded a full team of four cars: Ascari and Villoresi were entered with the
twin-stage, long-wheelbase ... It was a formidable entry that would have
dominated the race, but for the entry of a single Alfa Romeo 158 for Fangio. ...
The British Grand Prix at Silverstone on the 13th of May was the first round of the
Drivers' Championship, and the Ferraris were ... of the Championship which was
held just eight days later on Sunday, too short a gap between major races, and
raised both ...

The Greatest Racing Driver

Author: Angus Dougall
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452510962
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Even though he won the World Championship in 1950, in truth his best days
were in the later1930's, when this hard and ... So dominant at this time were the
German Grand Prix cars, that the Italians were resolute in only entering 1.5 litre
events. ... Grand Prix wished to lure the Alfa Romeo cars, and so arranged a two-
heat system – the first heat for the 1.5 litre cars ... and bearing in mind the
performance differences between the 3.0 litre cars and the little 1.5 litre cars, it is
hard to think of ...

Art Of The Formula 1 Race Car

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Like the cars they drove, the 1950 Alfa Romeo team's drivers were of decidedly
prewar vintage: (L-R) Future five-time World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio,
1950 World Champion Giuseppe Farina, Felice Bonetto, and Emmanuel de
Graffenried. LAT Photographic In the first race of 1951, the Swiss GP at
Bremgarten, Fangio shot off into the lead, with his ... But this winning margin didn'
t accurately reflect the narrowing performance gap between the two marques:
Next time out, at Reims ...


Author: Frank Foster
Publisher: BookCaps Study Guides
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The new names in the world of formula grand priX racing would initally be
dominated by the three 'f's of Alpha Romeo ... Alfa Romeo 158 supercharged
straight 8, these three drivers domiated the first season of the World
Championship, finishing first, second, and third respectively. Some would argue
that it is the car that makes the win, others would say its the the driver. ... What
was once a jaunt between towns on the roads, carrying your mechanic with you
had turned into a whole new ...

Sports The Complete Visual Reference

Publisher: Québec Amerique
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T he pinnacle of auto racing sports, Formula 1 features races between single
seaters on road courses (permanently built or on city streets). The first Formula
car was built in 1885 by the German carmaker Karl Benz, and the first official race
took place on a 126 km course between Paris and ... The first Grand Prix was
held in Le Mans, France, in 1906, while the first Formula 1 world championship
was held in 1950; the champion was the Italian Giuseppe Farina, driving an Alfa


Author: Gerald Donaldson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0753546345
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... engines, was destined toremain very much an insular American affair,with only
the occasional crossover between thetwodisciplines. ... This would be followed
bythe Monaco Grand Prix, run through the streets of Monte Carlo; theIndianapolis
500 ... In 1950, Europe was still recovering from the devastation of war, so the first
entrantsin thenew championship would have to ... In France, Talbot and Gordini
cars were available, while in Italy Maserati and Alfa Romeo had suitable cars.


Author: Bob de Wit
Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA
ISBN: 1408019027
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2004 Ferrari won their sixth successive world championship constructors title, the
first time this had ever happened since the ... At the Austrian Grand Prix of 2002
Ferrari were accused of unsporting behaviour when their second driver, Rubens
... and in November 1929 he created Scuderia Ferrari (SF) based in Modena,
between Parma and Bologna in northern Italy. ... They exclusively raced Alfa
Romeo cars and in 1932 Alfa Romeo outsourced all its motorsport activity to be
run by SF.


Author: Paul Parker
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760346445
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This undoubtedly handicapped, perhaps even prevented, British talent from
creating first class Grand Prix cars/teams ... it was to be 31 years before a British
car/driver combination finally won another Grand Prix, albeit a non-championship
race. ... Since the mid-1920s Grand Prix racing had largely been the fiefdom of
Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, then Alfa Romeo, again ... the creation of Geoffrey Taylor
that George Abecassis, amongst others, campaigned with some success during