Author: Joseph Mazur
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465040004
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This is the question we ask ourselves when we encounter the strangest and most seemingly impossible coincidences, like the woman who won the lottery four times or the fact that Lincoln's dreams foreshadowed his own assassination.

Miracle In Maui

Author: Paul Pearsall
Publisher: Inner Ocean Publishing
ISBN: 9781930722026
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Newton's laws and all of the laws of physics predict that such an event can take
place.7 Penrose writes, "Such coordination [coincidence] could occur only by the
most amazing fluke — of a kind that would be referred to as 'magic' [a miracle] if it
did occur."8 I believe that such coincidences and miracles do ... that told me that
my time had run out. My family helped me expose the myth of absolute time, find
the miracle of time's relativity and resist the constant temptation to surrender to
the ...