Comrades N Jazz

Author: Aurel Mircea
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0985869313
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Yani shouted with excitement. “Ali Baba, here we come, to join your other forty
thieves in freedom ...” “Here is your baksheesh, as agreed,” Aram said, handing
over a small satchel with the cash and two pieces of gold, the smugglers' favorite
currency. “Allah Akbar!” Abdul said. “Tomorrow evening, go and tell those gypsy
musicians at Mangalia Restaurant & Casino that we are two free Comrades 'n'
Jazz,” Yani said. “Look for the bandleader, Victor and tell him that we made it by
hook ...

Small Comrades

Author: Lisa A. Kirschenbaum
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135723389
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Freedom and the “Construction of the New Life” Throughout the Civil War, free
upbringing influenced the programs of many Soviet kindergartens. The method's
pervasiveness can be attributed in part to the Bolsheviks' willingness to trust the “
experts.” With few viable alternatives in any case, Narkompros employed
prominent pre-Revolutionary educators, most of whom were devoted to
svohodnoe vospitanie, to train new teachers. The result was a situation in which,
as one Montessori ...


Author: Judson L. Jeffries
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253027780
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A larger discussion on the history of the Mozambique struggle can be found in
the work of Eduardo Mondlane, the FRELIMO president, assassinated on
February 3, 1969, The Struggle for Mozambique (Middlesex, England: Penguin,
1969). 207. “Black Panthers Here Shift Emphasis to Social Action,” Cleveland
Plain Dealer, July 12, 1971, A1, A16. 208. “Cleveland Racists Dynamite People's
Free Health Center,” The Black Panther, September 11, 1971, 9, 17. 209. “
Panther Medical ...

For Cause And Comrades

Author: James M. McPherson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199741052
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There is too many free niggers . . . now to suit me, let alone having four millions.”
A private in the 38th North Carolina, a yeoman farmer, vowed to show the
Yankees "that a white man is better than a nigger.” Similarly, a farmer from the
Shenandoah Valley informed his fiancée that he fought to assure “a free white
man's government instead of living under a black republican government,” while
the son of another North Carolina dirt farmer said he would never stop fighting
Yankees, who ...

Free Comrades

Author: Terence S. Kissack
Publisher: A K PressDistribution
ISBN: 9781904859116
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The political origins of gay liberation in the United States.

Comrades Of Color

Author: Quinn Slobodian
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1782387064
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Free. Angela. Davis”. Campaign. Katrina. Hagen. In October 1970, communist
and black movement activist Angela Davis was arrested for alleged involvement
in the attempted prison escape of “Soledad Brother” George Jackson in
California. Based on only a tenuous connection to the crime, Davis was tried for
the capital crimes of conspiracy, murder, and kidnapping. She was ultimately
acquitted in June 1972, but the imprisonment and trial of Angela Davis
unleashed a worldwide ...

Emma Goldman Making Speech Free 1902 1909

Author: Emma Goldman
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520225695
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Circular Letter San Francisco, 26 January 1909 DEAR FRIEND: You have no
doubt heard of the latest police outrage on free speech and our comrades Emma
Goldman, Dr. Ben L. Reitman and others. Without the shadow of an excuse, and
after our first meeting was inadvertently permitted to take place unmolested,
Emma Goldman and Dr. Ben L. Reitman were arrested and charged with
conspiracy to incite to riot, etc., on eight separate counts each, and placed under
$16,000 bail in ...

Comrades And Chicken Ranchers

Author: Kenneth Kann
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801480751
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I was a political prisoner, but there you could be a free man. The land was free,
the forests were free. You could build, you could hunt, you could fish. Everything
was free. After three years I was freed, so I went home. First thing, my comrades
told me the police came to my father's home looking for me. In other words,
maybe they found some evidence. I stayed home just a couple of hours. While I'm
there the police came again. They asked my father, "Is your son Benjamin here?

Comrades Avenge Us

Author: Stephen G. Esrati
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462816217
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Comrades,” Mirko said, “we have defeated the Fascists and have reconquered
our land. Slovenia, alone among the nations of Europe, has liberated itself.
Neither our great Soviet allies nor our English and American allies helped us to
do this. We did it alone. It gives us, as Slovenes, a right to decree our own future,
a future that will be free, a future that will be democratic, a future without
domination from Serbian kings and no control over the language we speak. It will
be free of efforts ...

When Skateboards Will Be Free

Author: Saïd Sayrafiezadeh
Publisher: Dial Press
ISBN: 0440338395
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“The turn means a change in the life of thousands and thousands of comrades....
Everywhere that we've begun to carry out the turn in a systematic and thorough
way, there have been some losses of individual comrades. There are comrades
for whom the turn sharply poses the question of what they are doing with their
lives, what their personal commitments and priorities are.” Barnes reassures
members that, “Comrades cannot be ordered or shamed to make the turn.” Just
as he ...