A Concise Bibliography For Students Of English

Author: Arthur Garfield Kennedy
Publisher: Stanford University Press
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Glasgow, Caledonian Press, 1951. xxxvi + 470 pp. — Reprint of Nicolson's A
Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Familiar Phrases Based on Maclntosh's
Collection, 2nd ed., 1882. 3383. Whiting, Bartlett J. Proverbs and Proverbial
Sayings from Scottish Writings before 1600. Medieval Studies, XI (1949), 123-
205; XIII (1951), 87-164. 3384. Kremer, Edmund. German Proverbs and
Proverbial Phrases with Their English Counterparts. Stanford Univ. Press, 1955.
ix + 116 pp. — "Bibliography ...


Author: Wolfgang Mieder
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313326981
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1970. 1001 Yiddish Proverbs. Secaucus, N.J.: Castle Books. Kremer, Edmund P.
1955. German Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases with Their English Counterparts.
Palo Alto, Calif.: Stanford University Press. Kumove, Shirley. 1984 (1986). Words
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Press; repr. New York: Warner Books. . 1999. More Words, More Arrows: A
Further Collection of Yiddish Folk Sayings. Detroit, Mich.: Wayne State University

Concise Dictionary Of European Proverbs

Author: Emanuel Strauss
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136789715
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... L.S., Deutsche Phraseologie, Moscow, 1964 Kragh, Ole, Alverdens ordsprog of
talemader, Copenhagen: Vendelkaer, 1979 (Swedish) Krauss, Werner, Die Welt
im spanischen Sprichwort – spanisch und deutsch, Wiesbaden: Limes, 1946; 4th
edn, Leipzig: Philipp Reclam, 1988 Kreeft, P, A Turn of the Clock. A Book of
Modern Proverbs, Ignatius, 1987 Kremer, P. Edmund, German Proverbs and
Proverbial Phrases with Their English Counterparts, Stanford, Calif., 1955
Kristensen, E.T. ...

American Proverbs About Women

Author: Lois Kerschen
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313304422
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Kremer, Edmund P. German Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases with Their English
Counterparts. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1955. Lakoff, Robin.
Language and Woman's Place. New York: Harper, 1975. Leach, Maria, ed.
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Folk-lore. London: Methuen and Co., Ltd., 1920. Mieder, Wolfgang. As Sweet As
Apple Cider: ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
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Das Atoms chiff. SEE Harder, Gustav . Die Liebenden vom Gulbrandstal, Roman.
SEE Nordh, Bernhard. KREMER, BRAINERD. Instructions for the beginning
stamp collector, by Brainerd and Emily Kremer. Q James Brainerd Kremer, III &
Emily Carpenter Kremer; 17 Marş5; Al67389. KREMER, CHESTER B., joint
author. How to solve problems in general chemistry. SEE Babor, Joseph A.
KREMER, EDMUND P. German proverbs and proverbial phrases with their
English counterparts.

Strategies Of Wisdom

Author: Wolfgang Mieder
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40 Hugh Percy Jones, Dictionary of Foreign Phrases and Classical Quotations (
Edinburgh: John Grant, 1925), p. 357. 41 Karl Breul, Cassell's New German and
English Dictionary (New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1939), p. 42. 42 Edmund P.
Kremer, German Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases with Their English
Counterparts (Stanford/California: Stanford University Press, 1955), p. 6. 43
HeinzMessinger, LangenscheidtsHandworterbuchEnglisch (Berlin:
Langenscheidt, 1959), vol. 2, p.

Midwestern Folklore

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P. Kremer, German Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases with Their English
Counterparts (Stanford/California: Stanford University Press, 1955), 6. 43. Heinz
Messinger, Langenscheidts Handwörterbuch Englisch (Berlin: Langenscheidt,
1959), vol. 2, 60. 44. Keith Spalding, An Historical Dictionary of German
Figurative Usage (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1959), 69. 45. Harold T. Betteridge,
The New Cassell's German Dictionary (New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1962), 31.
46. Karl Wildhagen and ...

Walford S Guide To Reference Material

Author: Albert John Walford
ISBN: 9780853655640
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About 10,000 proverbs/sayings arranged A/Z under catchwords, stating origin
and meaning. (Teufel, v. 2, p. 1062-74. 13 illus.; nearly 1 column of bibliography).
Sources, p. 1191-1213; sources of illus., p. 1214-26. Index of topics, p. 1227-56. '
This scholarly reference book' (Newman, L.M. German language and literature (
2nd ed., 1979), entry 264). English equivalents are given in E.P. Kremer's
German proverbs and proverbial phrases, with their English counterparts (
Stanford, Cal., ...

The Journal Of American Folk Lore

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A Bibliography, The 1966:61rb Georgia Hillbilly Reissues 1974:86ra Georgia
Sea Islands Singers, The 1976:1 lOrv Georgia Version of Barbara Allen, A 1929:
23 Georgian Folk-Tales 1894:128rb German Folk-Tales Collected in Canada
1906:66 German Folklore in Ontario 1954:7 German Language in America: A
Symposium, The 1972:72rb German Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases with their
English Counterparts 1956:1 19rb German Volkskunde and National Socialism
1987:72 ...