Great Legal Traditions

Author: John Warren Head
ISBN: 9781594609572
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Great Legal Traditions is designed primarily for use in law schools and other graduate programs in comparative history, international relations, and both European and Chinese area studies, but the book is also written to be accessible to a ...

China S Changing Legal System

Author: Thomas W. Simon
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137452064
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And: “The people's court shall, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by
the law, examine and verify evidence comprehensively and objectively.” A vice
supervisor of a civil tribunal of a provincial higher court even admitted to us that
she had never read the written representation statement of any lawyer during her
career as a judge. John W. Head, Great Legal Traditions: Civil Law, Common
Law, and Chinese Law in Historical and Operational Perspective (Durham, NC:
Carolina ...

Legal Research In A Nutshell

Author: Morris Cohen
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 1634606124
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Texts discussing the history and concepts of the world's legal systems include H.
Patrick Glenn, Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable Diversity in Law (5th ed.
2014); John W. Head, Great Legal Traditions: Civil Law, Common Law, and
Chinese Law in Historical and Operational Perspective (2011); and Thomas
Lundmark, Charting the Divide Between Common and Civil Law (2012). The
differences between the common law and civil law systems have become less
marked in ...

Stateless Law

Author: Helge Dedek
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317050207
Size: 55.83 MB
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Indeed, taking Harry Arthurs's comments on McGill's transsystemic approach out-
of-context, we might say that legal history: challenges the notion that law's logic is
bounded, its values fixed, its processes ascertainable, and its outcomes
predictable. [It] does not arrive ... neatly encoded ... C.f. John W Head, Great
Legal Traditions: Civil Law, Common Law, and Chinese Law in Historical and
Operational Perspective (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2011). 73
Arthurs, “Law and ...

International Law And Agroecological Husbandry

Author: John W. Head
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315446510
Size: 40.57 MB
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2012), Great Legal Traditions: Civil Law, Common Law, and Chinese Law in
Historical and Operational Perspective (2011, reprinted 2014), China's Legal
Soul (2009), Losing the Global Development War: A Contemporary Critique of
the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO (2008), General Principles of Business
and Economic Law (2008), The Future of the Global Economic Organizations (
2005), Law Codes in Dynastic China: A Synopsis of Chinese Legal History in the
Thirty Centuries ...

Inside China S Legal System

Author: Chang Wang
Publisher: Chandos Publishing
ISBN: 0857094610
Size: 53.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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He, Weifang (2012) In the Name of Justice: Striving for the Rule of Law in China.
Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press. Head, John W. (2009) China's
Legal Soul: The Modern Chinese Legal Identity in Historic Context. Durham, NC:
Carolina Academic Press. Head, John W. (2011) Great Legal Traditions: Civil
Law, Common Law and Chinese Law in Historical and Operational Perspective.
Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. Hegel, Robert E. (ed.) (2009) True
Crimes in ...

Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Author: Harry Dammer
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 128506786X
Size: 13.76 MB
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Great legal traditions: Civil law, common law, and Chinese law in historical and
operational perspective. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. Herrmann,J. (
1987). The Federal Republic of Germany. In G. Cole, S. Frankowski, 8c M. Gertz (
Eds), Major criminal justice systems (pp. 106—133). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage
Publications. HEUNI, European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control. (2003)
. Connecting, coordinating and cooperating: A short introduction to the institutes ...

Global Business Law

Author: John Warren Head
Publisher: Carolina Academic Pr
Size: 12.27 MB
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Despite the dramatic political and social changes that have occurred in China in
the past century — since the ultimate fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 — written
law in China in general, and codified law in particular, reflect the twenty or so
centuries of Chinese legal ... With that in mind, the aim of this section II has been
to provide a broad view, from both a historical and an ideological perspective, of
four legal traditionscommon law, civil law, Islamic law, and Chinese law. III.
Business ...

Pacrim 99 Congress

Author: Graeme Weber
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Table 1 Classification ofPacrim civil law jurisdiction's mineral law legal.
ABSTRACT In addition to the geologic risk of a particular project, the criteria that
an international exploration company CIEC) utilises when making an investment
decision in a particular country should also include a critical analysis of the
political, judicial and fiscal regime of the host country. A key investment criteria of
an IEC is mineral tenure and the security and continuity of that mineral tenure
under the host ...

Contemporary Chinese Law

Author: Jerome Alan Cohen
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press
Size: 78.18 MB
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Research Problems and Perspectives Jerome Alan Cohen. cal life of the society
by a unified, disciplined elite corps, the Communist Party; and the centrally
planned economy—that is, the management of the entire economic life of the
society by state officials operating under a unified, centrally determined plan. A
third feature of Soviet law which distinguishes it from Western law and relates it to
Communist Chinese law is what I have called elsewhere its “parental” character
—that is, ...