Guinness World Records 2010

Author: Craig Glenday
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553593374
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Lists records, superlatives, and unusual facts in the areas of fame, business, crime, the natural world, technology, war, the arts, music, fashion, and sports.

Guinness World Records 2011

Author: Guinness World Records
Publisher: Guinness World Records
ISBN: 9781904994572
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Presents the biggest, smallest, fastest, longest, and other record setters for 2010 in such categories as space, human achievements, sports, entertainment, science, technology, and engineering.

Totally Tubular 80s Toys

Author: Mark Bellomo
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440216479
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Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records 2010:The Book of the
Decade. New York: Guinness World Records Press Ltd., 2009. Gygax, Gary.
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin:
TSR, Inc. 1978. Hayes, Summer. The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory: an
unofficialfull-color illustrated collector's price guide to the first generation of MLP
including all U.S. ponies, playsets and accessories released before 1997. New
Jersey: ...

The Daily Book Of Photography

Author: Simon Alexander
Publisher: Walter Foster
ISBN: 1610586077
Size: 48.19 MB
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Oshinsky, David M. Polio: An American Story. 2005.
books? id=cTliwSU62KlC&pg=PA42&dq=photographers+FDR+polio&as_brr=
3&cd=2#v=onePage&q=photographers8 (accessed February 2010) Page 280 1.
Time. “Art: Rayograms.” April 18, 1932.
/0,9171,743589,00.htm (accessed February 2010) Page 285 1. Guinness World
Records 2010: The Book of the Decade. Guinness World Records, 190. Page
290 1.

The Untold History Of The United States

Author: Oliver Stone
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451613520
Size: 36.83 MB
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Guinness World Records 2010: Thousands of New Records in the Book of the
Decade! (New York: Bantam, 2010), 47. Robert J. Samuelson, “The Gulf of World
Opinion,” Washington Post, March 27, 2003. Michael Dobbs, “Persuasion: Why
Success Requires More than Victory,” Washington Post, March 30, 2003.
Nicholas D. Kristof, “Flogging the French,” New York Times, January 31, 2003.
Samuelson, “The Gulf of World Opinion.” Harlan K. Ullman and James Wade,
Shock and Awe: ...

Guinness World Records 2015

Author: Guinness World Records
Publisher: Guinness World Records
ISBN: 1908843705
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Guinness World Records. New discoveries It is a tragic but inescapable fact that
animal species are becoming extinct all the time – in many cases, as a direct
result of human activity. Happily, it is also true that even today a surprising
number of previously unknown, entirely new ... All of these creatures have been
found, formally described and classified by scientists since the first edition of the
Guinness Book of Records was published in 1955, and every one is a GWR
record holder.

Guinness World Records Celebrating 60 Years

Author: Guinness World Records
Publisher: Guinness World Records
ISBN: 190884373X
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Guinness World Records. Best-selling album Fastest time to perform 1 million
taps Largest monster truck First Atlantic crossing by hot-air balloon Oldest human
Longest-running puzzle videogame ... 2000s. 94 Largest collection of gnomes
and pixies Fastest solo circumnavigation by sail Largest tortoise ever Fastest
female marathon runner Land speed record on Mars Highest shallow dive
Longest non-stop flight by aircraft Fastest mile on a pogo stick while juggling
three balls Longest ...

The Mammoth Book Of Weird Records

Author: Jim Theobald
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472117719
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The experience has served her well because over the next decade she has
repeatedly broken the record, eventually raising the bar to 175 Smarties in three
minutes in November 2013. Although she says she doesn't get sick of Smarties
because she ... She also holds the world record for separating jelly beans by
colour into pots with a straw, managing 30 beans in 17.69 seconds on Guinness

The Comedy Improv Handbook

Author: Matt Fotis
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317390172
Size: 74.82 MB
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While Meyers left in 1986, the core of Neil Mullarkey, Paul Merton, Josie
Lawrence, Lee Simpson, Andy Smart, Jim Sweeney, and Richard Vranch have
been working together for decades. This longevity is unheard of in improv, where
teams and players often shift or disappear on a monthly basis. In 2010 the group
entered the Guinness World Record book as the longestrunning comedy show
with the same cast. Though there were of course some additions and
subtractions, the core ...

Guinness World Records 2017

Author: Guinness World Records
Publisher: Guinness World Records
ISBN: 1910561347
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Dr Mark Aston FRAS; CPhys; MInstP; Hon Research Fellow of University College,
London Mark has served as a Science & Technology consultant for GWR since
2010. He brings nearly 30 years of experience of hightechnology science and
engineering to the task of ensuring that cuttingedge record submissions are
correct and interesting. ... A Guinness World Records veteran of nine years, when
not contributing to the book he helps grow the company's presence in Latin