Homeside Activities

Author: Developmental Studies Center
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Conversations and activities that bring parents into children's schoolside learning. Take-home activities in English and Spanish.--cover.

Homeside Activities For Fourth Grade

Author: Developmental Studies Center
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Conversations and activities that bring parents into children's schoolside learning. Take-home activities in English and Spanish.--cover.

Effective Interventions For Social Emotional Learning

Author: Frank M. Gresham
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462531997
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The Caring School Community (CSC) program is intended for use in
kindergarten through sixth grade and is organized around four core educational
practices: (1) class meetings (30–35 per grade), (2) cross-age buddies, (3)
homeside activities, and (4) schoolwide community-building activities. Class
meetings present a schedule of lessons and activities that are implemented
throughout the school year. Forty cross-age buddy activities are designed to
promote bonding between ...

Journal Of Character Education Issue

Author: Jacques S. Benninga
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 1681239477
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Homeside Activities (Developmental Studies Center, 1996) are short activities
that the teacher periodically assigns for students to do at home with the family.
Homeside activities can involve students in discussions with family members
about diverse topics such as family history, values, and school experiences
including nonthreatening math activities. This element of the elementary CDP
project was designed to help family members connect with their child's education
(Battistich, 2007).

Handbook Of Social And Emotional Learning

Author: Joseph A. Durlak
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462527914
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The intervention core components include Class Meetings, CrossAge Buddy
Activities, Homeside Activities, and Schoolwide Community-Building Activities
matched to students' developmental level. The Class Meetings provide
opportunities for teachers and students to establish classroom norms, engage in
social problem solving (e.g., how to respond to teasing and social exclusion),
build teams, and reflect on the classroom as a community. The Cross-Age Buddy
Activities pair older ...

Educating People To Be Emotionally Intelligent

Author: Kobus Maree
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275993634
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Program Name Grade- Parent Component Description s Caring School
Community K-6 • Includes a component with extensive family
activities • A guide, Homeside Activities, for each grade level involves parents
and encourages parent-child interactions • English and Spanish versions are
available • Pre- and post-activity discussions in class around Homeside Activities
Know Your Body K-6 • Each of the program modules at all
grade levels has ...

Comprehensive Behavior Management

Author: Ronald C. Martella
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1506318967
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The program includes four parts: class-meeting lessons, cross-age “buddies”
programs, “homesideactivities, and schoolwide community (WWC, 2007b).
Class-meeting lessons involve focused instruction on core values such as
fairness and personal responsibility. In class- meeting lessons, students get to
know one another, talk about key issues, identify and solve problems
collaboratively, and make important decisions. Cross-age “buddies” pair older
and younger students to build ...

Character Education Connections For School Home And Community

Author: Diane Stirling
Publisher: National Professional Resources Inc./Dude Publishing
ISBN: 9781887943284
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Other activities suggested in At Home in Our Schools include Family Film Night,
Family Math, a Heritage Museum and a Grandpersons Gathering. The fourth
component, Homeside Activities, involves parents and students in meaningful
explorations around academic skills. First graders, for instance, play a "Sorting
Game" with their parents, collecting 10 household items and bralnstorming
together about possible classifications (small/large, can be eaten/cannot be
eaten). The child ...