The Statutes Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland

Author: Great Britain
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Great Britain, Sir George Kettilby Rickards. Titles of Land (Scotland). No. 2.
Warrant of Registration to be written on a Conveyance when presented with
Assignation apart or .Notarial Instrument. Register on behalf of A.B. (insert
Designation) along with the Assignation [or Assignations or Notarial Instrument]
docketed with reference hereto (or otherwise, as the Case may be). (Signed) A.B.
, [or] C.D., W.S., Edinburgh, (or, as the Case may be,) Agent of the said A.B.
SCHEDULE(BJ At there ...

Catholic Directory Almanac And Registry Of Ireland England And Scotland

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This work contains a short exposition of Catholic Doctrine and Catholic practice,
with the chief authorities on which that doctrine and practice are founded. ... Cd.
Catechism of Mythology. By R. 0. 1 8mo. 6d. N.B. — These Catechisms, being all
written by Catholics, can be safely recommended for the use of schools.
Catechism of Perseverance, abridged. By the Abbe Gaume. Translated by Lucy
... By James J. Gaskin, Author of " European Geography and History made

Dictionary Of Geography

Author: Alexander Keith Johnston
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CD. Ripaira, anc D. Minor), rises in the Cottian Alps, and after an E. course of 60
m. joins the Po near Turin. On it are Cozanne, Oulx, and Susa. Dorak, a town of
Persia, proT. Khuzistan, 90 m. S. Shuster. P. 6000. It is walled, and reported to
havo ... S.W.London, by the S.-W. Kail. AIL 222 ft. Ac, of bor., comprising 3 pas.,
1411. P. 6823. It has three churches, co. hospital, union workhouse, town- hall,
market-house, shire-hall, county gaol and house of correction, cavalry barracks,
theatre, ...

Geographical Guide To Floras Of The World

Author: Sidney Fay Blake
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An Annotated List with Special Reference to Useful Plants and Common Plant
Names : Part II, Western Europe : Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland,
Great Britain with Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain,
Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, San Marino, and Switzerland Sidney Fay Blake.
Bennett, Arthur — Continued Pa«e See Barker, T. W. Wales (Carmarthenshire)
317 See Grant, J. F. Scotland (Caithness) 299 See Hanbury, F. J. England (Kent)
247 ...

Philips School Atlas Of Scripture Geography

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L Physical M ар of the World (No 1) showing the Natural Divisions and Features
of the Lnnd and Water IL Physical Мчр of theWorld(No.3l Uluanatlng the Climates
of Different Regions, with the Principal Hydrographie Basins of either Continent
Ul Physical Map of the World (No. S) illustrating the Distribution of Vegetable Life
In different Regious, and ss affected by Conditions of Climate iv PhyM. ul Map of
the British Islands Diagram showing the comparative Heights of Mountains sud ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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12 p. ft parts in folder. Appl. au. : ?rir_£ Music Corporation, employer for "Ire of
Scott Fearing. Prev. reg. oAjgie, EU141627; prev. pub. 4May50, -?-£573. KM: arr.
for younger bands. : Prink Music Corporation; 19Feb74; EP322876. E.^ 22577 .
Carolina ... JOU ever been lonely (have you ••T teer slue)? w Billy Hill, pseud. □
George Brown, m Peter DeEose, arr. Wesley Schaum. 4 p. Appl. au. : Shapiro,
Bernstein and Company, Inc., employer for hire of Wesley Schaum. Prev. reg.
6Dec32 ...

Thom S Directory Of Ireland

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Deputy Regirtran, C. D. Bentley, L. A. Wetldne, esqrl. ... Judge, R. H. Pinhey Auirt.
ditto, B. Cordeaux Scott Anist. ditto for Sholnpor e, AWdmuflh H. M. Birdwood
Judge, Arthur Bosanquet Runagben-y, Judge, R. W. Hunter Aui:t.ditto,Jn.Rieh. ...
Sundwith. '“1. Aniat. ditto, C. B. Lyon Hyderabad ( D lstrietl . Judge, Captain
Gregory C. Grant Surat. Judge, Baron A. J. de H. Lnrpcnt Auint. ditto. M. D. Baker
Tanna. JMge,\\'rn. Mint. P. Coghlnn Joint Judge, Nugcnt Daniel] Autrt. ditto, G.
Ayerlt ...

S Mmtliche Werke

Author: Johann Georg Müller
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Anmerkungen des V. Buchs Johann Georg Müller. X .Fe [WT-ie Waldaärte
trugenwaran wenig» Believenz wir verliehen kein Latein , fagten* fie; 255i); S *
U71 ll (Sein-Ge) S. 262 und 21111:, S. 61-. ... _ e. Fr, _ - . . . g * 265). Schwmwqld,
Breisgaü), Sundgau, Hochbnrgnnd. 2114) 1.171. „ßxusN-rpon: M1111 t-fort- Not-
he:- "els man. Gemeemde und» Gerichte. Davos- u-i- f.; Reg-nsburse-„Maxiae
Hanns-cd- .- Ifi-..vündwqÄM-f Handlungen Dedu-fion. löieg-„Szf T171 U] (Schlei-
Süß) .

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift

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2α Νach diesen Βezeichnungen gibt -υ einen Socken, g-c einen gewohnlichen
Strumpf, g-e einen, hohθη trumpf ύ-c enn Wadenstück, c-d ein Κήiestή --- - ist mit
Αusnahme der Socken, ... W i e η e I' ΜβίlΙ7ΙΠΙΝ(hβ W00hθΙΙStliΓΙΙΙ, ... Ο b erth a le
r Αlois 8. Ηuss.-Reg. Ηe rz u m Josef 60. Inft.-Reg. Εh re ntre u Rudolf 4. Ηuss.-
Reg. Grii n ert Ludwig 7. Κürass.-Reg. D w o rz ak Franz 19. Ιnft.-Reg. Uebersetzt
werden mit 1. Οktober 1864. ΟWΑ. Μύ 11er Franz vom 1. Grz-Reg. zum Μil.