Immaterial Facts

Author: Robert Caper
Publisher: Routledge
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By comparing these roles and the child's state of mind at the time, she concluded
that they were representations of parts of the child's inner world, and in particular
of the child's superego. For a child, play was a way of putting a certain aspect of
the mind into the external world. The technical term for this is projection. She saw
that the purpose of these projections was to relieve the pressure of a conflict in
the child's internal world. By means of projection, an intrapsychic conflict is
spread ...

The Origin Of Concepts

Author: Susan Carey
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199887918
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When and How Children Draw the Material/Immaterial Distinction The problem
we face is ubiquitous in studies of conceptual development Many properties
children represent will distinguish some material entities from some immaterial
ones. Before we credit the child with a material/immaterial distinction, we must
assess more fully whether there is any concept with enough overlap of extension
and conceptual role with the adult concept matter to credit children with that
theoryladen ...

Cognitive Models Of Science

Author: Ronald N. Giere
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
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While the characterization of the child as believing air to be immaterial is easy
enough to write down, a moment's reflection reveals it to be bizarre. If air is not
material, what is it? Perhaps children consider air to be an immaterial physical
entity, like a shadow or an echo. But several children said outright, "Air is nothing;
air isn't anything." However, "air" is not simply synonymous with "nothing" or "
empty space," for children as young as six know that there is no air on the moon
or in outer ...

Fashionable Childhood

Author: Annamari Vänskä
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
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The. Immaterial. Value. of. Child. Modeling. Although the most vocal reactions to
child models concern the debate on children's sexualization, it should be
remembered that the essence of modeling is the dissemination and marketing of
various fashions, trends, and beauty ideals by evoking non-specific feelings and
affects. The inclusion of deliberate trigger effects in fashion images is just as
calculated as the styling of the whole image, from garments to the models and
their poses.

Children And Asceticism In Late Antiquity

Author: Ville Vuolanto
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317167864
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WELFARE DURING LIFETIME (survival, safety, accumulation of social capital)
CONTINUITY AFTER DEATH (sense for symbolic immortality) Patrimony (
material-abstract) - inheritance strategies Offspring (material-direct) - strategies of
reproduction Transcendental continuity (immaterial-direct) - 'religious strategies' (
e.g. asceticism, worship, cult of the dead, intercession, salvation by faith)
Immanent continuity (immaterial-abstract) - strategies for securing the transfer of
social capital ...

Child Development Birth To Adolescence

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Selecting a “best toy” for the child is not a difficult task. For this parents need to
spend some time in choosing the safest, most colorful, most funny and the most
educational toy for the child. The one that is best, is the one that fascinates the
child most and to which he returns, gaining more stimulation and enjoyment.
Toys may cost a lot, or cost nothing- cost is thus immaterial. Children have
frequently been seen enjoying common kitchen utensils more than any of the
fancy toys bought by ...

Premigration Legacies And Immigrant Social Mobility

Author: Mies van Niekerk
Publisher: Lexington Books
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Educational sociologists largely agree that nowadays the parents' financial
situation is less decisive for children's future occupational careers than in the past
.1 To a large extent, the influence of family background on the occupational
careers of a younger generation is now exerted indirectly via education. The
parents' income similarly no longer plays the main role in the educational careers
of children. Immaterial aspects of the children's upbringing in the parental home
are more ...

The Steps Of Man Towards Civilization

Author: Georg Oesterdiekhoff
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
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Certainly, they distinguish between perceptions and dreams but this distinction
does not mean to conceive dreams as illusions. The events dreams represent are
as real as those perceptions describe. Dreams are only another way to inform
about real incidents. This phenomenon is only explainable by the means the
developmental psychology can provide. The research into children discovered
children from all cultures need years of development to disclose the internal,
immaterial, ...

The Mentally Retarded Child

Author: A. R. Luria
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483180638
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Essays Based on a Study of the Peculiarities of the Higher Nervous Functioning
of Child-Oligophrenics A. R. Luria ... This task does not present the ordinary
school child with noticeable difficulty. ... completely. immaterial,. but. visually.
obvious,. feature. and. refers into one group a picture showing a wolf and one
showing a garden bench—because they are both grey in colour. Such a
comparison of things by directly perceptible, visual, yet immaterial, features (
colour, form, size, the ...

The Child S Book On The Soul

Author: Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
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Or, what is the same thing, your soul is immaterial. R. Mother, I suppose your soul
, too, is immaterial ; for I cannot see it, nor hear it, nor taste it, nor smell it, nor
touch it. M. Yes, every body's soul is immaterial. Remember, my son, that you
have a body and a soul. Your body you can see, and hear, and taste, and smell,
and touch. It is} like the pebble, the rose, and the watch. It is matter. It - is material.
Your soul has not form, or colour, or sound, or taste, or smell, or hardness, or