Great Sayings By Great Lawyers

Author: Gilbert John Clark
Publisher: Fred B Rothman & Company
ISBN: 9780837720203
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A facsimile reprint of the original 1926 edition published by Vernon Law Book Co. From the author's foreword: "Immortal thoughts--sayings by the great leaders of the legal profession--are the fruition of a conscientious and enjoyable ...

Night Thoughts On Life Death And Immortality

Author: Edward Young
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I think it may be reduced' to this single question --Is man Immortal, or 13 he not 5'
If he is not, all our disputes are mere amusements, or trials of skill. In this case,
truth, reason, religion, which give our discourses such pomp and solemnity, are (
as will be shewn) mere empty sounds, without any meaning in them. But if man is
immortal, it will behove him to be very serious about eternal consequences; or, in
other words, to be truly religious. And this great fundamental truth, unestablished,

Thoughts On Death And Immortality

Author: Ludwig Feuerbach
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520906471
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conscious and as thinker, you have been spiritually destroyed, have been
absorbed in Spirit. You are conscious of yourself only in Spirit's consciousness of
itself. Only in the pure and universal light of Spirit can you, the determinate
individual, see and know yourself. The external realization of this spiritual
negation is death. II Time, Space, Life God alone is immortal and is the universal
nature and essence of the particular things and essences that are grounded,
included, and contained ...

The Complaint Or Night Thoughts On Life Death And Immortality To Which Are Added Some Thoughts On The Late Rebellion And A Paraphrase On Part Of The Book Of Job

Author: Edward Young
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The Ixrrorr. chnnxm'n- 99 A Nero qutting his imperial throne, And courting glory
from the tinkling string, But faintly shadows an immortal soul, With empire's self, to
pride, or raptnre, sit'd. Ifnobler motives minister no cure, ' Evh vanity so rbids thee
to be vain. High worth is elevated place: 'tis more: It makes the post stand
candidate for thee , Makes more than monarch's, makes an honest man) Tho' no
Excthuer it commands, 'tis wealth; And rho' it wears no Ribbon, 'tis renown;
Renown, that ...

Night Thoughts On Life Death Immortality

Author: Edward Young
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From different natures, marvellously mix'd, Connection exquisite of distant worlds!
Distinguish'd link in being's endless chain! Midway from nothing to the Deity " - A
beam ethereal, sully'd and absorpt! Tho' sully'd and dishonour'd, still divine!—
Dim miniature of greatness absolute 1 -- An heir of glory ! afrail child of dust 1 -
Helpless immortal! insect infinite! - A worm ' a god!—I tremble at myself, And in
myself am lost. At home, a stranger, so Thought wanders up and down, surpris'd,