In The Balance Law And Politics On The Roberts Court

Author: Mark Tushnet
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393241432
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Harvard Law School professor and constitutional law expert Mark Tushnet clarifies the lines of conflict and what is at stake on the Supreme Court as it hangs “in the balance” between its conservatives and its liberals.

The Fourth Amendment In Flux

Author: Michael C. Gizzi
ISBN: 9780700622573
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This work exposes the tensions caused by attempts to apply pretechnological legal doctrine to modern problems of digital privacy.

Uncertain Justice

Author: Laurence Tribe
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 0805099131
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Citizens United made clear that a majority of the Roberts Court is prepared to
come down firmly on one side of that balance. As a result, even as the issue of
money in politics looms ever larger in American life, the First Amendment as
interpreted by the Roberts Court will prohibit most efforts—by the public and by
politicians—to seek reform through campaign finance laws. Many reactions to
Citizens United mixed prophecies of doom with urgent calls for reform.
Meaningful democracy ...

The Rookie Year Of The Roberts Court A Look Ahead

Author: Pepperdine University. School of Law
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Overview of the Term: The Rule of Law & Roberts's Revolution of Restraint
Douglas W. Kmiec* The October Term was a notable one, less for any singular
case, than for the landmark passages that took place on the Court: a new Chief
Justice for the first time in close to twenty years and the addition of an Associate
Justice for the first time in over a decade. The initial proceedings in this
symposium will examine the substantive work of the Court: criminal justice, civil
rights, law and politics ...

Constitutional Law And Politics Civil Rights And Civil Liberties

Author: David M. O'Brien
Publisher: W W Norton & Co Inc
ISBN: 9780393930399
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"The balance of the state's interest in preventing drunken driving," he concluded,
"and the degree of intrusion upon individual motorists who are briefly stopped
weighs in favor of the state program." The Court, nonetheless, refused to extend
Sitz in ... However, by a unanimous vote the Roberts Court held that passengers,
no less the driver, may challenge the constitutionality of police officers' stopping a
vehicle, in Brendlin v. California, 127 S.Ct. 2400 (2007). Bruce Brendlin was a ...


Author: University of Notre Dame. Law School
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Law School. merits have invited substantial academic handwringing.5
Commentators generally agree that on the nine-Justice Supreme Court, the two
appointments have produced a single-increment move, ideologically, to the right.
6 While the two Chief Justices, Rehnquist and Roberts, occupy roughly the same
ideological, or policy, space,7 Justice Alito has thus ... 6, 2005, at A6 ("[C]
onfirming Roberts to replace Rehnquist is unlikely to alter the political balance on
the high court in ...

Queen S Court

Author: Nancy Maveety
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Rule-of-thumb balancing and case-by-case adjudication of issues would
characterize the Roberts Court's conservative march and retain Court- centrism
and Court-dependency for its constitutional project. Speculation is just that, and
speculation about the post-Rehnquist Court should not unduly color the analysis
of that Court's legacies. It is more useful to ask what the political, judicial, or other
conditions are that would cause the rule-of-thumb balancing approach to
constitutional ...

The Obama Presidency

Author: Bert A. Rockman
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1483301621
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Yet none of Obama's various agenda items captured nearly as much attention as
when he chose to comment during the address on the Supreme Court's six-day-
old ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission,1 which held that
corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in elections was protected
by the First Amendment. Condemning the decision for reversing “a century of law
” that would “open the floodgate for special interests,” Obama took the unusual
step of ...


Author: Bruce Allen Murphy
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451611463
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On May 10, 2010, President Obama furthered his legacy on the Supreme Court
when he selected his liberal solicitor general, former Harvard Law School dean
Elena Kagan, to replace the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. ... well as a
record three female members.2 But with the liberal Kagan replacing the liberal
Stevens, this appointment would not change the philosophical balance on the
Court.3 Despite President Obama's two Supreme Court appointments, the
Roberts Court was, ...