Independent Diplomat

Author: Carne Ross
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801459580
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In Independent Diplomat, Carne Ross provides a compelling account of what's wrong with contemporary diplomacy and offers a bold new vision of how it might be put right.

The Economist

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At a university that only wants one thing: the best education for economic leaders!
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Director of External Relations Independent Diplomat is an innovative non-profit
advisory ...

The House On The Sacred Lake And Other Bolivian Dreams And Nightmares

Author: Margaret Joan Anstee
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
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In the last few months of 2006, following our unusual first meeting, Foreign
Minister David Choquehuanca kept assuring me that both I, personally, and the
organisation Independent Diplomat, could provide much-needed assistance.
Meetings in London with the Bolivian Ambassador resulted in a list of projects,
ranging from reorganisation of the Foreign Ministry to training courses for the new
Bolivian ambassadors abroad, most of whom had no previous diplomatic

Foreign Service Journal

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Independent Diplomat does not onlv deal with self-determination j cases,
however. Ross is conducting talks with several more established states and
governments in Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America "to assist and advise in
dieir diplomacy." Should he succeed in building his organization up to the global
service he envisions, more and more U.S. diplomats may find themselves talking
to non-state and state actors who are benefiting from Independent Diplomat's

Commonwealth Of Independent States And The Middle East

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LEBANON The main topic concerning Lebanon in the Russian press was the
severing of diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Iraq following the murder
of an Iraqi dissident in Lebanon. Izvestiia (15.4.94 3/1-2) wrote about the arrest of
two Iraqi diplomats suspected of being accomplices to the murder. According to
the article, the murdered man, 64 year-old Takheb as-Suheil is considered to be
one of the major figures in a conspiracy against Saddam Hussein. Lebanese
security ...

The Truth That Sticks

Author: Martin Bell
Publisher: Icon Books
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Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, 8 December 2006. 7 Evidence by Carne
Ross to the Butler Inquiry, 9 June 2004. 8 Ibid. 9 Independent Diplomat (Hurst &
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Diplomat, p. 15. 277 Notes.

The New Leader

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The truthfulness of this statement can be vouched for by every independent
diplomat and journalist with experience in Moscow since the end of the war.
Neither Pravda nor the Soviet note offered any factual refutation of it. The Soviet
laws that make normal intercourse between Russians and foreigners impossible
are on the record. The Soviet practice of treating foreign envoys as suspected
spies and criminals is notorious. That the American Government will stand by
Kennan, who ...

The American Crisis Isolation Or Alliance

Author: Frederick Bohn Fisher
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There was a time when we did have an independent American mind: when
Thomas Jefferson was the American Ambassador in France, traveled all over the
continent of Europe, and was familiar with their differing political circles. He was
an independent diplomat in Europe. When John Quincy Adams was the
American representative in Russia, in France, in Holland, and at the Court of St.
James, we had an independent mind that helped us win the War of 1812, told
England to keep ...

West East An Independent Monthly

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Ex-communist Diplomat airs Laundry A former Red Chinese economic attache in
Zaire who defected two years ago May 17 accused Red China of corruption in its
diplomatic offices abroad. Chang Yi who defected to Paris, France in May, 1982
told local press that in Red China's diplomatic offices abroad "the leisure class
always makes trouble for the busy workers, and because of this, the busiest
always encounter bad luck." The 40-year-old Chang has obtained a refugee
certificate in ...


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... at the time, by the Holy League, which had come to encompass the Hapsburg
empire, Spain, several Italian states and the Romanian Lands) ; yet soon it was to
emerge most clearly that the contradictions between the time's big powers, their
seeking to replace Turkish authority by their own required from the Walachian
ruler energetic independent foreign policy initiatives. Certainly, the independent
diplomatic initiatives of Michael the Brave unfolded in particularly tough
conditions, ...