Internationales Urheberrecht In Deutschland Und England

Author: Alexander Peinze
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
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Industria] Property in a Globalised Environment: Issues of Jurisdiction and
Choice of Law, in: Ricketl1Austin (ed.). International Intellectual Property and the
Common Law World, Oxford 2000, 251-264. Addor, Felix/Luginbuehl, Stefan: The
First Steps Towards an Optional Protocol Under the European Patent Convention
on the Settlement of Litigation Concerning European Patents, [2000] EIPR, S-l-S-
12. Albrecht, Christian. Das EuGVÜ und der einstweilige Rechtsschutz in
England ...

International Intellectual Property And The Common Law World

Author: C. E. F. Rickett
Publisher: Hart Pub Limited
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1 International Intellectual Property Law and the Common Law World
Introduction THE HON JUSTICE W.M.C. GUMMOW It is always a pleasure to
speak and to write about intellectual property. I found it such, and so, I think, by
and large, did the students during the 20 years or so over which I taught a course
in the subject. For some reason, never clearly apparent, intellectual property
intrigued even the slothful student. It is a subject which engages the imagination.
Part of the appeal ...

Intellectual Property In Common Law And Civil Law

Author: Toshiko Takenaka
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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The international copyright arena has played a critical role in bringing moral
rights to the common-law world. Without the Berne Convention, it seems unlikely
that common-law countries would have attempted to codify moral rights at all. At
the same time, it is worth remembering the peculiar character of Berne's Article
6bis. It is an experiment in compromise; and the compromise, in its turn, is an
expression of the peculiar relations between civil and common-law jurisdictions
where rights ...

A Short Course In International Intellectual Property Rights Electronic Resource

Author: Karla C. Shippey
Publisher: World Trade Press
ISBN: 1607800055
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There are four major types of legal systems in the world: common law, civil law,
Islamic (Shari'ah) law, and communist or socialist law. Many countries have
adopted a combination of these legal systems, and in addition have retained
some influences from various cultures that have crossed the borders in the past.
For example, Japan looked to Germany when developing its modern laws, and
therefore it follows the civil law system. The United States took much of its legal
system from ...

The Common Law Of Intellectual Property

Author: Catherine W Ng
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847315933
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14 Unfair Competition by Misappropriation: the Reception of International News
NEWS DECISION The Case and its Importance might have expected to find
substantial agreement across the whole common law world, it would be probably
be the law of unfair competition. Not only is the law of the United Kingdom almost
completely untouched by European harmonisation, but the laws of the various
states of ...

Cross Border Enforcement Of Patent Rights

Author: Marta Pertegás Sender
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199249695
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Abbott F, Cottier T and Gurry F, The International Intellectual Property Systems,
Commentary and Materials, Part One (The Hague, Kluwer Law International,
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Industrial property in a globalized environment: issues of jurisdiction and choice
of law', in: C Rickett and G Austin, International Intellectual Property and the
Common Law World (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2000l 251-264 Ago R, 'Regies ge~
nerales des ...

Refusals To License Intellectual Property

Author: Ian Eagles
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847318215
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25 Donoghue, RO and Padilla, AJ, The Law and Economics of Article 82 EC (
Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2006) at 407, 413; Eagles, I, 'Intellectual Property and
Competition Policy: The Case for Neutrality' in CER Rickett and GW Austin (eds),
International Intellectual Property Law and the Common Law World (Oxford, Hart
Publishing, 2000) 285 at 322; Waldron, n 10 above, at 841; Lianos, I, '
Competition Law and Intellectual Property: Is the Property Rights Approach Right
?' (2005–2006) ...

An Introduction To Intellectual Property

Author: Sally Ramage Dabydeen
Publisher: iUniverse
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Countries do not all share the English common law background. Australian and
Canadian legal systems, unlike South Africa, do. But no court in either of these
jurisdictions has held that an INNOCENT defendant is liable for damages in
respect of trade mark infringement or passing off, and dicta by the courts seem to
indicate that they would be loathe to reach such a decision. In South Africa,
damages will not be awarded unless a defendant acts intentionally or negligently
. Therefore ...

International Intellectual Property In An Integrated World Economy

Author: Frederick Abbott
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454858931
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The criteria of patentability are referred to by different words in European and
American law. European law refers to new, involving an inventive step, and
capable of industrial application, while American law refers to novel, nonobvious,
and useful. 6. Some jurisdictions impose limitations on the use of single colors as
trademarks. The TRIPS Agreement does not mandate the acceptance of single
colors, sounds, or scents as trademarks. 7. In both civil law and common law
systems, ...