Socio Economic Impacts Of Landmines In Southern Kurdistan

Author: Almas Heshmati
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443844489
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Kakar F., F. Bassani, C.J. Romer and S.W.A. Gunn (1996), The consequences of
land mines on public health. ... Kievelitz, U., T., Schaef, M. Leonhardt, H.H.,and
Vorwerk, S. (2004), “Practical Guide to Multilateral Needs Assessments in Post-
Conflict Situations, A Joint UNDG, UNDP ... King, C. (1996), “Janes Mines and
Mine Clearance Techniques”, in King, ... Landmine Impact Survey Report (1999-
2003), Implemented by UNOPS MAP in Northern Iraq under the Oil for Food

Landmine Monitor 2009

Publisher: Monitor
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cuba Ten-Year Summary Mine Ban Policy Cuba has not acceded to the Mine
Ban Treaty. ... in the absence of any denial or clarification from the government, to
continue to produce antipersonnel mines.4 Since 1996, Cuba has stated on
several occasions that it does not and has never ... Jane's Mines and Mine
Clearance 2008, (Surrey, UK: Jane's Information Group Limited, 2008), CD-
edition. ... 5 Letter from Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, 13 June 2003.

The Un S Role In Nation Building From The Congo To Iraq

Author: James Dobbins
Publisher: Rand Corporation
ISBN: 0833037560
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James Dobbins, Seth G. Jones, Keith Crane, Andrew Rathmell, Brett Steele ... a
small fraction of land mines was cleared.18 Bureaucratic infighting between UN
agencies delayed the mine-clearing process. ... Mine Action Programme, 2003 (
Maputo: Mozambique Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, February 2004

Landmine Monitor Report

Publisher: Human Rights Watch
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144 Landmine Monitor Report 2004 Mine Action and Assistance A Working
Group on Antipersonnel Mines and ... On 23-27 June 2003, CAECOPAZ held its
fifth demining refresher course for 14 Army officers, seven Navy officers and ... 49
Carlos Nielsen, "Mine Action Training in Argentina" in "The Role of the Military in
Mine Action," James Madison University, Journal of Mine Action, Issue 8.1, June

Landmine Monitor Report

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CUBA Ten-Year Summary The Republic of Cuba has not conducted any mine
clearance in its minefields around the United States ... for the humanitarian
aspects of the Mine Ban Treaty but also emphasized that Cuban policy on
antipersonnel mines is governed by its view of the military utility of the weapon. ...
in the absence of any denial or clarification from the government, to continue to
produce antipersonnel mines.4 Since 1 996, ... Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance
2008, (Surrey.

Journal Of Mine Action

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1 Oct 1997. James Madison University Mine Action Information Center. ... 4.
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre. "Mine." 2003. BHMAC. http://www. 5. Buse\ Margaret. "An Interview with ... April 2003. <http://www.

Landmine Monitor Report 2003

Publisher: Human Rights Watch
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Toward a Mine-free World ... played the role of co- rapporteur to the Committee
on Mine Clearance, Mine Awareness, and Mine Action Technologies. ... host the
First Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty at UN facilities in Nairobi from 29
November- 3 December 2004, ... Ban Treaty.7 Kenya clarified in February 2003
that it does not possess Claymore-type directional fragmentation mines.8 At ...
Statement by James Kihwaga, Fourth Meeting of States Parties, 17 September

Jane S Defence Upgrades

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One of the first four Swiss Army Spz 63/89 APCs modified for mine- clearing by
RUAG. ^._(phoio: ruag) Egypt is to ... Thales will deliver pre- production units
from mid-2003, with deliveries of production units expected from early 2004. ADI
Limited and Laserdyne ... to clear paved surfaces. The vehicle can deal with anti-
personnel and anti-tank mines of first and second generation with a 2kg TNT