Protecting Lives Restoring Livelihoods The U S Program To Remove Landmines

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Washington: The Campaign, 2003. 826p. International Committee of the Red
Cross. MINE ACTION 2002: SPECIAL REPORT. Geneva: The Committee, 2003.
2003-2004. Coulsdon, UK; Alexandria, VA: Jane's Information Group, 2003.
Journal of Mine ...

Socio Economic Impacts Of Landmines In Southern Kurdistan

Author: Almas Heshmati
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Kievelitz, U., T., Schaef, M. Leonhardt, H.H.,and Vorwerk, S. (2004), “Practical
Guide to Multilateral Needs Assessments in Post-Conflict Situations, A Joint
UNDG, UNDP and World Bank Guide, prepared by GTZ with the support of BMZ”,
Conflict Prevention & Reconstruction Paper No. ... King, C. (1996), “Janes Mines
and Mine Clearance Techniques”, in King, ... Landmine Impact Survey Report (
1999-2003), Implemented by UNOPS MAP in Northern Iraq under the Oil for
Food Program.

Landmine Monitor Report

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220 Landmine Monitor Report 2004 do is bring the problem of disabled persons
to the development mainstream... to make it an integral part of the development
strategy." BOTSWANA Key developments since 1999: Botswana ratified the Mine
Ban Treaty on 1 March 2000, and became a State Party on 1 September 2000. It
has not adopted national legal ... However, according to Jane 's Mines and Mine
Clearance, 2002-2003, South African Shrapnel No. 2 and the Zimbabwe RAP No

Landmine Monitor 2009

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Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance 2008, (Surrey, UK: Jane's Information Group
Limited, 2008), CD-edition. According to the US Department of Defense, Cuba
has produced three different types of antipersonnel mines: PMFC-1 and PMFH-1
fragmentation mines and the PMM-1 wooden box mine. US Department of
Defense, ORDATA Online, ordatamines.maic.jmu. edu. 5 Letter from Juan
Antonio Fernández Palacios, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 13 June 2003. Cuban
antipersonnel ...

The Un S Role In Nation Building From The Congo To Iraq

Author: James Dobbins
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James Dobbins, Seth G. Jones, Keith Crane, Andrew Rathmell, Brett Steele.
tance of France, Portugal, and the ... Over the course of ONUMOZ's deployment,
however, only a small fraction of land mines was cleared.18 Bureaucratic
infighting between UN agencies delayed the mine-clearing process. Frequent
flooding dislodged mines and ... 16 Mozambique, Internal Affairs, Iane's Sentinel
Security Assessment—Southern Africa, Ianuary 14, 2004. Online at http://www4. ...

Trace Chemical Sensing Of Explosives

Author: Ronald L. Woodfin
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Ser. 261, 217–231 (2003). Kenna, B. T. and F. J. Conrad. Studies ofthe
Adsorption/Desorption Behavior ofExplosiveLike Molecules. Sandia Report
SAND86-0141, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, 1986. King, C.
Ed. Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance, 4th ed., Janes Information Group, 1999–
2000. Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 3rd ed., Vol. 9. Wiley,
New York, 1980. Klank, H., J. P. Kutter, and O. Geschke. CO2-laser
micromachining and back-end ...

Survey Of Cluster Munition Policy And Practice

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Jane's Air-Launched Weapons, p. 838. 102 Mines Action Canada,, and Landmine Action, Explosive remnants of war and
mines other than anti-personnel mines: Global Survey 2003-2004, (London:
Landmine Action, 2005),
Global_impact_survey.pdf (accessed February 16, 2007), pp. 60; 64-65. 103
UNMEE Mine Action Coordination Center, Asmara, Weekly Update, October 4,
2004, p. 4. 104 Mines Action Canada, ...

Landmine Monitor Report

Author: International Campaign to Ban Landmines
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Letter from Juan Antonio Fernandez Palacios, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1 3
June 2003. Cuban antipersonnel mines have, however, been cleared by
deminers in Angola and Nicaragua. Jane's Mines and Mine Clearance, online
update, 1 8 November 1 999, and ORDATA Online, *
One source has reported that Cuba stockpiles the Soviet-manufactured OZM-4,
POMZ-2 and POMZ-2M mines, in addition to the mines manufactured
domestically. Jane s Mines ...

Landmine Monitor Report 2003

Publisher: Human Rights Watch
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In the last year, Kenya actively participated in all areas of the convention's
activities including at the intersessional meetings where we played the role of co-
rapporteur to the Committee on Mine Clearance, Mine Awareness, and Mine
Action ... At the May 2003 intersessional meetings, States Parties agreed to
accept Kenya's offer to host the First Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty
at UN facilities in Nairobi from 29 November- 3 December 2004, pending formal
approval at the ...