Karl Llewellyn And The Realist Movement

Author: William Twining
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107023386
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In this second edition the original text is supplemented with a preface by Frederick Schauer and an afterword in which William Twining gives a fascinating account of the making of the book and comments on developments in relevant legal ...

Law S Ethical Global And Theoretical Contexts

Author: Upendra Baxi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316404765
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law's alleged neutrality. Legal rules and doctrines, according to this critique, are
traditionally thought to be either natural or neutral, or both.15 To the extent that
this view exists, rather than being a caricature or straw man, then the contrasting
... Indeed, although Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement is primarily a work
of history, biography and interpretation, it also presents summaries of two of
Llewellyn's most important works, neither of which had been published when
Twining ...

Proprietary Remedies In Context

Author: Craig Rotherham
Publisher: Hart Publishing
ISBN: 1841131652
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To a large degree, this vision of the law was abandoned in American legal
thought in the wake of the legal realist movement.1 The rejection of absolutist
understandings of property and contract were at the heart of the rise of a new
legal ... 2 W Wiecek, The Lost World of Classical Legal Thought: Law and
Ideology in America, 1886–1937 (New York, Oxford University Press, 1998) 10,
38–41 and 89–93; W Twining, Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement (London,
Weidenfeld and ...

Law And Semiotics

Author: Roberta Kevelson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461307716
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Rattray, R.S., 1929, Ashanti Law and Constitution, Oxford: O.U.P. Ross, A., 1968,
Directives and Norms, London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Saltman, M., 1987, "
Feudal Relationships and the Law: A Comparative Enquiry," 29 Comparative
Studies in Society and History 3. Thorne, S.E., 1959, "English Feudalism and
Estates in Land," Cambridge Law Journal n.s.6 Twining, W., 1973, Karl Llewellyn
and The Realist Movement, London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Volosinov, V.N.,
1985 ...

Legal Realism And American Law

Author: Justin Zaremby
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441191011
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In the first part of the 20th century, a group of law scholars offered engaging, and occasionally disconcerting, views on the role of judges and the relationship between law and politics in the United States.

Health Care Law Making In Central And Eastern Europe

Author: André den Exter
Publisher: Intersentia nv
ISBN: 9050952534
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3.5 Montgomery: Exposition of obligations From a UK-perspective, Montgomery
lists the following sectors in which law has a role, interpreted as responsibilities
of the Department of Health: to provide and operate a National Health Services
system ... 3.6 Longley: Llewellyn's theory of law-jobs applied to health care One
of the most comprehensive and rational considerations of the role of law has
been advocated by Karl Llewellyn. ... Karl Llewellyn and the Realistic Movement.

The Bombay Law Reporter

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Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement. By William Twining. London W 1 :
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 5, Winsley Street. Pages xiv + 574. Price £10. Harold
Laski begins his celebrated Grammar of Politics with the classical statement: No
theory of the State is ever intelligible save in the context of its time. What men
think about the State is the outcome always of the experience in which they are
immersed. So too is the case with legal theory; bereft of contextual study its
understanding ...

Implicit Dimensions Of Contract

Author: David Campbell
Publisher: Hart Publishing
ISBN: 1841133493
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Beyond Custom: Contract, Contexts, and the Recognition of Implicit
Understandings JOHN WIGHTMAN IN AMERICAN CONTRACT law, and the rich
academic literature which engages with it, there has long been a recognition of
the significance of the implicit understandings which can swirl around the
processes of negotiation, modification and performance. The roots of this
recognition are many, but they include the work of Karl Llewellyn, the contextual
orientation of the Uniform ...

The Journal Of Law And Commerce

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See William Twining. Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement 271 (1973) [
hereinafter Twining. Realist Movement]. In 1940. Llewellyn was appointed
Chairman of the NCCUSL Committee on the Revised Uniform Sales Act, which
began the ... The Karl Llewellyn Papers 4 (1968) [hereinafter Twining. Llewellyn
Papers]. 4. See Allen R. Kamp, Legal Development: Between-the-Wars Social
Thought: Karl Llewellyn, Legal Realism, and the Uniform Commercial Code in
Context. 59 Alb L.