Karoo Moons

Author: Richard Mark Dobson
Publisher: Struik
ISBN: 1770070125
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G. A. Farini, 19th C Karoo traveller that was once a man and then a bird, in the
koppies, in the caves. The sun comes, the darkness goes, the sun sets, the moon
at night, the sun comes out, the moon decays, goes painfully away and is reborn.

Karoo Moon

Author: Olive Schreiner
ISBN: 9780620318433
Size: 52.68 MB
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They had instruments so delicate you could see the blood beat in the leg of a
gnat no bigger than a pin's point; and others so strong you could see a pebble no
larger than a thimble lying on the moon's surface, just as we now with our ...

American Book Publishing Record

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133.5 Karoo boy (Blacklaws) FIC Karoo moons. 968.739002 Kassin in modules.
150 Kate Hudson. 791.430280 Katie's Sunday afternoon (Mayhew) JUV
Kayaking. 797.1224 Kazakhstan's emerging industries in a global era.
338.095845 The ...

The Great Karoo

Author: Leon Nell
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Size: 74.40 MB
Format: PDF
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Their brushes were made of wildebeest mane or tail, bones and small birds'
feathers. The geometric designs typical of Khoi art are found all over Africa and
come in the form of concentric circles, suns and moons, grids, finger marks,
spirals ...

Tales From The Old Karoo

Author: Guy Butler
Publisher: Ad Donker Publishers
ISBN: 9780868521688
Size: 15.66 MB
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Then Dwarrel started a slow shuffle with his feet; to the left, forward; to the right,
forward; watching how the copper wires pointed this way, and that way; then in
half moon; and full moons; round in spirals and circles, getting faster, and more ...

Tydskrif Vir Letterkunde

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ln my childhood days there were frogs in the water furrows, little lizards in the
bushes and Karoo moons, grownups chatting on the stoep, our own time for
kneeling down for evening prayers, and for one fair head, lusting after books, for
all sorts ...

Astronomical Contributions

Author: University of Manchester
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Position angle of line of motion of the Moon's center: 101 ?1 Zenith distance of
the Sun : 20?0 Position angle of zenith: ... 25 This eclipse was observed from
Kruisrivier x>ut 15 miles west of the city of Oudtshoorn the Little Karoo of South
Africa, ...

The Tale Of The Three Donkeys

Publisher: Tales By Roohi
ISBN: 1476236100
Size: 78.12 MB
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Deep in the rolling plains of what is today known as the Karoo Heartland; lay a
tiny village of scattered bee hive huts. Within this village ... Jama was also to
come of age this year and would be initiated as a man in six full moons. Fikile
spent ...

Monthly Notes Of The Astronomical Society Of Southern Africa

Author: Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
Size: 67.42 MB
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I was fascinated by the clouds and the effect of the Moon's shadow on them as it
turned darker by the minute. Gradually the ... The Karoo Array Telescope (KAT)
will eventually comprise seven identical dishes, hence the designation KAT-7.


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Mrs Georgette Smits of MINTEK giving a lecture on uranium mineralisation in the
Karoo Sequence at the symposium which ... MOON. (The writer of this column, Dr
Peter J. Smith, is our correspondent in the United Kingdom and is the Editor of ...