Lambretta 125 150 175 200 Scooters

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With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs. Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the motorcycle.


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LAMBRETTA LI 150 AND LI 125 SERIES 1 In early 1958 and until 1959,
Innocenti built its new Li line based on a completely new engine from the
preceding TV. It was modern, powerful, ... LAMBRETTA TV 175 SERIES 2 The
TV1 was pulled out of production at the end of 1958 to be replaced by the TV2,
which was a new scooter based not on ... LAMBRETTA GT 200 Built from 1963 to
1965, the Gran Turismo 200 was essentially a hot-rodded ZOO-cc TV3 able to top
70 miles per hour.

Lambretta Li Series Scooters

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Production dates of Lambretta LI Series Variations Mopeds and Minis, Lambros
and the unique little Mink. 51. LI125 June 1958 Oct 1959 LI150 April 1958 Oct
1959 TV175 Sept 1957 Oct 1959 LI125 Oct 1959 Nov 1961 LI150 Oct 1959 Nov
1961 TV175 Oct 1959 Nov 1961 LI125 Dec 1961 Nov 1967 LI150 Jan 1962 May
1967 TV175 Mar1962 Oct 1965 TV200 April 1963 Oct 1965 LI150S Sept 1963
Oct 1966 SX125S Oct 1965 Jan 1969 SX150 Oct 1966 Jan 1969 SX200 Jan
1966 Jan ...

The Lambretta Bible

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There can be no doubt that the new scooters were very different to their
predecessors. The Series 3 machines featured an entirely new frame and
bodywork; the seat arch was more angular; slimmer panels were used, along
with slimmer legshields; the front forks were modified, and a hub with different
fining used. For the first time ever in scooter history, powerful disc brakes
adorned the front wheels of the TV 175 and TV 200 models. Both the Li 125 and
Li 150 were popular machines, ...

Catalogue Sip Classic Vespa Vespa Tuning Spareparts Accessories English

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for Lambretta 125 GP/DL/LI/150GP/DL/SX/175 TV/200 GP/SX Tino Sacchi
presents with the Mugello V2 186cc a cylinder kit, that is similar in design to the
TV 175 barrel apart from the extra boost port. It is suitable as a replacement for
your worn existing cylinder on Series 1-2 'smallblock' motors, but also lends itself
to the more ambitious road tuning projects. The same is also true of its ‚Big
Brother'. The Mugello V1 200 / 225cc cylinder kits are based on the GP 200
cylinder set up and ...

Lambretta Colour Family Album

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The LI 150 - which had excellent handling and was very stable - became the
fastest-selling Lambretta ever. Practical considerations apart, one ... For 1962,
the three scooters underwent a change of style. Wholly new, slimmed-down body
... The TV175 and 200 were produced until the end of 1965 and more than
106,000 were sold in all, while over 800,000 of the LI125 and 150 models, which
continued in production for a further two years, were sold. The TV gave way to the
SX, which ...

Hiding In The Light

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'undressed' 91, 96, 113; in Germany 100, 102; in New York 99; model A 91;
models C 91; CL 91; 175cc TV 92; 200cc 107; in Spain 100; illus. 90, 92. 95; see
also scooter Lambretta Club of Great Britain 108 Lambretta Concessionaires 103
-4, 107 Lambretta Leader 107 Lambretta Noti&rio 95, 99 Lambretta Preservation
Society 109 Lambretta Twist 107 Lang, Fritz 52 language and ethnicity, 214-23;
games 200, 226; limitations as model of culture 241; and post- structuralism 80,
188, ...

De Kampioen

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De175TVLambret- ta komt wat vormgeving betreft overeen met de nieuwe 125-
en150-ers. Het grote nieuws bevindt zich onder het plastic voorspatbord; de rem
werd — voor het eerst bij een tweewieler in serieproductie — uitgevoerd als
schijfrem. De 175 TV heeft vier versnellingen; topsnelheid 93 km/uur. Lambretta
rijdt drie nieuwe scooters voor De Italiaanse Innocent i-fabrieken hebben
onlangs hun 1962-modellen van de Lam- bretta-scooters gepresenteerd. De 125
en 150 „Li" ...


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Indeed, it was the rapidity of the company's product development that, from 1957,
saw it launch scooters that at last proved viable competition for the Vespa: the
TV175 Series 1 (not widely considered a success, having been rushed to market
and, after just 16 months, pulled from production), and the breakthrough Li150
and 125 models. These were the more angular, 'slimstyle' models, as one ad
called them, with 'superb styling, superb features' that would so appeal to the
equally ...

Mods The New Religion

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VESPASS180 MONALUXE. Roland Kelly (Reading): “I got my first scooter in
1960, from Great Western Motors in Reading, a cream and blue Vespa 125. It
was bought on tick and cost me £52. Then I got a lovely scooter, a German-built
1957 Vespa GS150. It was quite an old scooter by ... Now, a brand new GS160
was about £200, which was a small fortune compared to what I was earning. How
had Rick done it?