Lawyers Ethics And The Pursuit Of Social Justice

Author: Susan D. Carle
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814716407
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Many legal theorists and judges agree on one major premise in the field of law and religion: that religion clause jurisprudence is in a state of disarray and has been for some time.

Law And Justice On The Small Screen

Author: Peter Robson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847319947
Size: 22.67 MB
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... Movie Lawyers' Guide to Redemptive Law Practice', in Lawyers' Ethics and the
Pursuit of Social Justice edited by Susan D Carle (NYU Press, 2005). Paul has
also written four books for Nolo Press, explaining civil and criminal law and
processes to nonlawyers. Paul has also coauthored books on clientcentred
counselling, trial advocacy, deposition strategies, evidence rules and inferential
reasoning. Lief H Carter taught at the University of Georgia from 1973 to 1995.
Before going to ...

Discrimination By Default

Author: Lu-in Wang
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814795064
Size: 44.80 MB
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... Act Ruth Colker Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical
Reader Edited by Susan D. Carle Rethinking Commodification: Cases and
Readings in Law and Culture Edited by Martha M. Ertman and Joan C. Williams
The Derrick Bell Reader Edited by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic Science
for Segregation: Race, Law, and the Case against Brown v. Board of Education
John P. Jackson Jr. Discrimination by Default: How Racism Becomes Routine Lu-
in Wang.

Legal Ethics And Human Dignity

Author: David Luban
ISBN: 9780521118248
Size: 44.48 MB
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Organizational evil It seems entirely possible that the torture lawyers, sealed up
in the echo chambers of the Justice Department and the Pentagon, never
visualized the Abu Ghraib photos. For that matter, junior lawyers in the Office of
Legal Counsel, told to ... 1° Hannah Arendt, On Violence 81 (1970). 11 See
Luban, Making Sense of Moral Meltdowns, which appears in slightly different
versions in Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical Reader
355 (Susan D. Carle ...

Negotiating Justice

Author: Corey S. Shdaimah
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814740545
Size: 80.45 MB
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The modern law of search and seizure permits warrantless searches that ruin the citizenry's trust in law enforcement, harms minorities, and embraces an individualistic notion of the rights that it protects, ignoring essential roles that ...

Symposium 2007

Author: Rutgers School of Law--Newark
Size: 30.69 MB
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Notwithstanding the above support, advice-giving seems to be an increasingly
retrograde position, at least among progressive legal ethics scholars. See
generally Paul R. Tremblay, Critical Legal Ethics Review of Lawyers'Ethics and
the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical Reader, 20 GEO. J. LEGAL ETHICS 133 (
2007) (reviewing Susan D. Carle's collection of essays on lawyers as “
collaborators,” “community-based rebels," and “moral activists”). I share some of
Tremblay's nostalgia ...

Legal Ethics Professional Responsibility

Author: Osgoode Hall Law School
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For a recent and compelling film that looks at various competing visions of
lawyers' professional and ethical roles and obligations, see Michael Clayton (
Warner Bros. Pictures, 2007), online: Warner Bros, <http://michaelclayton.>. See further Paul Bergman, "The Movie Lawyers' Guide to
Redemptive Legal Practice" in Susan D. Carle, ed., Lawyers' Ethics and the
Pursuit of Social Justice (New York: New York University Press, 2005) at 309. 94.
The Internet Movie ...


Author: Robert L. Rabin
Size: 74.32 MB
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L. REV. 41 (1979) (arguing same); Marcy Strauss, Toward a Revised Model of
Attorney-Client Relationship: The Argument for Autonomy, 65 N.C. L. REV. 315 (
1987) (arguing for an altemative allocation of power in the attomey-client
relationship modeled on an informed consent doctrine). '2' Paul R. Tremblay,
Critical Legal Ethics, 20 GEO. J. LEGAL ET1-IICs 133, 148 (2007) (reviewing
(2005)); see also ...

Enron And Other Corporate Fiascos

Author: Nancy B. Rapoport
Publisher: Foundation Press
Size: 59.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Former Attorney General John Ashcroft's observation, echoing Bobby Kennedy's
remark about organized crime, that Ashcroft would, if necessary, arrest suspected
terrorists for "spitting 132 5« Christopher Kutz, Complicity: Ethics and Law for a
Collective Age 81-85 (2000); David Luban, Making Sense of Moral Meltdowns, in
Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice 354, 358-60 (Susan D. Carle ed.
, New York University Press 2005); Simon, supra note 12, at 12-15. 133 See ...

Widener Law Journal

Size: 50.17 MB
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39 Meltdowns, in Lawyers' Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Critical
Reader (Susan D. Carle ed., 2005); Eli Wald, Lawyers and Corporate Scandals,
1 Legal Ethics 54 (2004). 36 See, e.g., Rapoport, supra note 35; Simon, supra
note 35; Gordon, supra note 35; Luban, supra note 35; Wald, supra note 35. 37
See, e.g., Patrick J. Schiltz, On Being a Happy, Healthy, and Ethical Member of
an Unhappy, Unhealthy, and Unethical Profession, 52 Vand. L. Rev. 871, 881-
892 (1999); ...