Leviathan S Wake

Author: Neil Lynn Wise
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469170604
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Soon they were drawing away, leaving the Windrider in their wake. Taurus
signaled Seidon, and the First Mate shouted orders. The crew hoisted the
Windrider"s sail aloft and the sleek warship turned again toward Skara Thrae. "
O A A Morgan ...


Author: Thomas Hobbes
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thOUghts, is then, when by some accident we observe not that'we have' slept :
which is easie to ha pen to a man full of fearfull ... And this is no very rare
Accident: for even theiy s that perfectly awake, if the be timorous,*and
supperstirious, ...

Hobbes S Leviathan

Author: T. Hobbes
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5876352640
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most affrigh ted him ; which teare, as by degrees it made him wake; so also it
must needs make the Apparition by degrees to ... And this is no very rare
Accident : for even they that be perfectly awake, if they be timorous, and
supperstitious, ...

The Good Leviathan

Author: Pierre Boulle
Publisher: Vanguard Press
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He therefore gave the captain of the Albatross the order to stay in Gargantua' s
wake. But her captain was at least as anxious as Miiller. "Professor," he said, "I
insist. The wind is freshening. This boat isn't made to withstand a storm such as ...

Religion Politics And Thomas Hobbes

Author: George Wright
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781402044670
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... given its focus on the situation in the wake of the Civil War.17 For another, the
third chapter of the Appendix, a response to Leviathan 's critics, clearly postdates
the text published in 1651 and the criticisms of it that arose from many sides.

Riders Of Leviathan

Author: Toni Anzetti
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780345418722
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"S,. >ofron!" Bey shouted. ''Everybody wake up!" She turned to see a line of White
Killers rising as silently as mist from the Deep. Wearra shook Sofron off like a dry
leaf and vanished. Suddenly they were surrounded by a deafening noise.

American Turf Register And Sporting Magazine

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Leviathan, dam by Joe Kent, - - - - - - - George Rutledge's b. h. Wake Robbin, five
years old, by Elliott's Jerry, dam by Sir Archy, - - - - - - Time, 1m. 57s.—2m. 2s.
Track still heavy. - No contest in this race, Zebedee winning both heats in hand. It
is ...

American Fiction In Transition

Author: Adam Kelly
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441173749
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In rhetorically asking whether a man can “fall asleep as one person and then
wake up as another,” the narrator is ... claims to experience from the beginning “a
feeling of absolute certainty” regarding the meaning of his fall (Leviathan 116).

Fast Software Encryption

Author: Mitsuru Matsui
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540438696
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1 Introduction LEVIATHAN [5] is a stream cipher proposed by David McGrew and
Scott Fluhrer for the NESSIE project [6]. ... LEVIATHAN draws ideas from the
stream ciphers WAKE [9] and SEAL [7], and the GGM pseudo-random function ...

American Transcendental Quarterly

Author: Kenneth Walter Cameron
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The concluding chapter is an outpouring of gratitude for the Transcendental life .
Quarter -Deck" chapter, Ahab rouses his men to acquiescence in his quest for
Moby ...