Make Fire

Author: Tim Deagan
Publisher: Maker Media, Inc.
ISBN: 1680450832
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With this guide, readers will master the fundamental components of almost all propane-based projects and develop the skills they need to create their own flame devices and artworks.

The Art And Science Of Protecting Forest Lands From Fire

Author: George Harwood Schroeder
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Propane torches will probably prove the most effective method of lighting the
slash. Caloil torches are also effective. Pumps and hose should be used
whenever available. It may prove worth while to run pumps for a few hours at the
danger points before the slash fire is touched off. A spot of timber may be soaked
for 50 or l00 feet back from the fire line thus making an otherwise dangerous
point comparatively safe. Individual back-pack pumps in the hands of men who
understand their ...

International Sculpture

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Steel, ceramic fiber blanket, propane, earth materials, 20ft. wide x14 ll. high.
Reno. Nevada. Photo by Elke Morris. 32 the artist, each project becames an “
elaborate experiment," on the borderline between "pubIic and private." Roloff is
intrigued by not having complete control, either of the chemical outcome of his
firings, or of the later effects of time and man on the work's remains. Nature, as
well as art and science, helps create each work. In large projects as well as small
ceramic studio ...

A New Universal Etymological Technological And Pronouncing Dictionary Of The English Language Embracing All The Terms Used In Science Literature And Art By John Craig

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PROPANE, pro—fane', a. (French, profanus, from pro and fonum, a temple, Lat.)
lrrevcrcnt to anything sacred; proceeding from a contempt of sacred things;
secular; not sacred; polluted; not pure; not purified by holy rites; Far hence be
souls profl The Slbyl ... To make an open declaration of ; to svow or acknowledge;
to declare in strong terms; to make a loud declaration of one's sentiments; to
make public declaration of one's skill in any branch of art or science, with a view
to obtaining ...

Practical Pyromaniac

Author: William Gurstelle
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 9781569768884
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Combining science, history, and DIY pyrotechnics, this book for the workbench warrior explains humankind’s most useful and paradoxical tool: fire.

Hydrocarbon Processing

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•Layoff Agitation,' Here's Way to Ease June >»9 Leadership, Art and Science of
jjtetij -j;;;;;;;:;;;:;;;;;^ gj LESS Tells You How Project Is Doing • • • • □ •. ... High
Safety at Low Cost Aprd 113 Light Hydrocarbon Recovery Process S?0,1- „ Make
High Btu Pipeline Gas from Coal July 89 Molecular Sieves Regenerate WeU May
161 More Data on Butane Oxidation June 167 New Ethylene-Propylene
Elastomers (Part 1) Aug. ... 172 New Way to Remove Hydrogen Sulfide from
Propane Jan.

Science And Art Of Mining

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The hydrocarbon methane, CH 1, is also of frequent natural occurrence being
found adsorbed in coal (fire-damp), and liberated from decaying vegetable matter
(marsh gas). ... Asphalt is employed for street paving, for making black ... well
drilling for oil in Great Britain, besides the Government boreholes, is at Kelham,
Notts. - - - - EXAMINATION QUESTIONS.* Second Class or Under-managers.
MINE WORKING. 1.-Compulsory Question.—Given THE SCIENCE AND ART OF

The Art Of Firing

Author: Nils Lou
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780713647419
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A guide to the scientific principles involved in firing kilns for potters.